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we need an ‘otaku’-fic where ladybug and chat fight an akuma (”weeaboo”) who sends people through different anime/manga-verses

ladybug is totally clueless and weeb-adrien definitely knows every single anime

  • Ouran High School Host Club 
  • Fruits Basket 
    Chat: What a catastrophe!
    Kyo: I swear I’ll punch you if you don’t shut the fuck up.
  • Soul Eater
    Ladybug: Well, that’s actually a pretty cool world. I could live here.
  • Ao no Exorcist 
    Rin and Chat both admire each other’s tails. 
    Rin: Do you think a skin tight suit would suit me?
    Yukio: Nii-san no!
    Chat: Hell yes!
    Ladybug: Chat no! Stop the puns!
    (okay, as an ane fan i have so many scenarios that i could write a whole 30 chapter fic about just this crossover)
  • Higurashi/umineko no naku koro ni
    Both: Nope, next one.
  • Attack on Titan
    Ladybug: How about a world in which we won’t get killed by accident?
  • Ranma ½
    Ladybug: So, lets say you stay a girl for more than a month, would you get your period?
    Chat: Ladybug, no!
  • KissXSis
    Ladybug: I’m kinkshaming all of you
  • Boku no pico
    Ladybug: But we just got ice-cream? 

bonus: they find alya, nino (and chloé) along the way

bonus-bonus: accidental reveal

Update: I’ll probably write the fic.

anonymous asked:

It has been more than a week since Orphan Black ended. How are you holding up?

Things to avoid & to stop
  • Putting others down. Just dont yall.
  • “I don’t deserve you” and u answer with somethin to make them feel better that puts you down. Y’all stop that. I did that with my ex and lemme tell you, it will fuck you up. 
  • Bowing to everyone’s whims when they won’t even glance ur way.
  • Seriously, don’t do that. They don’t deserve u.
  • When I say “fake it till you make it” I mean it. Fake your fuckin confidence until you are confident. Fake your independency until you ARE.
  • Giving people unreal things to do. “’Only wear this brand” yall not everyoe can afford that. Instead, show them something similar so they look bomb af while saving they money.
  • Not wearing the type of makeup you want. Sis I don’t give af who it is, I walk around with my highlighter poppin’ like I’m a fucking sparkle goddess. Do you, not expectations.
  • Rejecting constructive crit. This one an be hard to deal with, but if you get it, just tell yourself “aight well is it facts or opinions” and figure it out from there.
  • Not acting older. I know this sounds like a stuck up thing. But LISTEN. Even if ur a 16 y old in highschool, it pays off. Act older than your age when in public if you can. This don’t mean “dont have fun” bc sis there’s a reason clubs are for adults. Adults are wild af tf you mean
  • Not doing school assignments. My rule is : Do the assignment (x) time before it’s date. THEN have fun.  Fun after assignment. If you force yourself to finish your stuff before going out, youll have it all done and go have fun.
  • Lettin’ boys go in without a condom. Giiirrrrllll carry condoms in your bag. Seriously don’t trust boys in this sense. Carry a condom & emergency stuff. && if u see a girl about to go get dick, give her one if need be. 
  • Not being knowledgable. Don’t rush into something without knowledge. When you do something, do your research. 
  • Trusting everyone. Do i even need to explain why.
  • STOP giving people rude ass looks because they dont look expensive or smthn. You kno what im talking about. You know when a girl looks the other girl down. It aint fun. Be nice, itll get further than being a bitch to someone you know nothin about. 
  • “I can’t” if you can’t, thats fine. but if you say “i cant” add in “but i damn sure will one day.” because it’s more positive.

Photos from my short trip to London

221B Baker Street (187 North Gower Street)

The SIS Building

Diogenes Club (The British Academy, 10-11 Carlton House Terrace)

It really was just a short trip. I was hopping from location to location within less than one and a half hour. I didn’t have much time to take good photos. 

Buuuuut I did take the time to have breakfast at Speedy’s, which was very good and the staff is really very friendly.

The door knocker of 221B Baker Street was like that, I did not touch it =D