Regional Uzbek and Tajik bread from Uzbekistan.

First: Left-to right from top: Bukhara-style; Tashkent-style with nigella and sesame seeds;  festive Tashkent-style; Urgench-style from Khorezm Province (2); Tashkent-style. 

Second: Left-to right from top: Tashkent-style; Samarkand-style with nigella seeds; Samarkand engagement bread, Siab bazaar; Bukhara-style, Kritiy bazaar; Tashkent-style, Chorsu bazaar (2).  

Third: Left-to right from top: Two Samarkand patyrs, flaky with shreds of onion; Bukhara-style, Kritiy bazaar; colorful Samarkand engagement bread with nigella and sesame seeds; Samarkand patyr; Tashkent-style, Ulugbek bazaar.

Fourth: Left-to right from top: Tashkent-style, by Raushanbek Ismailov; Samarkand, Siab bazaar; Khiva-style, Khorezm Province; Bukhara-style by Erkin nonvoy; Bukhara-style, Kritiy bazaar.

vinylnerd  asked:

18 - 30 for the music box asks XD

…… XD

18) a song for summer - perfect strangers by jonas blue
19) a song for heartache - oh,, no way by fifth harmony and undo by the 1975 (this song made me cry,, a lot)
20) a song for car rides answered boi but i have another one for night car rides: medicine by the 1975
21) a song for the rain - heaven by troye sivan
22) a song for dancing - ok i love beyonce so: run the world, 7/11, formation
and little mix: word up and move
23) a song for making out - cliffs edge by hayley kiyoko
24) a song for a lover - AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH ginasfs
25) a song from before you were born - a thousand miles by vanessa carlton (still my jam)
26) a song from a band that’s no longer together - ahahahaha: somebody out there by a rocket to the moon and planetary (go!) by mcr
27) a song you’ve seen live - nine in the afternoon by panic! and fallingforyou by the 1975 was a blessing live
28) a song you want to see live - GINASFS, the mighty fall, 27, get busy living, from now on we’re enemies and sending postcards.. by fall out boy
29) a song by a band you don’t usually like - i only like their music: holding on to you by twenty one pilots (will always be my fav from them)
30) a song you recommend - divide album by ed sheeran pay no mind by madeon and sad machine by porter robinson

send me music asks!