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Yuri on Ice/Avatar TLA AU

I don’t know if this has been done yet, but I’ve been thinking in a Yuri on Ice/Avatar The Last Airbender AU and so far these are my ideas:

-Yuuri Katsuki: Just like in the anime, he’s very shy and unsure of himself. He’s an airbender, the first bender born in his family in over a century. He doesn’t feel comfortable being an airbender because everyone tells him that he should become a monk and only live a spiritual life. Because in his hometown there aren’t any airbenders, he doesn’t learn to bend properly; instead he just trains basic defense moves with Minako (nonbender, chi blocker). Later he meets Celestino (a nonbender rebel nomad monk) and Phichit (another air-bender) and even when he tried to train with them, he felt like he was just trying to please everyone  instead of just bending for the pleasure of it or for the connection with his element. He meets Viktor by accident and is very impressed by the perfection of Viktor’s bending. When Viktor tells him that he’s going to train him, at first Yuuri doesn’t believe him and thinks that Viktor is just making fun of him because how could a prodigy waterbender teach him to airbend? But what he learns is to be confident and to love his element as well as the people around him. That alone gives him the control of the air and even a little glimpse of the Spirit World. He meets Yuri when the younger bender goes to his house in search of Viktor. He likes Yuri, but he’s afraid of him… until he gets to know his softer side.

-Viktor Nikiforov: A waterbender prodigy, but not a fighter. He has the potential but he prefers to perform ice skating mixed with some form of mist-bending and ice sculpting to create dream-like scenarios. When he meets Yuuri he’s so excited because he never met an airbender before and wants to know everything about his bending type… until he discovers that Yuuri has very little knowledge of his own bending… And Viktor takes as his personal quest to train Yuuri. How? He doesn’t know. Maybe he can use some of the lessons his old master Yakov taught him. He’s very patient with Yuuri, trying to show him that his bending is a gift rather than a mistake. He wants to give Yuuri an engagement necklace, but he knows airbenders aren’t supposed to be attached to mundane items. So instead he gives him a coral mala (or prayer beads necklace).

-Makkachin: Viktor’s cute sea-otter-dog… or a goat dog… or something like that.

-Yuri Plisetsky: Another waterbender prodigy, but unlike Viktor, he’s very enthusiastic about fighting (pro-bending or something like that). He relies almost only in a very aggressive type of icebending, and he uses some moves and kicks from firebending (he learned from Lilia, who’s a firebender master. She also taught him the basic moves to deflect a lightening, but of course he’s never tried). He has problems trying to control water in liquid form because that needs him to be in total control of his emotions… and of course he is not. Viktor promised him to teach him waterbending but then Yuuri happened. At first he was jealous but while training with him and Viktor he learns to deal better with his emotions and feelings. He hasn’t told anybody but one time he accidentally bloodbent. His grandfather was having a heart attack and he tried to use waterbending to heal him, instead he stopped his heart for several seconds before making it beat again. His grandfather healed after that and hasn’t had another attack since then, but Yuri was so scared he has never tried to bloodbend again.

Otabek Altin: Born in a little town that used to be a colony under siege by the Fire Nation. He discovered he was an earthbender just after his 17th birthday, that’s why he’s still learning. He trains hard and even when he’s not really naturally talented, it’s his hard work that makes him an excellent bender in just a couple of years. He’s physically stronger than average and that helps him controlling large amounts of rocks, also he’s an adept in listening and waiting before making a move. Even with his strength and ability, he doesn’t like to fight, he prefers using his newfound bending working with blacksmiths and fixing satomobiles (?). He’s trying to learn metalbending but as this day he hasn’t been able to do it. Has a pet Komodo rhino that rides often. Yuri is an inspiration for him, because even when he has been a talented bender since he was a child, he still trains hard every day to improve his skills and does not rely only in his innate ability. Otabek carved a jade stone and gave it to him in a “friendship” necklace. He has the vague idea that Water Tribe people make and give necklaces as tokens of friendship or as good luck charms. Yuri won’t tell him its real meaning even when he likes the idea of being engaged to Otabek. Viktor is the one to tell the truth to Otabek… And he doesn’t mind. He makes another necklace for Yuri, this time a real engagement necklace. Yuri uses both.

Phichit Chulanont: He’s a carefree airbender who travels the world with Celestino as his trainer and teacher. His goal is to form a group of players and performers and that’s why he admires Viktor’s theatrical and dramatic dances on ice. Has several southern Water Tribe white hamsters as pets.  After training for some time with Yuuri and Celestino, they part ways and while visiting the Earth Kingdom he gets lost near the Si Wong Desert. Then he meets this handsome and mysterious sandbender who helps him to get to the nearest town. He doesn’t leave his side after that even when at first the sandbender doesn’t look very comfortable around him. He tries to convince the sandbender to join his group (What group?) and the sandbender hasn’t accepted yet. But hasn’t refused either.

Seung-Gil Lee: A sandbender of the Si Wong desert. Serious and quiet; he loves the desert because it’s a lonely place. One day, while hunting buzzard wasps he finds a lost airbender and walks him to the town. It’s weird because this boy is the complete opposite of him, not only in his element but in his personality. However, he doesn’t find the boy’s constant talk annoying and actually considers the idea of joining his future group of players.

Guang Hong Ji: He’s a nonbender, the only son of a famous weapon seller and swordsman in the Earth Kingdom. He had to learn to use swords and daggers, and actually he’s very skilled with a jian. He only trains because is a family tradition, but his dream is to become a player and perform in Ember Island theatre. Otabek has worked with his father and Guang Hong admires him because seems like he really enjoys what he does.

Leo de la Iglesia: He’s the eldest son of a Fire sage, and a firebender who doesn’t like fire. That’s because when he was practicing some time ago he accidentally burned his little sister in the leg. She isn’t afraid of him or the fire, but he still blames himself and tries to avoid bending at all. He’s expected to become a Fire sage, but all he wants is to be a musician. He meets Guang Ho when he went to his father’s armory to get a ritual dagger. Since then they spend a lot of time talking about joining the Ember Island players.

Those are the main ones. The other headcanons I have are:

Mila Babicheva: Firebender who trained with Yuri under Lilia’s guidance.  

Michele Crispino and Sara Crispino: From the Earth Kingdom. He’s an earthbender, she’s a nonbender.

Emil Nekola: Artistic (?) metalbender

Georgi Popovich: Nonbender. He’s the only one who actually works at the Ember Island theatre. Very dramatic actor. Has lots of fans.

JJ LeRoy: Waterbender. Comes from a family of well known Pro-Bending fighers. That’s why he’s so arrogant and he’s always challenging Yuri to fight with him.

Christophe Giacometti: Firebender HOT DAMN. Too hot to handle. He turns every single pool and bath into a sauna. Poledance with fireworks and sparks. Yeah.

Kenjiro Minami. Firebender chicken nugget. He’s from the same town as Yuuri and also finds him interesting just because he’s an airbender.

I was kinda hard for some character, since is easy to imagine them all as water/ice benders… duh…

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5 Headcanons in the 'verse where Azula is the Avatar: What is Korra's life like?

Continued from here: [Link] and here: [Link] as well as from the drabbles linked in the first post.

1. Korra is from a sandbending family that had no idea that they were secret airbenders and that their sandbending was different from the other clan over there.  When she’s four years old, she goes “look mommy!” and firebends.

2. The Order of the White Lotus build a compound to train her in at the edge of the Si Wong desert.  Azula’s cruelty and megalomania, combined with the powers of the Avatar terrified everybody, including the White Lotus members.  Until Azula, a huge part of their purpose, as they saw it, was waiting for the Avatar to return so they could assist them.  But now they are forced to confront a world where the Avatar could be part of the problem.  Their solution is intensive ethical training as well as bending training.

Those fears are shared by her parents, by the way.  Azula scared people.

3. She is born much much sooner than in canon, after Azula’s defeat.  This means that Iroh and the White Lotus we see in Avatar: the Last Airbender are her mentors.  Pakku shows up with Katara to teach her waterbending.  Bumi and Toph teach her earthbending.  Zuko, Iroh, and Jeong Jeong teach her firebending and bicker like children.  Jeong Jeong brings Jet along.  It’s educational.  So at least she’s getting moral and ethical philosophy from someone like Iroh instead of a dry scroll.  She also gets Firelord Zuko’s rambling attempts at moralizing, which she just plain enjoys.

4. In canon, Korra is at the compound to keep her safe.  It’s stifling and isolating, and not exactly great, but it’s not like it is here, where there is this undercurrent of wariness, this sense that Korra has to be afraid of slipping up morally.  Did she lie to her mom about breaking the vase because she’s got Azula’s evil, or because that’s a normal thing kids do? (spoiler, it’s the latter).  This is a rotten way to raise a child, and the only person who seems to understand, other than Iroh, who isn’t very good at helping, is Zuko, who after all is the son of Ozai, grandson of Azulon, great-grandson of Sozin, and brother to Avatar Azula.  The day when he can get away for a little while and take her flying are the very best.

5. Bumi dies when Korra is a child.  She is devastated.  Bumi always remembered his childhood friend Aang, and treated Korra like a normal kid, and he was cool, and fun, and now he’s gone.  Toph’s not sure what to do about this, but strangely her: “Hey kid, let’s go toss some boulders around and prank Pakku,” suggestion seems to work.

oh yeah so winter solstice part 1 and 2 is a great two-parter and they’re episode 7 and 8 of book 1, not 10 and 11 like you would expect for the “middle” of the season since atla seasons are 20 episodes long. but we know that atla was originally only picked up for 13 episodes (the blue spirit being the last episode they were guaranteed so they wanted to make it special in case the show didn’t continue), and i find this interesting because that’s the same length as the lok seasons (well, 12 14 13 13 close enough). (i mean, 13/26 is the standard industry episode order afaik, atla’s 20/21 was special)

what’s really interesting is that in season 2 if you look at episode 12 and 13 it’s the big “mid-season finale” two-parter the serpents’ pass and the drill, collectively referred to as the secret of the fire nation. (it wasn’t until book 3 that they split the season in half and put the mid-season two-parter as episode 10 and 11 (day of black sun part 1 and 2))

so basically atla book 1 and 2 were pretty much written as 13-episode seasons followed by an extra 7-episode miniseries afterwards, this is especially evident in book 2 when the extra 7 episodes are all a very tight ba sing se story arc.

i feel like this realization enhances my understanding of atla/lok’s writing, like

  • atla book 1 first 13 episodes vs lok book 2 all 14 episodes
    • 2-part opening in southern water tribe, something spiritually important (aang/spirit portal) is unlocked
    • 2-part mid-season (episode 7&8) where the avatar meets the previous/first avatar for the first time and finds out the impending event– sozin’s comet/harmonic convergence– that ozai/unalaq will use to destroy the world and must be stopped before
  • atla book 2 first 13 episodes vs lok book 3 all 13 episodes
    • first 3 episodes are journey to omashu/ba sing se to learn earthbending/find airbenders
    • mid-season episode 6&7 is beifongs and zuko/lin flashback
    • episode 10/11 has them discover something about the fire nation/red lotus as well as set in the si wong desert and misty palms oasis
    • episode 12/13 is a two-part finale mostly fight scenes

like their choices for structuring lok were so weird, you guys already know i will forever be mad at them for making each season a different plot, but i feel like this similarity to atla wasn’t a smart move. like this is why book 2 and 3 are so weirdly paced, with book 2 i love the plot, worldbuilding, korra’s arc, etc, but i really can’t praise the structure/pacing. like when i’m cutting my lok book 2 edit i keep finding little changes that make it magically flow sooo much better, it’s great. they basically took the first half of atla book 1 and then stuck sozin’s comet on the end lmaoo. if you tighten it up it works really well as a standalone story, but the way they did it is kind of too slow and too fast at the same time

and then with book 3 i feel like this explains why i always found it underwhelming and anti-climactic, like it’s basically a carbon copy of the first 13 episodes of atla book 2– this is why everyone was soo in love with how atla it felt– BUT it doesn’t have the next 7 episodes… it worked in atla book 2 because episode 12 and 13 were the mid-season finale which fed into the climactic ba sing se arc, whereas in lok book 3 it doesn’t develop any ideas and then just ends the season– with a bang, yes, the finale is good, but the whole season doesn’t tell a story.

oh the curse of book 2 and 3, one has difficult times for the characters but tells a great story, the other one has fun times for the characters but doesn’t tell a story at all.

book 1 and 4 don’t really have direct comparisons to atla. like book 1 i think the structure/pacing are EXCELLENT and i think it’s because it’s its own thing. and then there’s book 4 which is just a huge disaster that is neither good on its own nor is it modeled on atla. makes ya think


An open world RPG video game set in the avatar world

Now I know all of the Avatar games so far have been, in a word, terrible. But that’s because they were never really meant to be real, good video games. They were meant as merchandising for the show and so had to be made quickly and cheaply. The draw for them was never supposed to be that they were good games, they were relying on fandom to bring in buyers just because it was in the fandom. If a caring, dedicated team tried to make an actual game though the Avatar world would be perfect for it.

Imagine like Infamous style combat

And a leveling system of course. I was thinking it’d use something like Borderlands skilltrees where you get a point when you level up and can assign it to give you new abilities or make current ones stronger

And the branches on the tree (instead of being like Sniping and Cunning and Bloodshed like they are for Zero) would be different styles of your element of bending. Like if you’re an earthbender there’d be like Si Wong Style Sandbending, Zaofu Style Metalbending,etc. But you aren’t committed to go down a certain tree once you pick it. You can decide what kinda bender you wanna be. You can be a generalist with a lil bit of everything or you can specialize in just one or two styles. Every style will have its own unique skills and abilities, maybe one earthbending tree will let you do Seismic Sense like toph does, revealing all the enemies in an area

Or an airbending tree that lets you do an airball for faster travel

And of course the more you invest in a certain tree the farther you can go down it to get at the better skills on it. Plus maybe there’ll be some locked or hidden skills that you can only get access to through side missions where you meet a master who’ll teach you bloodbending or lavabending or one of the other rare forms of each element.

I think it’s important to make sure the game isn’t about any of the main characters from the show. Those guys are NPCs or far away, but the game lets the player be their own bender living in the avatar world instead of an established character who is tied to canon.

For their to be all four kinds of bending in the game it’d have to be set either before the hundred Years War or after Harmonic Convergence. I think it’d be dope to have the game be in the three year interim between seasons 3 and 4 of LoK in the war-torn Earth Kingdom that Kuvira is trying to unite.

Imagine being a wanderer in this crazy, chaotic place and time carving your own path and mastering your element. It would be LIT.

Anyway, thoughts?

Korrasami Fanfic Recs- most are multi chapters

Here ya go lauraknatt! Sorry it took so long!!

Summaries are by the authors! I apologize for not tagging every author!

A Second Glance Series by Valkrez

What if it wasn’t Mako who Korra was looking at that night?The developing friendship and secret affair between Korra and Asami Sato, taking place in Book I Series

All These Broken Hearts on That Pole by gummy-gums

Korra knew this was insane. Absolutely utterly mad. The first time she ever stepped foot in a strip club and of course she had to fall for one of the strippers. The entire thing felt like a tired, worn out cliche. But cliche or not, something was happening and she sure as hell wasn’t going to let it slip through her fingers.Strip Club AU with Korrasami.

Blizzard by n1nastill

During the Biannual Winter Games, snowboarder Korra became captivated by a certain United Republic athlete, the renowned Asami Sato.

Chemistry by AutyRose

In the first installment of the Elements Series, Korra and Asami meet at the University of the United Republic of Nations in chemistry class. Little do they know the effects chemistry will have on them.

Conflict Resolution by sy-itha

Korra enjoys being a radio show host, especially since she gets to help people find balance in their lives with her advice. What they don’t know is that her personal life is nothing short of a wreck. After crashing and burning on all her relationships, Korra is content to be a failure at her own love life. But things never go quite as planned.

Cowboy Raava by ReneeMontoya

War wages throughout the galaxy as Kuvira the Great Uniter continues her devastating assault on the United Republic in an attempt to rebuild the Earth’s shattered empire following the death of Queen Hou-Ting at the hands of Zaheer. Korra, a notorious bounty hunter, is on the trail of Zaheer when she’s shot down by imperial forces on Si Wong and placed under arrest on trumped up charges. In prison, Korra almost immediately falls for her cellmate, the rebel fighter, Asami Sato. With only her wits and trademark penchant for violence, Korra must survive prison fights, horrible food, terrible living conditions, cruel guards, and unbearable sexual tension.

Forbidden Love by dwaaaaaatt

Yet another korrasami teacher/student AU, I love them so I couldn’t resist writing one. I wanted one where Korra plays hockey and after finding none I decided to make my own. There will be smut at some point, so i’ll change the rating once we get there in the story!

Have You Tried Turning It On And Off Again? by official puppy

AU where Asami works for the college IT department and Korra is smitten.

How does it feel? by Dimensional Lover (this is my absolute favorite. It was my first KA fanfic that I read! Be warned it’s still being updated and is 100K+!)

My own HBO-ish version…HISHE (how it should have ended) Slightly AU. In my story Korra doesn’t leave for 3 years she stays in Republic City while she’s recovering.

Love Isn’t as Easy as the Books Make it Seem by AnotherShotofBourbon

Asami Sato is the CEO of a multi-billion dollar, international company. And six months ago she spent four days in a hotel room with a beautiful woman who never called her back. So imagine her surprise when she picks up a harlequin romance novel by her favorite author only to find the story was about her.

Model Behavior by Angel_of_the_Starz

Modern/AU. Korra thought it was an ordinary day of art class at Republic School for the Gifted. But then, the art model Asami Sato walked into the room… Korrasami. First in “Model U.N.” series.

Neon Signs and Coffee Grinds by whiskeywords

Legend of Korra AU/Korrasami/Stripper AU/Coffee Shop AU. Korra has started her own coffee shop in the center of Republic City. Mako and Bolin insist that she go with them to check out a new club down the street. Little does she know what she will find there.

On Separate Grounds by awhstiles

Asami’s idea of a perfect vacation did not include surrounding herself with prepubescent angst and hormones. The only (possible) good thing to come out of Opal dragging her half way across the country is Korra, and the fact that she was possibly, slightly, maybe in love with her. AKA Asami and Korra as camp counsellors who are obviously in love.

Sailing this Ship by orbit_k

Asami and Opal are planning on enjoying their spring break on a cruise ship to Ember Island. Their goal: hook up with someone on the ship, and have a good time doing it.

The Blacksmith’s Favor by michellemagly and sy-itha

Medieval AU. Korra, a knight-commander for her father’s kingdom, struggles with her duties as a peacekeeper after a brutal civil war. After her father pressures her to take a more diplomatic role, Korra finds herself causing more fights than preventing them. Having no where else to turn, she seeks out help from her close friend Asami, the blacksmith’s daughter.

The Internship by pugsofhousetargaryen (this one is my guilty pleasure! LOVE!)

Rated Explicit for future reference (ahem, SMUT, ahem).*ASAMI IS A MASTER SEDUCTRESS*When Korra applied for an internship at Sato Industries, she thought it would be uninteresting and unrewarding.But the moment she met the alluring CEO Asami Sato, she was immediately proved otherwise.

The Song remains the same by kittymannequin (i tried tagging but tumblr wouldn’t let me!!)

Modern Korrasami AU, Korra’s a young guitarist/singer, Asami the heiress of a rich engineering genius and plays a wicked cello and their story begins on Valentine’s day, so let’s see where it takes them. I’ll be posting at least once a week, possibly 2-3 times. Rated M for future reference.

They say that true love hurts. Well, this could almost kill me. by frenetic_core

In a world where you share in the pain of your soul mate, the Avatar’s other half has it pretty rough.(Soul mate AU where they can feel each other’s physical and emotional pain to a degree.)Updates sporadically. Will cover Books 1-4.

Venti Sized Crush by ZoeReed

Tumblr prompt: I’m a barista and you’re the obnoxious customer who comes through and orders a venti macchiato while talking on the phone the whole time so I misspell your name in increasingly creative ways every day AU.

You Belong With Me by pugsofhousetargaryen

Korra has everything a regular highschooler could ask for, being the Team captain of Republic High Basketball Team, she has popularity, loyal friends, an amazing team, and she has a girlfriend, Kuvira.Asami Sato has everything a regular highschooler could ask for, money, a loving father, a secure future due to Future Industries, and she’s always the smartest of her class.But are they really happy with what they have?

These are just a few off my list, yes i know it seems like a lot! These are all fantastic and everyone should check them out! Yay for talented writers!! Sorry for not tagging all the authors! Some don’t have

why you should read outrun the moon by stacey lee

(more posts)

okay i just finished this book the other day and i absolutely loved it it’s honestly the right amount of cute and seriousness in a historical setting and i don’t often like historical fiction books

more reasons to read!!:

  • chinese protagonist!!!
  • chinese love interest!!!!! but not a romance!!!!
  • set in 1906 in san francisco (ofc with the great earthquake)
  • anyway mercy wong or wong mei-si is growing up chinese in a very anti-immigrant world
  • she has “bossy cheeks” (high cheekbones) which a lot of people don’t like in a woman but she actually likes them and sees them as another reason why she should rise in social status
  • all mercy wants to do is go to st. clare’s school for girls (ofc a school for only rich white girls) so she can get educated and later own a business so she can be wealthy and get out of the poverty of chinatown
  • ((mostly bc she wants a better life for her little brother whose lungs aren’t fully formed so he doesn’t have to spend his life working in a laundromat))
  • she gets in with a little bribery and persuasion
  • but then she has to deal with the girls there
  • also she has to pretend to be a chinese heiress when in reality she doesn’t really know the traditions there
  • and then the earthquake hits
  • so mercy takes charge of the remaining girls and help the other people who were affected by the earthquake
  • time for quotes!!:
  • “it is like the moon. we can see it differently by climbing a mountain, but we cannot outrun it.”
  • “Their deaths might leave a hole in our hearts as deep as the ocean, but it is only because we are as deep as the ocean, and our capacity to love is as high as the sky. The earthquake took much from us. But there is much we can take from it as well”   
  • “even if I did climb to the top of that mountain one day, people will never stop seeing my color first, before me.”

anyway you should read this book bc it has a strong female as a main character who’s also really in touch with her chinese culture and also a love interest who doesn’t think he deserves her AND it’s primarily not a love story!!! it’s primarily mercy working hard for she wants and getting it i love her so much tbh she’s probably one of my fave characters now please just go read outrun the moon by stacey lee!!!!

I’ve been trying to map out the United Republic’s territory and Korra’s travel through the Earth kingdom when I realized something…

Zaofu is on a mountain range near Ba Sing Se and en route to the Si Wong Desert (judging by the screens from the next few episodes, the team is headed to the Desert next)

that means….

Zaofu was built on the place where Toph discovered metalbending.

148. Each culture has its own version of the end of the world, which adheres to their worst natural disasters

Water Tribes: everything is melted or burned to ashes
Tied to AUHC #140.

Earth Kingdom: everything erodes from wind 
Since the EK is so large, they probably have flat inland regions that are destroyed by tornados every so often. Looking at you, Si Wong Desert.

Fire Nation: huge waves wipe out cities/islands
Volcanic activity implies tectonic activity, which would cause tsunamis.

Air Nomads: A huge rock/meteor ends everything
They live on mountains, where rockslides are common.

^again, love.

Got headcanons about the Avatar Universe? Send ‘em over!

Avatar/ Legend of Korra Locations Ask Meme!
  • Ba Sing Se: Are you good at keeping secrets?
  • Boiling Rock: Do you ever feel like a prisoner?
  • Fire Nation: How much honor do you have?
  • Fog of Lost Souls: When do you feel most like yourself?
  • Foggy Swamp: Do you ever have déjà vu?
  • Forgetful Valley: Are you a forgetful person?
  • Laghima's Peak: Do you have an 'earthly tether'?
  • Misty Palms Oasis: Do you like taking vacations?
  • Northern Air Temple: Do you like animals?
  • Northern Water Tribe: Do you tend to stick to old traditions?
  • Omashu: Do you like roller coasters?
  • Pro-Bending Arena: Do you like sports?
  • Republic City: What's your favorite piece of technology?
  • Si Wong Desert: Have you ever been drunk?
  • Southern Water Tribe: Do you have a special talent?
  • The Cave of Two Lovers: Have you ever loved someone?
  • The Jasmine Dragon: Do you like tea?
  • The Spirit World: Do you consider yourself spiritual?
  • Wan Shi Tong's Library: Do you consider yourself wise?
  • Zaofu: Can you lie well?