OK people keep pointing this out and honestly it’s so true?

When Keith is leaving this is Pidge’s reaction, she’s visibly sad and you can tell she’s obviously going to miss him

And Allura is sad too, but she seems more proud of Keith because he’s going off to do what he wants to do

But then there’s Lance?? 

I don’t even know what he’s really feeling tbh, he just looks like he’s trying so hard to hold something back, like he’s pretending to be OK when he really isn’t. And I don’t think they focused in on his reaction for no reason (especially when they could have showed Hunk, Coran, or even Shiro again) this obviously means something. 

Considering his “Yeah, who am I going to make fun of?” Came after Pidge’s “We’re really going to miss you.” It’s pretty obvious he’s going to miss Keith…But just for making fun of him? That seems a bit empty and he’s most likely not saying everything he feels, because you know, this is Lance. He hides his true emotions underneath his confidence and charm, even though he has more insecurities/problems than anyone else out there. Every once in a while though they do slip out, and I think it almost did here but he was doing his best to hold it back for the sake of the team. 

So honestly…I wonder how he was really feeling in this moment to see Keith go… 

The thing that upsets me the most about this Dae situtation and the musical is that Dae won that audition with his talent but ts is ruining his reputation by canceling schedules bc if their imcompetence of do ACTUAL SCHEDULES ON TIME…you think companies or stuff want to work with people who the company cancels their schedules? (at least if is something about health tho) that shows unprofessionalism and ts is making a good work in that…they hate b.a.p that much?? ughh….ts doesnt know what bussines ethics is? idk the thing behind their schedules canceled…but i hope is nothing that makes dae look like a unprofessional person…bc i swear i will *** ts.