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riverdale parents headcanon 

under the influence of the alcohol, fred dares fp and alice to sing karaoke, back in their senior year of high school when the four had a night out. the pair start drunkenly singing “don’t you want me” and their two friends and the crowd start cheering (and laughing). hermione is banging her hand on the table, and fred screams “I LOVE YOU FORSYTHE”

Si No Te Hubieras Ido
Marco Antonio Solis
Si No Te Hubieras Ido

Si No Te Hubieras Ido - Marco Antonio Solis

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Kinda freaking out about the fact that Anthony Hamilton not only watched Valmani's contemporary piece but also took the time to look up Normani since he tweeted her complimenting her voice. Dwts brought so many blessings man. And Jaquel Knight commented on her ig video. I know you're a Bey stan so I don't have to tell you who this is lol

What I love most about her getting noticed nowadays is that she hasn’t had to compromise herself or her morals for it. N’s literally just being herself, and that’s what makes me the most excited and proud. She’s matured and evolved thanks to this journey but she’s the same ole N. I grew up listening to Anthony Hamilton so for him to even acknowledge her and commend her on her talent is wild to me 😱 And yes, of course I know who Jaquel is lol Actually fun fact, I learned about J.K. a few years back through Sean (5h’s choreographer). He and Bankhead are the best of friends and he’d always be in S.B’s dance videos and I went searching for him one day. So obviously I was excited for him when he officially became about of Bey’s team (I’m generally excited for anyone who gets to work with my Queen). Also, a lot Bankhead’s established dancer friends have been commending Normani on her performances, which I’m sure is a huge compliment to her because I am always happy when professional/fulltime dancers say great things about her.

Jung’s Si, Abridged

These articles are an attempt to condense Chapter X of Psychological Types into a more readable format. I’ve tried to stay as true to the original texts as possible. Enjoy!


Introverted Sensation

Introverted Sensation is a perception of the physical world that is more concerned with the psychological reaction to objects than their objective qualities. This subjective part of Sensation is most easily demonstrated in art; even a still-life scene will be painted differently from artist to artist, in terms of their treatment of colour, form, and mood. The Si type pours his personal, subjective attitude into his perception of the concrete world, and subsequently behaves as if he were seeing something quite unique and different from what’s actually there.

Si’s perceptions are too organic and genuine to be a product of consciousness. Instead, the subjective factor of sensation is a spontaneous product of the unconscious. It is representative not only of the user’s past experiences, but also the underlying elements of the collective unconscious. The Si type’s perception of the concrete world is adapted to the “eternal truths” – archetypal or even mythological patterns of life.

Si, in a sense, sees the background of the physical world. The important thing isn’t the object, but its mirror-image in the psyche. Objects don’t only appear in their present instance (as Se sees them) but also with a vague sense of their past and future, “somewhat as a million-year-old-consciousness might see them”. Si covers the concrete world with a shroud of meaning, subjective experience and archetypal forms.

The Introverted Sensation Type

This type is oriented by the intensity of his subjective perceptions, rather than the intensity of external stimuli. As a result, it’s impossible for an outsider to reliably predict what will excite or make an impression on him. His introverted attitude stands between himself and objective reality, and in extreme cases, it’s almost as if he were shielding himself from the latter’s influence. He keeps his physical environment in a state of comfortable homeostasis for this reason. The too high is damped down, and the too low raised up, to match his subjective formula. If he’s blindsided by a particularly strong sensation, or his environment is disrupted, his oddly disproportionate reaction will demonstrate his unrelatedness to objective reality.

He might stand out by his calmness and rational self-control in the face of turbulent conditions, but it has nothing to do with rationality. He devalues the objective influences, his subjective perception standing over and above them, and this being the decisive factor in his actions and decisions. If he had a way of expressing himself, for example if he were a creative artist, the irrational and idiosyncratic nature of his perceptions would be apparent. His articulate judging functions are relatively unconscious, so they aren’t much use. Therefore, this type is one of the most difficult to understand, both for himself and for others.

The Si type risks devaluing the objective world so much that he essentially lives in his own reality, where objects and people appear to him as deities and demons. This mythological streak comes from the collective unconscious, whose influence becomes increasingly morbid and overpowering. He might not realise that he sees the world in this way, but it has an unmistakable effect on his actions and judgements, which are increasingly alienated from the objective conditions.

If this happens, the outer influences hit him through Intuition in his unconscious. While dominant Ne tends to be optimistic and has a good nose for exciting possibilities, the neurotic Si type’s inferior Ne is negative and destructive. It compulsively sniffs out every ambiguous, gloomy, and dangerous possibility in the outside world, as well as the ulterior motives of every well-meaning person.

Sis [ Sans & Frisk ]
Sis [ Sans & Frisk ]

The first day I met you
You were such a frail being
A trembling wreck in front of me

The first death was easy
Your body laying down
And your next one was in crimson red

Then why, when did it become so hard to kill you ?
I don’t understand anything beside violence
Yet, now that I hold you, I just want to keep you away the world like my most precious treasure

Since your arrival
My need to protect you
Never stopped growing through the time

Seeing this smile of yours
Was all that mattered
Not caring for what would the others think

So tell me why, when did you start fading away ?
I never thought I would ever cry for you, sweetheart
So please my dear Angel, now that I love you, I just want you to stay by my side forever


Since my arrival
My need to help you all
Never stopped growing through the time

Seeing that you showed care
Was all that mattered
Not caring for what would I go through

So tell me then, why did you start shedding tears now ?
I never thought you would ever change your mind, Sans
So please, my dearest friend, now that I am there, let me fulfill my wish and release all of you

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so…I pretty much fell in love with UNF & it’s highly possible I could get a full ride/nearly a full ride there so that’s reassuring

plus we went to the restaurant that my sister works at & as per 2 of the managers I basically would automatically get hired if I want to work there??

When Tiger Woods arrived for this SI cover photo shoot on March 31, 1998, he walked right up to Samson, a snow tiger, and during 30 minutes of posing with the beast, on cue he looked intense and laughed.  But Woods made it clear that there was one thing he wouldn’t do. Before anyone had even asked, he announced, “I’m not going to growl.” (Heinz Kluetmeier/SI)