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The Profile of a Liar | FanFiction
“Humans die. It’s creepy if they don’t.” Unfortunately for Kazuya, creepy sums up his whole personality.

An SI/OC fanfiction I started reading a couple of days ago and absolutely fell in love with it so here I am sharing it with particularly no one but who knows when someone might follow ;-; Has currently only 4 chapters but over 30k words so there is muuuuuch to read.

A brief overview of the fanfiction, it’s about an MI5 assassin born into the Naruto world and completely overestimating himself until reality slaps him in the face. Very funny and amusing and it also puts team 7s training regime (which is nonexistence) so utterly to the dirt, it’s amazing. I hope whomever comes across my recommendation will give this piece of fiction a chance!