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Ea este genul de persoana care te iubeste atat de mult incat ar face orice pentru fericirea celui iubit. Atunci cand iubeste da totul, ofera tot ce are pentru fericire. Este genul de persoana care se supara foarte repede atunci cand ii spui ca vorbesti cu altcineva, nu vrea sa isi imparta lucrurile cu nimeni, mai ales persoana iubita. Daca reusesti sa ii intri in inima nu o sa mai iesi curand de acolo, are un suflet minunat doar ca nu se deschide in fata oricui ci doar in fata celor care simte ea ca merita. Fraierii o critica si o judeca pentru ca nu reusesc sa ajunga la ea. Pare genul rau de persoana dar daca ajungi sa o descoperi, sa afli ce e in sufletul ei, vei vedea ca nu este chiar asa cum pare, este o persoana minunata, un suflet frumos. Da, uneori este ea cam stresanta si vrea multa multa atentie dar crede-ma prietene chiar merita toata atentia pe care o cere. Vocea ei este atat de minunata, te linisteste pur si simplu, are o voce atat de calda si de blanda, te poate face sa uiti de toate problemele posibile. Este genul de fata rea la prima vedere dar nu e chiar asa, orice fata rea, este o fata buna. Si ea are depresii, are nervi, si ea are probleme des dar fraierii se oftica si unii chiar o injura pe la spate poate pentru ca nu poate sa o aiba in pat. Este un suflet minunat si superb, de fiecare data cand vorbesc cu ea si cand ii aud vocea ma linistesc si uit de toate problemele pe care le am. Nu multi reusesc sa ii ajunga la inima, aproape nimeni nu i-a ajuns acolo. Ea simte cand esti suparat, trist, sau cand ai ceva si ar da orice sa stie ce ai si apoi sa te faca sa razi. Isi cere scuze de mii de ori pana simte ca o ierti si ca e totul bine, nu cere scuze oricui ci doar celor pe care ii iubeste. Ea este cea mai superba si mai frumoasa fiinta si eu am inceput sa o iubesc.

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De ce dracu il iubesc daca mi-a zis cuvinte urate, daca se comporta ca un strain, daca arunca cu pamant in mine, daca mi-a zis ca merit sa ma urasca? Ce ii cu capu si inima mea? Parca cu fiecare vorba urata mai tare il iubesc.

Pai il iubesti, chiar tu ai spus acum.
Din punctul meu de vedere, a iubi inseamna sa ajungi sa iubesti defectele unei persoane, pana cand le consideri aproape calitati. Si cam asa se intampla si la tine, pur si simplu il accepti asa cum este si tii la el orice ti-ar spune. Te felicit pentru faptul ca tu chiar iubesti si ai toata aprecierea mea!

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Am un prieten cu care vorbesc de 3 luni si am cam început sa il plac. Acum câteva zile a abordat subiectul asta fără ca eu sa nu spun nimic si mi-a spus: Vreau sa pastram relatia de prietenie, o pretuiesc foarte mult si:,, INCERC SA NU MA INDRAGOSTESC" . Nu stiu cum sa aflu daca chiar mă place, . Mi-a spus ca ma iubeste , in fiecare seara im spune asta . Dar vreau sa stiu sigur daca asa e. Cum sa fac sa aflu? ( p.s. Joi iesim)

Întreabă -l pur si simplu . Nu te complica cu planuri sau altceva , asta e o cale simpla si rapidă. Si nu ma lua cu faptul ca o sa regreți daca ii zici , pentru ca hai sa iti spun ceva ,suntem oamenii , regretăm ceva fie ca o facem , fie ca nu .
Daca chiar iti place de el i-a atitudine , inainte sa i-a altcineva si sa fie prea tarziu.( @o-parte-din-suflet )
Eu zic ca e bine sa il intrebi ce vrea de la tine mai exact pentru ca nu poate sa iti zica asa in fiecare seara ca te iubeste dar voi sa nu fiti impreuna. Sau probabil nu vrea sa fiti impreuna pentru ca te considera o prietena buna si te vrea ca prietena dar ii e teama ca daca va despartiti o nu te piarda. Cel mai bine este sa il intrebi si sa nu iti pierzi timpul daca el nu vrea o relatie cu tine si te vrea doar ca prietena.

Am început să fiu genul ăla de persoană care-şi impune mereu punctele de vedere şi brusc,oamenii au cam început să se îndepărteze.. va deranjează că nu mai sunt fata aia tăcută din care puteaţi face orice şi să o jigniţi în orice fel ştiind că ea nu o să aibă tupeul să zică ceva nu? Vă doare când vă zic verde în faţă propria-mi părere despre felul în care vă purati şi în care cred că sunteţi de fapt,nu? vă cam doare adevărul ;),şi aveţi tupeul să da-ţi vina pe schimbarea mea.
How to clap back against men lowballing you

@brownsugarcinammonbun @luckyluxbaby

So my sis Cam sent an Argument as to why men lowball in our kik Group. The Argument states that sugar babies are like rental cars . If you get a 2010 Ferrari it is not going to increase in value over time and you might as well get a Ferrari 2016 which is “younger and classier and has more value”.

But here is why the rental car theory cannot apply to sugar babies. You see cars decrease in value because when being used it has no possibility to maintain itself unless the owner of the car says so. Meaning the only way a car can get maintenance is when the owner chooses to bring the car in for Service. Otherwise the car will run down the more often it is used. Of course gradually the value will decrease. Furthermore a rental car is used for only one persons benefit so it is one sided.

Sugar babies however, HAVE the power to maintain themselves because a sugar relationship is MUTUALLY beneficial. The older they get, the more experience they have. They know how to maintain themselves better, the learn how to sexually satisfy a man better, they experience events and learn how to act in them. They gain knowledge to be the kind of Person you can talk to. The more time passes the higher the quality rises. She Ages like “fine wine” so to speak. Its because sugar babies have the power to control their lives and how they maintain themselves. The sugar daddies dont do it. They’re just a helping hand. She knows which detox diet will fit her best, what make up will suit her skin tone and what dress to wear. Over all that makes her even a better woman when she first started.

So next time he compares you to a rental car, rather remind him that a sugar baby is more like a GOOD Business. The more you invest, the more it returns ;)

Practice makes perfect (Newt)

{Requested by anonymous}

Request/description: Newt imagine! The reader and Minho are always the spotlight when it comes to dancing around the bonfire, but Newt doesn’t dance, but he wants to dance with the reader, so the before the next bonfire he tries practicing in the deadheads si he cam impress the reader, but she catches him doing so and then some comedy and fluff?:)

Warnings: None

Word count: 624


The bonfire night was tomorrow, and Newt started to dread it a little. You and Minho were the best dancers the Glade knew. Newt wanted to dance with you, but how could he match your fluency and gracefulness, when he was known for not dancing at all?

Newt came to the conclusion that there was only one thing to do. Practice. But where could he practice without the Gladers making stupid comments and everything.

Newt eyed the Deadheads from his position at the Gardens. That should be a good enough place. He probably wouldn’t be bothered and-

“Newt, are you listening to me?” Zart asks and rests on his shovel.

Newts attention turned back to his work and he apologized. “Y-yeah. Just not paying very good attention, am I?”

“Not really,” Zart chuckled. “Here, plant these seeds.”


Newt wandered into the Deadheads thy night, not entirely sure where to practice. He knew a couple spots that were private enough and picked one. It wasn’t too far from the Homestead but he knew no one would see him.

You tried to sleep, but going to bed early apparently wasn’t your thing. You wandered outside and sighed. A walk it was then. Maybe by the time you were done you’d be tired enough to sleep.

You’d seen too much of the Glade already, so the only place you liked to take walks was the Deadheads. It was pretty, quiet, and-

You pushed past a trees branches and stopped in your tracks. You covered your gaping mouth and laughed silently to yourself.

In the middle of a small opening was Newt, spinning in circles and stepping forwards and back, nearly tripping every two steps. Was he trying to dance?

Newt spins around again and drops his arms from a position of dancing with someone. His eyes went wide when he sees you and he goes stiff.

“Y/N! What uh, what are you doing up?”

You snicker and step towards him so you could see him better. “I couldn’t sleep…so I took a walk…”

Newt chuckles and scratches the back of his neck. “Oh yeah, me too.”

You rest against the side of a tree. “Newt, were you dancing?”

Newts eyebrows furrow. “What? Me? N-No, you know I don’t dance.” He faked confidence but you saw right through him.

You raise an eyebrow. “You don’t have to lie to me, you know. If you want to learn to dance, I can teach you.”

He stops breathing at your offer. He smiles a little and shakes his head. “No it’s alright you don’t have to-”

“Hey it’s either me or Minho,” you laugh and hold your hands up.

Newt blinks a couple times. “Okay so where do you want to start?”

You take his hands in yours and lead him to the middle of the small clearing you were in. “Follow my lead,” you smile.

Newt stares into your eyes the entire time you were trying to teach him to lead. He was trying hard to follow your instructions but dancing didn’t come naturally to him.

You stop and Newt furrows his eyebrows. “Why’d we stop?”

“Newt,” you sigh. “I know you don’t like dancing, so why did you want to learn?”

He looks down and back up to you. “Truthfully? I wanted to dance with you tomorrow. You know, impress you? Minho always gets to dance with you and it always makes me so bloody jealous.”

Your cheeks heat up a little. “You did all of this to impress me?”

He nodded. “Well, yeah.”

“Then I’m already impressed,” you grin. “But if you want to dance with me tomorrow, we’d better start practicing again.”

Newt laughs, nods, and takes your hands in his. “Im ready when you are.”

Scrisoare catre EA

Chestia asta statea prafuita undeva prin chestiile mele de odinioara.

Face parte din planurile mele,mai date dracu’,da’ ce sa-i faci.

In general cica is timid,da in asta am pus un strop din toate.

Am facut o asa zisa scrisoare catre o EA.

Am taiat anumite secvente care nu-si aveau rostul si…

Vine cam asa :

‘’ Draga (sa zicem ca aici este numele fiecarei tipe care citeste asta)

Hai sa-ti spun o mica istorie.

Au fost odata 2 oameni.Un el si o ea. Inca de mici au fost la aceeasi gradinita.Se vedeau zilnic,insa niciodata nu se bagau in seama.Varsta..

Au ajuns impreuna,aparent,la aceeasi scoala generala.Ai ei au dat-o cu un an mai tarziu.Au fost in aceeasi scoala 7 ani. Nu s-au bagat in seama,treceau unul pe langa altul..aveau un motiv destul de bun.Timpul..

Au trecut anii si ea a ajuns la aceslasi liceu cu el. Nu se bagau nici acum in seama motivul fiind unul destul de simplu.Complexele.

El era pe filmul lui,ea pe al ei. Au trecut anii si au terminat liceul. Locuiau in acelasi cartier doar ca din nou nu se bagau in seama.Parca nici nu existau. El era al strazii,ea era o femeie de succes. Motivul de data asta era probabil banii.

Vezi tu,au trecut anii,iar destinul le-a scris sa fie impreuna.Insa lucrurile astea marunte pe care oamenii pun mare accent i-a oprit.. Oare cum ar fii fost ca la gradinita brusc sa se intalneasca? Sau in generala o simpla privire ar fii schimbat tot,nu?

Iar in viata,el isi traia zilele,cu alcool stii si tu.. 

‘Ca e luni sau e vineri seara mereu e plin de bagabonti ce vor sa alunge plictiseala’

In stele le-a fost sortit sa fie impreuna inca de mici,dar soarta i-a pus pe drumuri diferite. Legenda spune ca cei 2 inca se cauta unul pe altul. El probabil un parvenit in iad,iar ea inger in rai.

Iti scriu aceasta scrisoare,dintr-un singur motiv. Si e unul destul de banal si cam aiurea daca ma intrebi pe mine.

’ Simt nevoia s-o fac’ !

Pur si simplu e vorba de faptu’ ca,chestia asta ma omoara.Si ma omoara grav. Ma roade incet,incet,din interior si see ducee mai departe direct catre ceva numit 'inima’. Habar n-am,nu prea obisnuiesc sa vorbesc despre ceea ce simt. Dar azi,sau ma rog acum,tre’ s-o fac. Stii de ce? Vine un moment in viata,genul ala de moment in care te uiti ca prostu’ la tine si iti zici :

Ce dracu’ fac?Unde sunt?Ce fac aici acum?!

Cand vin momentele astea in viata,treci peste,dar vasta mea experienta ma invata ca lumea e cruda. Stii cat de cruda? Nici n-ai idee. Vin tot felul de momente si se pare ca a venit si la mine.        

Ma exprim bine real dar NU in momentul in care apare brusc o tipa,si te inchide.Pur si simplu te blocheaza. Le-am facut pe toate.

Am vorbit cand trebuia sa tac si mi-am futut-o grav de la persoane,uneori fix in fata.. 

Am dat drumul la orgoliu cand trebuia sa stau in banca mea.

Am fost luat la misto de tone de persoane in trecutul meu.

Am luptat cu pericolul de multe ori..

Am dat peste sute de caractere de tipe,iar stropul ala de ingamfare.

Am injurat ca ultimu’ retard cand defapt simteam altceva.

Am mai luptat cu sistemu’ in adevaratul sens al cuvantului.

Am avut parte de reusite si esecuri mai pe scurt.

Dar niciodata,absolut niciodata nu a aparut cineva care sa ma blocheze in halu’ asta..

Stii cat de aiurea e sa nu poti sa spui ce simti? Sa vrei sa spui ceea ce simti? Sa doara ca dracu’? Daca stii,realizezi ca nu-i usor. Iar daca nu stii,iti zic eu.E de cacat. As putea umple pagina asta,dar esti o tipa desteapta si le vei lua ca pe niste linguseli. Asa ca ma rezum la esential.

Esti frumoasa,tipo,nu esti 'buna’ TU esti de-a dreptul frumoasa.

Esti absolut ca un filmele alea un chip angelic probabil cu influente de demonita.Una sexy.

Genul ala de tipa care in viata va reusi.Fiindca poate.

Genul ala de tipa pe care daca o faci sa se simta prost,esti prost.

Genul ala de tipa cu care ai sta undeva sus,la inaltime,sa o tii de mana sub clar de luna,la un pahar de vorba,despre orice.

Genul ala de tipa cu care te-ai vedea dupa ani si ani.

Genul ala de tipa care tace si face.

Genul ala de tipa la care pustanii se uita si zic 'e buna’,iar altii,printre care si eu se uita si tac.

Genul ala de tipa care care are un trecut nu prea frumos.Dar asta a schimbat-o.

Genul ala de tipa care poate,inca sufera dupa fostul dar nu se uita in vada cat de sublima e..

Genul ala de tipa pentru care ai canta la 4 dimineata cu un trandafir in mana..

Genul ala de tipa care cu fraieri nu se incurca,scoala,multa munca..

Genul ala de tipa care pe strada n-are fite,decenta,inocenta..oare?

Genul ala de tipa care te face sa realizezi ca e o nebunie sa o placi.

Stai calma,nu sunt vreun nebun,pedofil,retardat sau alte cele.Sunt doar un tip.Unul simplu chiar.

Am boala pe clasa aia ca ei te pot vedea constant. 

Pun pariu ca daca ti-as zice asta in fata ai rade.

Pun pariu ca dupa ar rade si altii de mine ca sunt prost.

Pun pariu ca as ajunge bataia de joc.. Si toate pariurile astea… E trist..

Stii care mai e partea trista in societatea nostra? Totul decurge virtual,totul e aplatizat la nivel mare.Nimic nu mai e simplu. Toti se afiseaza in ochii celorlalti,dorind sa fie ei cei mai buni,dar defapt nu-i vede nimeni cu un like sa stii.. Nu schimba cu nimic ca el isi cere scuze in 5.000 de cuvinte pe wapp,dar daca se duce sub geamul ei riscand politia,asta e altceva.

Oamenii au schimbat tema iubirii.De vreo 2.000 de ani lumea predica despre iubire dar de vreo 2.000 de ani plus inca vreo 15 inca de mici suntem praf.

Cel mai aiurea text pe care il scriu..

In general imi place sa stie lumea cine sunt,sa-mi pun acolo amprenta.. Hilar nu..? 

Cam asa ceva.. 

Si da,vezi tu pentru simplul fapt ca sunt asa cum sunt.. 

De prea multi ani castig respect si adorm fie razand,fie injurand.. ‘’’

I-am lasat asta in banca alaturi de un trandafir.

Mai in gluma,mai in serios,vad multe.Persoane in general care sufera.

Cam asta are un tip in inima si in cap in general cand nu vrea doar sa va futa sau sa o arda la modu’ ala de smecherie.

Nu toti suntem la fel,manca-va-as.

Concluzia?O stiu deja.

Sunt un retardat.

PS : Daca va intrebati ce a urmat dupa..asta ma intreb si eu…

Cu drag,


Si cam asa ajungi sa nu mai simti nimic..incerci sa ii multumesti pe toti..mereu zambesti ca sa nu strici starea nimanui chiar daca esti in bucati inauntrul tau..dar nimeni nu este acolo pentru tine niciodata..niciun prieten..nici o relatie..unii se joaca..altii nu stiu ce vor..altii sunt dupa tradari ajungi sa nu mai simti asa..
The Boys Find Out You Have Been Secretly Dating (Cameron Dallas)

The door to my bedroom opened, making me look up in shock from my computer. “Hey baby sis. Cam’s holding a little get together pool party at his house, do you wanna go? All the other boys will be there?” Sam excitedly asked me. “First thing first, don’t call me baby sis, I’m only 15 minutes younger than you. Secondly, hell yeah I wanna go, give me, like, 10 minutes and I’ll be down” I said to him. “Okay, see you in 30” he said, knowing I would take a lot longer than what I told him, and closed the door.

I went over to my drawer to pick out my swimsuit. The choice was between a black one, with strings running from one end of the clothing to another, covering over the cleavage, but still making it visible. Or a white bathing suit, kind of like a bikini, but attached by strings. I ended up choosing the black bikini, because it made me feel so damn sexy and confident.

After changing I put on a blue crop top and some white ripped high wasted shorts and went downstair. “And I was right,” Sam said, as soon as he saw me standing there. “Yeah, sorry, but you should know by now, that when girls says 10 minutes, they actually mean 30” I said and laughed. “Yeah yeah, let’s just get going” he said and grabbed his car keys, then we drove to Cam’s. The car drive being fairly long and you know how, when you have siblings you really wanna tell them everything that goes on with your life? But you just to scared of their reaction? Yeah, well that’s me, about my love life to Sam. Funny thing really, I’m secretly dating Cam. It’s still new, having only been dating for about month or two, but I really like him, and want to tell Sam about him, but is too afraid of his reaction… The same goes for Cam really. Sam is one of his best mates, and one of the first thing Sam ever said when introducing me to the boys, was that I’m of limits, but years of flirting back and forth, and a night of drunken confessions, certainly leads somewhere.

Upon arriving at Cam’s place, my first reaction was to shout “The party has arrived” and have everybody laughing. I really enjoy moments like these. All the guys were already at the party, some in the pool and some laying on the sun chairs, getting tanned. I looked around but I couldn’t see Cam anywhere. But before I even got the chance to go look from him, he came out from the house, only in swim shorts, looking fine as hell. He walked up to me.“Hey Wilk” he said and hugged me. “Hey Cam” I said back while letting go of him. It’s so hard having to act “friendly” around him, when all I really wanna do is jump on him and kiss those damn perfect lips of his. “What’s up Sammy?” he said walking over to Sam and bro hugging him. “Yo, what’s up Dallas?” Sam said back. “Hey (Y/N), get in the pool!” Nash shouted. “Yeah, maybe later” I said and took of my shorts and crop top. I laid down on one of the chairs and started tanning. Not even after 2 minutes of laying there, I was thrown in the pool. “GRIER!” I shouted as I saw him laughing at me from the chairs. The he jumped in the pool again. “You love me!” he teased, splashing me with water. “Yeah, sometimes it doubt that” I said and laughed and Nash just looked offended before going back to his silly face. “Hey (Y/N), do you wanna help me get beer?” Cam shouted. “Yeah, gladly” I said and looked at Nash.

I joined Cam by the fridge, before opening it and realizing it was empty. “Cam, there’s no beer in the fridge” I said. “It’s in the basement” he shouted from down there. “Okay, coming” I said and walked down into the basement. As soon as I entered the basement the door was being shut and I was pushed against the wall. It was Cam. He started attacking my neck with kisses. “You look so sexy in that bikini. I’ll bet you look even hotter without it” he said in between kisses. He reached my sweet spot and I let out a little moan. “Cam, we need to get the beers” I said. He stopped. “Yeah, you’re right” he said. He walked over to the fridge. “Here take these” he said handing me some beers. I went upstairs and out to the guys. “Hey, beer’s here” Gilinsky shouted and all the boys went up to take a beer. I jumped in the pool and afterward I was followed by Johnson jumping in. “Hey (Y/N/N), what’s that on your neck?” he said. “Is that a hickey?” Gilinsky came from behind and whispered. “Where?” I asked and tried looking at my neck, but I couldn’t see it. “I’ll be back in a second” I said and rushed into the bathroom. I locked the door and looked in the mirror and there it was. One big noticeable hickey. Oh well, we might as well tell the guys now, or they can just put two and two together when they see me. I take option number two, maybe they can’t put two and two together. I went out into the pool again. I jumped in the pool and attacked Cam from behind. “CHICKEN FIGHT!” Nash shouted and jumped on Gilinsky’s shoulders. We started fighting and I was the one being thrown in the water, making Nash and Gilinsky celebrate t. “Hey what’s that on your neck?” Nash says loud and clear, still sitting on Gilinsky’s shoulders. “Yeah I see it too” Nate said. All the guys surrounded me. “That looks like a hickey” Matt said. “No it doesn’t” Johnson said. “Yeah, it does” Sam said started to get suspicious. “No” Gilinsky said. “Yes it does Gilinsky, and you should know that better than anyone” Nate said and Gilinsky stayed silent. “You didn’t have that hickey when we left home” Sam said. He looked around and all the guys besides Cameron looked at him. Then he put two and two together. “Dallas! My sister?!?!?” Sam said with a disgusted face. “That’s why you didn’t wanted to party saturday?! Haven’t I told you she was off limits?!?!” He said raising his voice. “Calm down Sam” Nate said. “I’m sorry Sam, but you don’t get to choose who you have feelings for” I said and hugged Cam. It took Sam a couple of moments for it to really sink in, but then he realized what I said and slightly agreed with me. “I… Guess you’re right… But Cameron! You better treat her right or I know where you live!” Sam said. “Thanks Sammy” I said and hugged him. For the rest of the day we all just hung out by the pool and me and Cam got yelled at alot for showing too much PDA. Ups…