I have a whole bunch more of my characters that still need updated reaction pics but idk who to start on first.

  • Petunia (Naturetale Muffet)
  • Nightshade (Naturefell Papyrus)
  • Brook (Naturetale Grillby)
  • The Queen (Naturetale Toriel)
  • Daffodil (Naturetale Alphys)
  • Weepstablook / Willow (Naturetale Napstablook)
  • Catnip and Vera (Naturetale Bratty and Catty) 
  • Lotus (Naturetale Shyrin)
  • Bluebell (Naturetale Nicecream guy)
  • Dandelion / Danypants (Naturetale Burgerpants)
  • Lavberry (Natureswap Sans)
  • Papaver (Natureswap Papyrus)

Who do you guys wanna see next?

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hi, not to be a bother but could I get some poly head cannons for Nabstablook and Shyrin w/ a very bubbly and silly reader? Thank ya! I hope this isn't weird or anything

Napstablook/Reader/Shyren Poly Headcanons:

- Musical trio! Or if you’re not musical, you can just sit & listen, they’d love an audience anyway, especially if that audience is you. Napstablook doesn’t have a very good sense of humor, but they’ll try to laugh at your jokes anyway, especially if they’re music related. They try to make them, too, to try to make you laugh as well. But they know they’re not…very funny…so if you don’t laugh…it’s okay…

- Shyren loves being held in your lap while she sings, & she’ll often snuggle into the crook of your arm while Napstablook tries different ways to entertain you both. They’ve been practicing their Dapperblook, they can even make a bowtie now.

- Both of them are extremely shy, but you fill them with a warmth that makes them feel almost…excitable. Like they could really be social, as long as you’re there. & that’s a good feeling for them. They stay around you as much as possible because of it. You make them feel brave.

Nozoeri 2nd live (New Year's LoveLive!) concert drama track

Nozomi: Well then, everyone has finished saying their wishes.
Rin: Wait! Nozomi-chan hasn’t said hers.
Nozomi: Eh, me?
Nico: That’s right, isn’t it sly of Nozomi to not say anything?
Nozomi: B-but, I’m shy
Rin: Shy?
Nico: Why does it feel like it’s the wrong character… What’s the wish that’s making Nozomi feel shy?
Nozomi: S-sorry, let me pass on this. Because, if I say this, there will be someone who’ll feel troubled.
Everyone: Eh?
Eli: Someone who’ll feel troubled? Exactly what kind of wish are you making?
Nozomi: Sorry, Eli-chan. Please just let this go.
Eli: No. Please clarify it. Otherwise… I’ll use my fists. *hitting noises*

Eli: I’m sorry, Nozomi! That.. I got carried away…
Ah… your clothes got dirty…

Nozomi: Get off..
Eli: Ah. I’m sorry. I must be heavy.
Nozomi: Hurry and get off me! Otherwise… I… I can’t restrain myself anymore!
Eli: Uh.. Eh?
Everyone: EHHHH?

Nozomi: My wish is… To convey my feelings to Eli-chan… My feelings for Eli-chan…
Eli: W-w-wait- EH? What is this!
Honoka: Eh? This is to say… Could it be that Nozomi-chan and Eli-chan…
Hanayo: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh~

Nozomi: That kind of development? Isn’t it fun?
Everyone: EH?
Eli: W-wait, Nozomi? Are you making fun of me?
Nozomi: Eh~ It’s nothing like that~ Eli-chan, you’re the one I like the most.
Eli: …….Nozomi!!!!! What kind of person are you! It’s New Years and you’re still trolling people!
Nozomi: Iya~~ Eli-chan’s love is painful~

Honoka: Ahh, that shocked me…
Umi: Seriously, she gave everyone a scare, that Nozomi…
Kotori: Was that really a joke?
HonoUmi: Eh?
Kotori: Nozomi-chan really loves Eli-chan but she can’t say it. That’s why she used a joke to deflect it…
Honoka: Eh? Kotori-chan?
Umi: I had no idea Kotori would think of it in this way…
Nozomi: Kyaa~ I’m going to get caught by Eli-chan~
Eli: You’re too much! Stop right there, Nozomi!

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You've helped convince me that the narrator Chara theory is canon on all playthroughs. I've seen you clear up lots of misconceptions that people have when they assume Chara is evil incarnate, but would you be willing to list some of Chara's genuine flaws/issues (at least according to your opinion)? After all, there shouldn't be misconceptions that Chara (or any character, really) is some blameless angel who can never do wrong, either.

I shall try!

Gleaning from what we’ve got from the games narration, battle text, the true lab tapes, and from Asriel’s personal testimony on Chara I’ll list my ideas on what Chara’s genuine shortcomings were.

Chara can be impatient:

  • The switch puzzle in the Ruins can be solved for you if you keep failing with the narration butting in saying that you found the correct color switch behind the pillar.
  • If you keep looking at the garbage in waterfall you will get a sass from the narration.
  • If you keep fiddling with the faucets in True Lab you get “You really like washing your hands” which is more sassy sarcasm.
  • When Chara is in Red Text mode they will forgo giving descriptions on things that don’t pertain to the mission.

Chara can be controlling:

In multiple cases Chara can be the “brains of the operation” much like how Toriel was as reigning queen with Asgore. I’ve already skimmed on how similar in mannerisms Chara is with Toriel, so this comparison is no surprise to me.

  • Chara was the architect of their and Asriel’s plan to free all monsters, and played on Asriel’s loyalty and trust in them to ensure he would go along with it. (Yet since Asriel never really pushed back against the plan until it was far too late, we can not say for sure how Chara would have responded to their persistent refusal.)
  • In a Pacifist/Neutral run Chara will be very hands off with direction for Frisk, letting them wander and interact with things as they please, but in Serial Murderer route they get more “involved” with their narration, using possessive pronouns and keeping a kill counter (for our convenience) and in some cases won’t let Frisk progress until they finish what they started. (However there are multiple opportunities to abandon this route and go to a neutral one.)

Chara can be stubborn:

  • They were pretty dead set on their plan.
  • Hated humanity. Refused to say why. (Come on kid give us some context)
  • Can refuse to let Frisk go, (If we True Reset after the True Pacifist, and/or in the bad and worse endings)

Chara can be wrong:

  • Kind of a given, “to err is human” after all.
  • While they are our Monster Encyclopedia they are not infallible (Examples: “Water Sausage,” Shyrin, and the Amalgamates)
  • Please put down the buttercups, Chara. (please) 

Chara can be mean/rude:

  • Heckling Snowy too much, (Heckling/Laughing) Snowy’s Mom, (but it’s not funny)
  • terrible table manners (eating pie with their bare hands, I tell you what)

Keeps all their emotional/psychological trauma bottled up:

Honestly I could go in so much more depth on Chara’s flaws and the probably reasons behind them but It would probably take all night for me to do so. 

Alina Somova as Princess Shyrin, The Legend of Love. Choreography by Yuri Grigorovich, Mariinsky Ballet (April, 2015). © Svetlana Avvakum.

The storyline explores the conflict between love and duty through its two heroines, Queen Mekhmene Banu and her young sister, Princess Shyrin. The Queen decides to sacrifice her beauty to save her sister from death, but later regrets her action when she is disfigured and Shyrin falls in love with the Queen’s own lover.

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What are your headcanons for Chara and Frisk?

Hmm, headcanons…okay.

Frisk I think is somewhere around 10-12 years of age, possibly turned 13 while in the underground, what with that comment about feeling a little to big for the bed in the post game.

Frisk grew up in the city we see in the end (the one that used to be Chara’s village I think) and while I don’t want to make any definite conclusions about their possible family life (or lack thereof) I think, judging by the bandage they wear at the start, they were neglected and had to take care of themselves for most of their life on the surface. Frisk having the option to say “I have places to be” at the epilogue could be a sign of their unwillingness to impose and be a burden to/rely on others.

Frisk is literate so they have been educated and can apparently know how to cook spaghetti which is more than I could do as a kid who saw making my own PB&J sandwiches as an accomplishment . 

I think that the Frisk’s drive at the start of the game is survival, getting by without getting hurt too much. The only real reason for Frisk to justify their actions of killing any monsters in a neutral run is because they are a threat. After all, why go out of your way to be nice and spare some random stranger that’s flinging magic bullets at you, when you can just kill the ones that are giving you a hard time? However, the game will go out of its way to inform us that there is always a better way, and that those random monsters were “someone’s Toriel” and that killing because it’s easier and the only way to get stronger/last longer in battle is “selfish.”

Which is why a kill-all route is so terrifying, because the only reasonable logic behind those actions in-character for Frisk is “survival of the fittest,” the monsters we meet become stepping stones on the quest to get strong and never get hurt, never rely on the kindness of others again.
The pacifist route however, offers Frisk the choice to live for something other than just survival. Frisk can become the ambassador of monsters and can live with Toriel, filling what I think was missing in Frisk’s life: a reason to live and someone to live with.

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The Legend of Love Music by Arif Melikov
Choreography by Yuri Grigorovich (1961)
Shyrin - Alina Somova 
Mekhmeneh Bahnu - Ulyana Lopatkina By Victor Nikanorov