This blog is getting around fast, and I remember when that anon told me, they will be angry once they find this blog exist.

I’ve had hater messages, but I don’t reply to them, I ignore them. I want this tumblr to be POSITIVE, I never care what people think nor do I feed into their accusations of ”fetishism” and the amount of bitching and complaining they do and how we don’t love our selves and blah blah fucking BLAHHHH! it’s VERY funny and entertaining, and some one even said this blog is ”disgusting” LOL! I love it.

Followers please ignore any hate you get, if you are attracted to Asian men, there is nothing wrong with that, and yes I mean ALL ASIANS not just Korean, if you do only want to fuck them and not take them seriously, then that’s NOT ok, yet that’ not my fuckin business, me complaining about what you want to do with your life isn’t going to stop people from doing it. period.

Anywhoo Love you guys. Stay positive. People are in denial that they actually find us attractive, you try to do things positive, people turn it into negative, there are always haters, stop wasting your time and energy on what other people do and spend that energy on IMPORTANT things in life, that actually needs attention, not why Black fans wants to know if K-Pop idols find them attractive LOL!   and watch this…the haters will come in running in 3, 2, 1…and I didn’t even send for them. and neither will I reply to them. I win.