Back from Nekocon

It was just a hodge podge of the best and the worst company.  Thanks everyone for stopping by though uwu

The highlight was just dropping 200 bucks at and ’s tables and just casually creeping them out by visiting 40 thousand times.  No regrets. Just love.

My wall will look beautiful once I take a nap and put all the prints up.

well. Jing, Shy and myself if we were on the show n what powers we’d have.
Jing (left) is able to build and repair old things :> She frequents antique shops n also has this super cute music box boy- so she built him with her powers.
Shy (middle) has the ability to never sleep because she always feels her day is wasted on sleep.
Myself (right) Not really sure what my power should have been so i’m a smooth talker = u = *flex flex*

if you havent seen the show- you def should. its AMAZING :B Simon n Rudy are my favs >_>;;;

So I'm back from Acen

It was flawless, and I spent most of my time in artist alley with some real cool cats

Definitely a lot more laid back than previous years, but I got to meet some of the greatest people ever in person:

Riley: Sweet cute bab/squishy fat cat ;w;

Coey: My new dad/Sexy pose and face extraordinaire

Shy: My new mom/ Naughty English teacher dominatrix owl

@Shy n Coey: Soon I will awkwardly talk to you over skype and squish my face while I anxiously stare at the screen, just you wait ;u; <3

And aaaa, it was nice to see some familiar faces again in person! I regret that I wasn’t able to see all of them, but aaa at least I got to hug most of them