Regional Uzbek and Tajik bread from Uzbekistan.

First: Left-to right from top: Bukhara-style; Tashkent-style with nigella and sesame seeds;  festive Tashkent-style; Urgench-style from Khorezm Province (2); Tashkent-style. 

Second: Left-to right from top: Tashkent-style; Samarkand-style with nigella seeds; Samarkand engagement bread, Siab bazaar; Bukhara-style, Kritiy bazaar; Tashkent-style, Chorsu bazaar (2).  

Third: Left-to right from top: Two Samarkand patyrs, flaky with shreds of onion; Bukhara-style, Kritiy bazaar; colorful Samarkand engagement bread with nigella and sesame seeds; Samarkand patyr; Tashkent-style, Ulugbek bazaar.

Fourth: Left-to right from top: Tashkent-style, by Raushanbek Ismailov; Samarkand, Siab bazaar; Khiva-style, Khorezm Province; Bukhara-style by Erkin nonvoy; Bukhara-style, Kritiy bazaar.


“that’s a very optimistic way of looking at it,” zavier’s usual snarkiness was seeping back into his personality, and as he stepped forward to speak to anna directly, yurina noticed that pradeep’s healing had saved most of his face. “we can barely keep ourselves running, let alone a city or the world.”