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I have never been to a store with a small child before, but I imagine that it’s something like this. (I’ve borrowed @theloneliestshipper‘s characters again. I’ve had the image of all three kids running around some kind of galactic build-a-bear store in my head all day.)

Use those puppy-dog eyes, Shysa, I’m sure you’ll win;

anonymous asked:

Important question. Is Fenn taller than Boba? Also what the heck do mandalorian casual clothes look like

That IS an important question. I always saw Fenn as tall and lanky, but his height isn’t recorded on Wookieepedia and looking at the comic books he’s in the only thing I can say for sure is that he’s taller than Leia but maybe shorter than Han?

Also, as established in the comments of this post I headcanon Boba shorter than canon says he is, so I guess the answer to your question is…in canon, Boba might actually be taller.

But it’s also likely that no one is going to call you on an inaccurate height representation for an obscure Old Canon character, so I say Fenn is as tall as he needs to be!

Now, on to your other, equally important question. I think the most important casual clothing consideration for a Mandalorian would be “am I going to be wearing armor over this later?”

If their armor is worn over a flightsuit or a bodysuit, the suit might be their casualwear, but then again they might be insulated and/or flame resistant and therefore bulky and hot. The clonetrooopers and stormtroopers are shown out of their armor in black bodysuits, but they are active duty soldiers and expected to be ready at any time.

The Force Unleashed comic suggests that the top half of a suit might be detachable, allowing the wearer to rock this Very Good and Important Look. Those are obviously the pants Boba wears with his armor, but he can lounge pretty well in them. 

There is also the possibility that a Mandalorian might opt for something more comfortable if there’s no expectation of combat. Maybe even something like this:

Awww yeah. The loose shirt of a man who Does Not Want You To Notice The Armor In His Walk-In Closet. The question is, is this something Jango would wear normally, or did he throw this billowy shirt on to look smaller and less threatening?

In conclusion, a Mandalorian might wear any of the above when armor is not needed, depending on their plans and preference. The truly necessary details are about fit, especially if a posterior is being hugged in an enticing fashion, if a garment renders certain muscles well-defined, or if the looseness reveals an inviting glimpse of skin. 

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