siamese kitten


Update on the kitten we fished out from under a trash compactor last night. She was in better shape this morning. Clean from her baths and more calm. She’s still very scared of us. She shivers when we get near her nonstop. She hides when possible. She will hiss when cornered but that is it. She purrs when pet (while shaking) and is picked up and held very easily. Heading to the humane society in a few hours to have her checked for diseased and to be treated for possible leftover fleas, worms, and/or earmites. We’ll see… If she has a clean bill of health (lack of funds to care extensively) and is decent enough with the cats and rabbit (not to toot my own horn by I’ve bonded impossible cats, main concern is my rabbit’s safety) she will be staying with us forever. But that is a hefty if. Wish us and ‘Isabelle’ luck!! (Regardless of pure or mixed Siamese she will be getting spayed when able).