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But don’t worry about like, how the comic is going. I just have to do 2 more scenes until the final scene

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ANYWAY today I learned that during the Troubles in Ireland as not long ago as in the 1970s women were stripped, tarred and feathered and tied to lampposts to be publicly humiliated, all to be punished for dating British soldiers which was considered a “betrayal” by some extremists, and this is something that took place in Europe less than five decades ago

and after the initial shock I realised that after spending three years in a class with the focus on ‘humanities’ in high school I’ve never learned about this. we’ve never been taught about such atrocities that took place so not long ago and so not far away at all, like we barely ran through any contemporary history. we were never told about this and god knows what else, but f u c k good for us that we learned about the ancient goddamn greeks three (!) times during the course of our school education. and I can’t help thinking about - and believe me I’d rather not - my high school history teacher, a middle aged, bald moustached dude, who was overwhelmed with the fact that some of us have never read Sienkiewicz’s trilogy back to back, because hurr it’s such a significant piece of polish literature durr how can you not be familiar with it. priorities,

I mean, I know the public education system is manufacturing ignorants, but also I keep realising this over and over.