si won


i mentioned them briefly in that character meme, these are risa’s younger siblings!
e’vett, 23, a strong, brave, and serious type like risa used to be. unreasonably intelligent and gets bored easily. his good looks get him a lot of attention, but he shuts down anyone who flirts with him.
e’likha, 18, a playful and carefree girl who likes to mess with people (pranks, jokes, backhanded compliments, starts rumors, etc). loves dancing and wants to be an actress or storyteller. 

risa’s whole family knows about her profession, and vett and likha idolize her. both of them want to move to ul’dah and live with their beloved big sis, but she won’t let them :’)
(fun fact: they are both taller than her)


Seriously loved the anime and the live action… I don’t read manga, but I may have to read this one. I want to see what happens and it doesn’t look like they are going to make other seasons of either the anime or the live action… :’(