Regional Uzbek and Tajik bread from Uzbekistan.

First: Left-to right from top: Bukhara-style; Tashkent-style with nigella and sesame seeds;  festive Tashkent-style; Urgench-style from Khorezm Province (2); Tashkent-style. 

Second: Left-to right from top: Tashkent-style; Samarkand-style with nigella seeds; Samarkand engagement bread, Siab bazaar; Bukhara-style, Kritiy bazaar; Tashkent-style, Chorsu bazaar (2).  

Third: Left-to right from top: Two Samarkand patyrs, flaky with shreds of onion; Bukhara-style, Kritiy bazaar; colorful Samarkand engagement bread with nigella and sesame seeds; Samarkand patyr; Tashkent-style, Ulugbek bazaar.

Fourth: Left-to right from top: Tashkent-style, by Raushanbek Ismailov; Samarkand, Siab bazaar; Khiva-style, Khorezm Province; Bukhara-style by Erkin nonvoy; Bukhara-style, Kritiy bazaar.