*sigh….* I need to find better lighting. So um, I closed my inbox, I was just feeling a bit overwhelmed. It’s not that I don’t like your asks I just spend a lot of time thinking of how to respond and it’s taking a lot of effort to do a lot of things.

But don’t worry about like, how the comic is going. I just have to do 2 more scenes until the final scene

I’m sorry I haven’t gotten to continuing the typed out dialogue. I’m sorry if this is causing any inconvenience to anyone

Also I will be posting another update right after this one, i felt bad for not posting yesterday when I had the time, I just couldn’t bring myself to do anything

Part 53

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  • How I try to write fanfiction: Wilson gently tucked a lock of Wes's hair behind his ear, smiling softly, his eyes trained on his lips. "Wes..." he began subtly. Wes knew the rest of the question and blushed slightly, grateful for the thick white makeup covering his cheeks. He nooded, and in that moment, as their lips connected, there was nothing else. They needed nothing but each other and the sound of the fire, crackling peacefully through the night.
  • How I write fanfiction: wililillson was there on log "hey wSe u wan mkAe out" wes was a blushed "qui qui baguette eiffel tower"