siamese cat

I’m in a story telling mood today so here’s a story about my parents’ pets.

My parents have many pets.  Two of them are a blind Siamese cat named Henry and a German shepherd named Beej.  For reference, here are pictures:

Henry has been blind his whole life, and doesn’t quite understand that other animals have a sense that he lacks.  His idea of hiding is to crouch down low and stay quiet, even in the middle of the room.  As you can imagine, he’s not generally allowed to wander around outside.  However, he still WANTS to wander around outside, and doesn’t understand why that’s not allowed.

At one point this past summer, my mom was outside doing yard work by herself (with dogs for company).  Sometime during this yard work, she looked up and saw Henry making his way down the driveway headed for adventure.  She ran after him and did a flying leap to catch him.  Succeeded, but then she’s there laying in the middle of the driveway holding onto this cat who was ready for adventure and she knows that if she picks him up she’s gonna get clawed.  But there’s no other people around, so she can’t exactly call for help.  She has the idea that if she could go inside and get the laundry basket then she could carry Henry inside in the laundry basket without getting scratched.  The issue is how to get the laundry basket without Henry wandering off.

Beej is standing next to her.  She looks at him and says “Beej, watch Henry.”  Beej, who had never been given this command before and as far as we know has not been trained to herd cats, puts his paw on Henry with enough pressure to keep him on the ground but not enough to hurt him.  My mom goes in for the laundry basket, and Beej just waits like this the whole time.  She gets Henry inside safely.