Another poem for a boy who doesn’t read.

I wrote a poem about you once
on a yellow sticky note
that I turned into a blog post
and deleted accidentally

in much the same way
you have deleted me,

And though I know it’s
floating on a Cloud somewhere,
it’s too far out of reach

in much the same way
that I can’t reach you.

I barely remember it.
I barely remember you.

Just some pretty words
written long ago for
a pretty boy I used to know.


I had some exciting costume related weekend plans that didn’t end up working out, so I was super lazy instead and didn’t get anything done.

On the bright side, I finally finished the accessories for my Pretty Pirate costume! I made this costume last October but due to cold weather I was unable to get photos of it, so I didn’t have much motivation to fully finish it. 

Now that it’s warm I really want to go to a pier and shoot it, so I finished  the hat and eye patch.  I talk about making the matching jacket, shorts, and bustier (not shown above) here

do you ever think about how murphy literally has no one like his dad was killed his mother died and basically everyone on the ground hates him and then jaha, someone who finally believed in him left him behind at the supposed “city of light” like my poor son i just want better for you