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Thailand Trip with 2 Matured Couple for 10 Days

Today I(Archu) going to tell u about my Thailand trip when I went alone with 2 matured cpls for 10 days… We with 2 more cpls(Ravi 43 Anu 41 & Amit 40 Jaya 38) decided that we will go to Thailand n have fun but unfortunately at the last minute my hubby Sam holidays cancelled due to some important official work….we were upset n cpls too as we had planned so many about how we wanna enjoy whole trip… cpl friends came up with an idea of going alone with them as we have met n had fun too with them…..but spending 10 days alone with them that too in Thailand was not possible for me as I too have a family but my hubby also insists me alot to go along with them as we have booked tickets n hotels too….so finally I also decided to go alone with them…. Before going I had bought many western clothes new lingerie night dress etc…..had bikini wax my body too for the trip…. We all decided we will meet at airport….finally day arrived n me with my hubby went to airport…. we all hugged each other n my hubby told both men to take care of me well as I will not be with him for 10 days so its there responsibility to take care of me….then I bid bye to my hubby n left for security checking….. finally we aboard flight n finally landed in Pattaya after long journey…. Day-1 We went to hotels n checked in our rooms…..both cpls went with their wife to their rooms n I went to my room…. Finally I took long shower n then relaxed in my balcony in towels…..meanwhile both men came to my room n was shocked n surprised to see me in towel in balcony of my room….they make planned that we will spend 3 days in Pattaya 3 days in Phuket n 3 days in Bangkok….. they told that they had amazing bathroom sex with their wife’s n so they thought to spend sometime with me as m alone so dont get bored….finally we had tea together n some planning about how to enjoy….. after spending few hours with them I went to sleep….. Finally all get together for some evening snacks with wine n drinks…. Both men went to receptionist to get information about Pattaya beaches n adult clubs….. Finally after dinner we went to our rooms….as I was changing my clothes Ravi ji came to room n told me to change my dress n come to their room to spend night with them…I also changed in nity n went to their room….. As I entered their room I saw both of them r nude n capturing moments…. as they saw me they invited me to join them n feel free to enjoy openly without any hesitation n shy….. After capturing beautiful moments we all 3 went to balcony nude n sitting n gossiping….. meanwhile Ravi ji started kissing n pressing n having soft fun with us…..finally it ended with great unforgettable 1night of Pattaya…. Day-2 We went to Wong Amat Beach which was secluded n great for relaxing in sunshine….we all ladies were in tiny bikini n exposing ourselves to the passer by….after the long walk on the beach we decided to take sunbathe…..meanwhile some masseur came asked us whether we wanna take massage on the beach or not…..but we decided we will take next day on another beach…..finally after spending 5-6 hours on beach we returned to our hotels…. finally I took bath n went to sleep…. Then at night we planned to go to some adult club n enjoy the night life of Pattaya….. According to the information the show was going to start at 20:00 till 2:00….so we went to the club wearing short n revealing dresses….. As we entered the club I was shocked to see the club with nude cpls n enjoying themselves….. We all went to take some drinks n vodka….finally show started with pole dancer n started teasing me that clothes is not allowed here…..I smiled at her…..finally they started their striptease show n meanwhile all people started shouting n hooting…. Finally all gets nude n dancing…. Then group of men came in their towels n started dancing….one of them came near me of took off his towel n his long thick dick hit my nose n all started laughing…..he insists me to touch his dick n take it in my hand….all were shouting take the meat lady….as I was going to take his dick in my hand Anu took off his clothes n started taking his dick in her hand n pressing it…..meanwhile Jaya also started smooching foreign young guy….I also decided to get nude n enjoy with them….. After few hours of show we all took drinks being nude n started smooching n giving blowjob n enjoying ourselves….. Finally after enjoying the adult club of Pattaya we returned to our rooms…. Then I had threesome with Amit n Jaya n slept with them…. Day-3 We went to Buddha Temple n local market for shopping n buying clothes…. Tasted local dishes of Thailand…. Finally at night we returned to our hotels….we decided we will do nude exhibitionism n tease service boy…. So we called service boy n I n Anu were nude under the blanket… he knocked Jaya went to open the door in just bra panty n after finishing his work he saw our nude ass….finally he went n Jaya saw he got hard on…. Then we all had drinks being nude in the balcony….. Day-4 We left Pattaya with some unforgettable n unimaginable n great memories to Phuket…. It was only 2 hrs journey from Pattaya airport to Phuket… we reached Phuket….we went to our hotels…. but in Phuket only 2 rooms were booked that means I have to share room with one of them so I decided I will share room with Ravi ji & Anu in Pattaya n with Amit ji & Jaya in Bangkok…. So I with Ravi ji n Anu went to their room n relaxed for sometimes n then we all 3 finally bath together nude….after taking bath Ravi ji told me he wish to fuck my ass in front of Anu as she couldn’t took it in her ass….so I said just think m like ur another wife so do whatever u want I dont have any problem…. he just kissed me….then we had great fuck with Ravi ji n meanwhile Anu was busy capturing moments…. Finally at night after dinner we all went for night walk around the city…. Day-5 We went to Patong beach….where we play some watersports….had lunch n seafood at the beach resorts… Finally in evening we returned to our hotels…. While returning both men planned to have a massage of all 3 ladies by best masseur….so they consult receptionist for best masseur for giving massage to 3 ladies… Then a 25 yrs old young smart masseur to give us nude body massage…. After giving massage we all 3 ladies gets fucked by him too n both Amit ji n Ravi ji busy in capturing moments….. Day-6 We went to Phi Phi Islands which is a beach surrounded by jungle n animals….we took ride n enjoyed on different watersports….finally enjoying whole day at Phi Phi Islands we returned back to our hotels…. Then at night we all get together to capture lovely moments with drinks…. Day-7 Finally we left Phuket with some awesome memories to Bangkok for which flight took approximately 90 minutes to reach Bangkok…. After reaching hotel as earlier decided now I have to share room with Amit ji & Jaya….finally we all 3 took nude bath n had great bathroom sex…. Finally at night we decided to go to open beach for having some fun n sex on open beach…. We went to beach at 21:00 n started walking hand in hand wearing tiny bikini n thongs revealing our cleavage boobs n ass….finally we found a secret place where we can have fun in open… we all got nude in no time as we all were excited to experience this….finally one by one started fucking us n one lady busy in capturing n keeping eye on others….finally after fucking all 3 ladies both men said they wanna fuck my ass on open beach so I said m just like 2nd wife to both of u so u r free to anything with me….then finally they both fucked my ass hard which is great unforgettable n unimaginable fuck for all of us…. Finally we returned to our hotels…. Day-8 We went to Siam Park City which is big amusement water park with lots of amazing rides….. After enjoying whole day at water park we returned to our hotels…. While returning we all 3 ladies decided we will surprise Amit ji n Ravi ji with our lesbo session but we will not allow them to fuck us rather we will fuck each other n let them enjoy… Finally after reaching hotels we got together for drinks with music….meanwhile we all 3 ladies started kissing each other to which both men were shocked so I just told them to sit n enjoy the show….we started dancing n striptease ourselves… meanwhile both men started passing comments n saying slag words which made us more n more horny n hot….we started sucking kissing each others boobs pussy n ass…we fuck each others pussy n ass with dildo….meanwhile both men became nude n started slapping our ass n finguring our assholes n said its the best show till now….they said all 3 r my fucking ladies r great open minded slutty wife…. Finally we finished our session…. Day-9 On last day we went to Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World which is big marine world filled with different species of water animals….. its just like an aquarium…. finally we went to Buddha Temple in evening n returned back to our hotels…. At night we got together n decided we will have sex one by one with everyone n finally all ladies will get her anal fucked but Jaya was not ready for anal as she didnt do it but on insists she got agreed….. Finally we started fucking each other n whole room was filled with great fucking sounds……we even fucked Ravi ji n Amit ji ass with our dildo…. Finally after fucking each others we took rest for sometime…. After sometime firstly my ass was fucked as I was experienced in taking it… Ravi ji fucked my ass hard n then it was Anu turns which was fucked by Amit ji then finally Jaya by Ravi ji as it was her first time….. then at last Amit ji fucked my ass….finally we captured lovely moments nude n kissed each other n slept nude on same bed…. Day-10 Finally we bid bye to Thailand with some unforgettable n awesome memories…. Finally reaching airport my hubby was waiting there to receive us…. Then we went to hotel n had great sex with my hubby after 10 days….finally we all 3 cpls got together for drinks n shared our experiences n pics n videos with my hubby…. we had group sex too that night….. So it was the story of 10 day long Thailand trip….. I missed my hubby alot during the trip but both cpls took care of me like their own sisters(for Anu & Jaya) & their 2nd wife(for Ravi ji & Amit ji)….. It is unforgettable n unimaginable trip for all 5 of us…. Regards Archu