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I read that Serena and Christy Brinkley were going to be on the cover of SI but bitch ass Kate Upton threw a fit that if she wouldn't be on the cover she'd drop out costing the magazine too much money... hm...


Si No Te Hubieras Ido
  • Si No Te Hubieras Ido
  • Marco Antonio Solis
  • Trozos De Mi Alma

Si No Te Hubieras Ido - Marco Antonio Solis

Sis [ Sans & Frisk ]
  • Sis [ Sans & Frisk ]
  • Cas
  • I keep fucking up

The first day I met you
You were such a frail being
A trembling wreck in front of me

The first death was easy
Your body laying down
And your next one was in crimson red

Then why, when did it become so hard to kill you ?
I don’t understand anything beside violence
Yet, now that I hold you, I just want to keep you away the world like my most precious treasure

Since your arrival
My need to protect you
Never stopped growing through the time

Seeing this smile of yours
Was all that mattered
Not caring for what would the others think

So tell me why, when did you start fading away ?
I never thought I would ever cry for you, sweetheart
So please my dear Angel, now that I love you, I just want you to stay by my side forever


Since my arrival
My need to help you all
Never stopped growing through the time

Seeing that you showed care
Was all that mattered
Not caring for what would I go through

So tell me then, why did you start shedding tears now ?
I never thought you would ever change your mind, Sans
So please, my dearest friend, now that I am there, let me fulfill my wish and release all of you

When Tiger Woods arrived for this SI cover photo shoot on March 31, 1998, he walked right up to Samson, a snow tiger, and during 30 minutes of posing with the beast, on cue he looked intense and laughed.  But Woods made it clear that there was one thing he wouldn’t do. Before anyone had even asked, he announced, “I’m not going to growl.” (Heinz Kluetmeier/SI)

My “Nightstalker” AR pistol, sporting that sexy multicam dark pattern laid down by@wepleadthe2nd. Also featuring a recently upgraded @atibalsights MCRD,@armaspecusa Rhino flared magwell and oversized TCB mag release,@strikeindustries_si UDC dust cover and a @griffin_armament blast shield over a@vg6precision epsilon comp.

Secret Wars Journal #2

Kevin Maurer and Si Spurrier (w) • Cory Smith and Jonathan Marks (a)

• It’s Kraven’s Last Hunt in KILLVILLE…and Detectives Misty Knight and Paladin are the hunted!
• Lord Sinister’s secret weapon is his top shelf chef, MATT MURDOCK! But what happens when Sinister comes between Murdock and his love, rare food scout COLLEKTRA?

Cover by Sanford Greene

@kingjames: Wow time sure does fly! 15 years ago to this date I was Chosen to be on the cover on SI. To me I just thought it was cool and all cause the magazine was always something my boys and I would look at and read in the library every time another issue dropped but I have no idea the magnitude of being on the cover as a high school kid would bring!! I guess that’s why nothing ever fazed me cause I was so unaware of it all. Just wanted to play ball, go to school(so I could see my brothers, learn something, see some girls) and spend time with moms. Anyways I can say that I’ve done something right with my opportunity and life giving! #StriveForGreatness🚀 #TheKidFromAkron👑

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I recently bought a lil marble maze. It's made of flannel w/cats on one side & stars on the other so it has 2 SIs covered! (Also blue, my fave color!) It fits really well in my pocket but the funny thing is that I keep forgetting it's there so each time I put my hand in my pocket i'm like "oh yeah, I have a stim toy w/me!!" & I get so excited & pull it out to happy stim w/it. I'd be frustrated w/always forgetting about it if it didnt result in unexpected happiness each time! Wanted to share!

Awww that’s so cute!!!! Marble mazes look amazing, I’ve been thinking about making one for myself out of plant fabric! And happy stims are the best, but I hope you can remember it when you need it too 💚