Regional Uzbek and Tajik bread from Uzbekistan.

First: Left-to right from top: Bukhara-style; Tashkent-style with nigella and sesame seeds;  festive Tashkent-style; Urgench-style from Khorezm Province (2); Tashkent-style. 

Second: Left-to right from top: Tashkent-style; Samarkand-style with nigella seeds; Samarkand engagement bread, Siab bazaar; Bukhara-style, Kritiy bazaar; Tashkent-style, Chorsu bazaar (2).  

Third: Left-to right from top: Two Samarkand patyrs, flaky with shreds of onion; Bukhara-style, Kritiy bazaar; colorful Samarkand engagement bread with nigella and sesame seeds; Samarkand patyr; Tashkent-style, Ulugbek bazaar.

Fourth: Left-to right from top: Tashkent-style, by Raushanbek Ismailov; Samarkand, Siab bazaar; Khiva-style, Khorezm Province; Bukhara-style by Erkin nonvoy; Bukhara-style, Kritiy bazaar.

GO IN THE BASEMENT • Virtual Reality Gameplay (Sep 7, 2016)


Lub Boogyeman yog ib qho npaum nkaus mus rau ib tug mythical zeej nyob rau hauv ntau haiv neeg siv los ntawm cov laus ntshai cov me nyuam mus rau hauv coj cwj pwm zoo . Qhov no dab twb tsis muaj ib qho zoo li, thiab conceptions txog nws yuav sib txawv ruaj los ntawm tsev neeg mus tsev neeg nyob rau hauv tib lub zej zog; nyob rau hauv Feem ntau, nws twb tsis muaj cov teeb tsos nyob rau hauv lub siab ntawm ib tug neeg laus los yog tus me nyuam , tab sis yog tsuas yog ib tug uas tsis yog - kev embodiment ntawm ntshai.

The Boogyeman is an allusion to a mythical creature in many cultures use by adults fear the children into good behavior. This was not a good idea, and conceptions about it will vary from family to family in the same community; in most cases, he had no symptoms at the height of an adult or child, but is only a non-embodiment of terror.


Trevor ønsker å gjøre det klart at han ikke var under påvirkning av narkotika eller alkohol under filmingen av dette spillet. Aleks og James ble imidlertid tent af .

Trevor wants to make it clear that he was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol during the filming of this game. Aleks and James, however, was lit af.

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M: Monster by EXO
U: Unstoppable by Sia
Z: Zoo Siab Tau Ntsib Koj by…. 5 Reasons?  ʅฺ(・ω・。)ʃฺ??
U: Umbrella by Rihanna ft JAY-Z
K: Kitchen Sink by Twenty One Pilots
I: Inside out by The Chainsmokers ft. Charlee

C: City Of Angels by Thirty Seconds to Mars
H: Heavan by Troye Sivan ft. Betty Who
A: A Sky Full Of Stars by Coldplay
N: Not Afraid by Eminem

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