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Rescue Cat Turns Her Crooked Jaw into a Beautiful Smile

Duchess had a rough beginning to her life which left her with a crooked jaw. She was found as a stray after being hit by a car. When they brought her to the vet, she was in pretty bad shape, but Dr. Meyer didn’t give up on her and reparied her jaw. Now Duchess can be happy again! From a cat whose chances of survival were at 20% to a spunky little love bug who climbs on everything and loves everyone.

Photos by ©Duchess The Miracle Kitty - Via Love Meow
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My 10 month year old kitten has fallen gravely ill. My baby is more than just a cat to me, she has been by my side through the worst months of my life, she kept me mentally stable and if I lose her now I don't know what will happen. Spooky needs multiple x-rays and surgeries and my family refuses...