si: stills

I’m making a quite huge illustration for my personnal project. Here is a wip! You’ll find the whole version soon. ;)

I’m ready to chill with my new dorky star-baby…


first day using a graphic tablet and what better show to start drawing fanarts of than voltron ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

lance might be the annoying big brother type but he’s sweet af that even pidge can’t deny that (i love their brother/sister relationship so damn much rip)

svt as things i’ve done

s.coups: let my friend’s dog sleep on my head the whole night even though i was allergic

jeonghan: slept through all my geography classes but still earned an academic medal for the subject 

joshua: screamed “I CAN’T EVEN TELL WHAT SHE’S SAYING” over the swear words in nicki’s ‘no flex zone’ when it came on during a family car trip

jun: turned on my read receipts exclusively to let a bitch know i was ignoring her

hoshi: forgot cheese was dairy and wondered why my lactose intolerant ass was sick after eating a cheese toastie

wonwoo: went through a pseudo emo phase where all i listened to was punk goes pop volumes

woozi: bought 14cm heels for my year 10 formal and was still shorter than all my friends

dk: almost deafened my family jamming too hard to a-ha’s ‘take on me’

mingyu: used two week old mayonnaise bc the date on the label said 'best by’ and not ‘use by’

minghao: lost my glasses in a foam pit when i tried to do a double front off a trampoline

seungkwan: got so into a rugby match that i told the umpire to fuck off to specsavers or a fossil exhibit

vernon: texted my sister a sappy message privately saying it was bc i had to act cool in the groupchat. (jokes on me bc she screenshot it and sent it to the group anyway.)

dino: been so nervous to ask for a pic with a celebrity at an event i attended that i just silently followed him around the room all night