siames escalante


Siamés Escalante

“Work in progress!

I’m painting this commissioned portrait and I am IN LOVE with these two brushes.
I have come to accept the fact that I work best in small format, so detail brushes are my allies.

My current favorites are a Winsor & Newton 000 and a Rodin 000 round brushes.”


“Trabajo en proceso!

Estoy pintando este retrato a comisión y estoy completamente ENAMORADA de estos pinceles.

Con el tiempo he aceptado que trabajo mejor en formato pequeño, así que los pinceles para detalle son mis mejores aliados.

Ahorita, mis dos favoritos son este Winsor&Newton 000 y un Rodin 000 redondos.”

Hi guys! I’m so happy to announce that I’ll be part of this Saturday’s show at Q Pop shop, Q2 gallery in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles! 

I’m so excited to show in this gallery because I have been a fan forever of their tribute shows this time is Gainax theme! Sooo happy! 

Here’s my piece “Anarchy” graphite, acrylic and holographic details and gemstones on paper. 💕 

I think there might be a pre-sale some day this week. I’ll let you know! Or if you want my piece tell me right away! So I can contact the gallery for you anyway yaaay Stocking! *dances around*