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You Become A Member Of SS501 And He Falls In Love With You

Kim Hyun Joong - All the talk about a sixth member has been going around for quite some time and you believed that the fans have always been the sixth member like your oppa, Kyu Jong, told you. That was until DSP ent. held an audition for SS501 the exact same group that said the fans where the sixth member. For you though this was an opportunity that you were not about to let go, a chance to get to spend more than a day with Hyun Joong would be amazing even though he didn’t know you had feelings for him. You walk into the audition room and see oppa standing with Hyun Joong, Young Saeng, Jung Min and Hyung Jun. The second you walk in they all look at you shocked. “(Y/N), what are you doing here?” Kyu Jong asks as you smile. “Am I not allowed to audition too?” You ask as Jung Min chuckles. “I like her already!” He says as he winks at you making Kyu Jong glare at him as you chuckle. Je Saeng nods at you, “Alright (Y/N) show us what you got and convince us why you should be in this group as well.” He says as you nod clearing your throat. “I believe I will be a good asset to this group because not only can I offer the higher pitch that Young Saeng- sunbae can’t quite reach, I can add to the groups fame being Kyu Jong’s doesaeng, and can save you that extra dollar on a female lead in the music videos.” you say with confidence as Kyu Jong chokes on his water and the rest of the room chuckles. “Yes…” Je Saeng says after calming down. “Now it’s time for the talent portion.” He adds as you nod while ‘Snow Prince’ comes on and you execute the choreography flawlessly while singing the lyrics and as the song comes to an end everyone give you a standing ovation. You smile bowing. “Kansamnida.” You say as you look up and meet Hyun Joongs some what impressed eyes and blush a little. “Thank you we’ll notify you tomorrow afternoon.” Je Saeng says as you nod leaving the room smiling brightly.

*Tomorrow Afternoon*

You try to keep calm as you enter the room with no one else in there and the lights off. You feel around for a light switch and turn on the lights as everyone jumps screaming. “WELCOME TO SS501!!!!!”. You smile as you look at your oppa and he nods as you squeal and hug him. He chuckles as the rest of the members go in for a hug too. “Alright now that you are officially apart of the family you must pick who is your favorite!” Jun says as you chuckle thinking. “Hmm, well I’ve always loved oppa, but since he’s my oppa he’s out of the competition and then I’ve always liked Jung Min, but he’s to sexy for me.” You say as Jung Min laughs. “Jun is way to hyper and I could never keep up while Young Saeng is always so quiet.” You finish. “So that leaves Hyung.” Jun concludes as you nod. Hyun Joong smiles looking at you as you blush and you feel Kyu Jong put an arm on me and you laugh. “Oppa you’re so protective! It’s just Hyun Joong sunbae!” you say as he keeps a stern look. “Please speak comfortably.” Hyun Joong says as you nod smiling at him. Je Saeng walks in as ya’ll head off in to the van to head home as you yawn. “Your things are already at the house and Kyung Lim noona is coming tomorrow to wake us up.” Je Saeng says as you nod laying your head on someones shoulder. You hear a chuckle as you look up and see Jun as he gives you his rabbit grin. You smile sleepily as he pats your head to where it lands back on his shoulder and you fall asleep fast.

*Next Morning*

You’re waken up by hushed whispers and a female voice. “So you added a new member while I was gone! Omo! SS501 has so many tricks up their sleeves!” Kyung-lim unnie says as you move pulling the covers and pillow with you as you hear chuckling. “Hyung.” Jun says as you feel someone lift the covers and mess with your feet. You pull your feet back moving away and stay still as you feel the cover move again and kick the person. “Ahhhh!!!!!” You hear Hyun Joong yell as you get up groggily to see him holding his stomach. “I think she’s taken the horses spot.” Jun whispers to Young Saeng as they both chuckle. “Oppa Mianhae!” You say as you move a little to fast and fall on the floor hitting your head on the frame of the bed as everyone busts out laughing as you hold your head and blush for embarrassment. Kyu Jong comes to your aid as he helps you up. “Kansamnida oppa. ” you thank as Kyung Lim smiles at you. “Ah such a pretty girl! Well I can tell popularity is going to sky rocket. Plus you’re Kyu Jong’s doesaeng aren’t you?” She asks as the camera zooms in to your face. “Ne unnie. ” you say as she smiles. Soon enough the show ends as they leave and you guys get ready for your schedule. You walk to your room as you feel someone follow you so you turn around to see Hyun Joong. “Oh oppa, can I help you with anything?” You ask as he walks in and shuts the door. You look at him confused as he sits down on your bed. “I’m not good at this so don’t laugh” he says as you nod still confused. “I’ve been watching over you for quiet a while and you’ve caught my attention.” He says as you nod for him to continue. “(Y/N) will you go out with me?” He asks straight forward and kinda akward. You gasp as you look at him wide eyed. Did your bias just ask you out???? He looks down as you walk over and grab his hand. “I would love to.” You say as he smiles.

Heo Young Saeng - Your hands sweat a little as you see the audition paper up on the bulletin board. You would finally get your chance to be apart of the group that saved your life on that one bad night.

*flash back*

You were walking back to your dorm that wasn’t that far after sneaking out to go get snacks when you stop dead in your tracks as you feel something cold press against your next. “Now how come such a beauty is walking outside alone? Haven’t you heard about the killer that preys on young girls so Fine as yourself?” He asked as you could smell the liquor that lingered in the air. You feel the knife press deeper as you whimper. “Aww you’re afraid? You shouldn’t be. Not yet anyway, I haven’t had my fun with you yet.” He says as the knife trails down to your shirt cutting the first button off. Your eyes go wide as you try to move,but are frozen in fear. He chuckles and smirks. “I wonder what we have under here?” He asks as he rips the shirt off and tears escape your eyes. “Please!” You plead as you move away now to get rewarded with a harsh slap. “Get back here you bitch!” He yells as you duck. He stabs you in the stomach as you cough. He smiles as he lowers you down. “Now look what you made me do.” He says as he moves down to your pants. You cry as he removes the pants leaving you only in your bra and underwear. He takes his knife and starts to cut up your thigh as you scream while the knife plunges in your thigh. “Shut up!!!” He yells as you see someone behind the drunk. “Please.” You say as you black out from the blood loss.

*2 hours later, still flashback*

You wake up in a hospital as you look around still groggy and see no one. You sigh until a man with nice hair walks in and sighs upon seeing you awake. “Are you okay?” He asks as he sits next to you. You nod your head. “You saved me.” You say as he shakes his head. “Well I wasn’t going to let him touch you like that.” He says as you look to see your boy covered in badges. “What’s your name?” You ask as he smiles warmly. “Heo Young Saeng.” He says as you smile at him. “From SS501?” You ask as he nods. A group of boys walk in as you pull the covers up over you more becoming shy. “We have to go, Young Saeng.” Jung Min says as he smiles sadly at you. Young Saeng looks at you worried. “Wait aren’t you (Y/N)?” Jung Min asks you as you nod shyly. “She’s the trainee that was suppose to meet us an hour ago!” Jung Min says as Young Saeng nods already knowing. “I went by the dorms to ask if she was there and they said she went out for snacks.” Young Saeng says. “And that’s how you found her.” Jung Min concludes. “Yes, so if I can I’ll stay here tonight to make Sure she’s okay.” He says as Je Saeng walks in. “I’ll be able to pick him up in the Morning now come on boys.” He says as the rest of SS501 leaves.

*end of flashback*

He stayed the whole week with you while you were in the hospital and even brought you food. Then the second you get back to the entertainment company he ignored you and never talked to you again unless he had to in which he was always cold to you. You thought this audition would make things back to the way they use to be so you gave it a shot and now here you are standing in front of them as a part of the group. “(Y/N) how are you???” Jun asks as you nod. “Better.” You say as he smiles and hugs you while Jung Min smacks him. “Aish this turtle! She doesn’t want to see you she wants to see her favorite oppa!” Jung Min says as he hugs you and you chuckle looking around as Jung Min let’s you go as your eyes land on Young Saeng. “Hi oppa.” You say looking at him as he nods towards you. “Give him time.” Kyu Jong whispers as he hugs you. You smile and hug him back and pretty soon you guys are off to the dorm. You get out and get your bags as Young Saeng stands there behind you. “Here let me help.” He says some what nicely as you smile and hand them over. “Thank you!” You say as he hmmphs and walks to the dorm. You sigh and get the rest of the bags. You open the door and Kyu Jong helps you. “You’ll be sharing a room with Young Saeng and Jun will move to Jung Min’s room.” He says as you see the pair arguing. He walks you to Young Saeng’s room and puts your things down as you see Young Saeng walk in. He sighs and walks off as you pout. “Do you need help putting your things up?” Kyu Jong offers as you shake your head. “No thank you oppa.” You say as Kyu Jong nods leaving. You put your things up in a hour and decide to walk out the room to see Young Saeng and Joong talking. “Why did you guys even pick her to be apart of the group?!? She’s useless!!” Young Saeng says as you feel tears run down your face. “Well if that’s how you feel, I’ll just leave. I didn’t know I wasn’t welcomed here.” You say making your presence announced as they both turn around shocked. You stalk to your and Young Saeng shared room as you slam the door shut locking it. Jung Min knocks on the door. “(Y/N)?” He asks as you cry. “I’m Fine oppa.” You say wiping your tears. “No you aren’t now open the door.” He says as you shake your head. “No, I really am Fine.” You say as you hear a sigh and foot steps walking away. You lay down on the bed as you slowly fall asleep when Young Saeng picks the lock and walks in. You look up at him as tears stream down your face and he runs to you and hugs you. “Get off of me!!” You yell as you try to push him off, but he Holds on tighter. “No. I can’t lose you.” He says as you give up and cry in his arms. “I’m not useless.” You sob as he rubs your back. “Why are you even here? You hate me. Ever since after getting out of the hospital you hated me? Why? I did Nothing to you!!!” You sob more as he looks at you and kisses your head. “Because I was trying to keep you safe. I thought that if I avoided you and brushed you off, you wouldn’t be noticed by anyone thus keeping guys from wanting you.” He says as you look up. “(Y/N) I love you, I never wanted you to be famous because in a life like this you get hit on, you get hate and knowing you it would tear you apart.” He says as you stay silent. “I get it if you don’t love me back.” He says as you smile. “Well now I have my price to protect me from all the hate and boys.” You say as he smiles and kisses you.

Kim Kyu Jong - You walk into the entertainment company to see your good friend Kyu Jong that you’ve know since birth. As you walk in the room you’re greeted by Young Saeng. “Hey Young Saeng!” You say as he smiles. “Hello (Y/N) how are you today?” He asks. “Good!” You say as you feel someone hug you from behind. “Why hello there Kyu Jong!” You say as he smiles and let’s you go. “So Why am I here? You called me in.” You say as his smile gets wider. “Well there’s an audition for the group and since you can sing, I sent in your video… congratulations you’re in SS501!!!! ” he says as the rest of the members smile. “Yah!! Kyu Jong! Don’t play with me.” You warn as he shakes his head. “I’m not playing!” He says as Young Saeng nods. “He’s telling the truth.” He says as you turn white as a ghost. “You broke her!” Jun says as he runs to you helping you sit down. Kyu Jong, Young Saeng, Hyun Joong, Jung Min and Jun sit by you as you come back to the world of the living. “I’m okay now. I think.” You say as Kyu Jong looks at you apologetically. “I thought you wanted to be a singer so when we had auditions I thought I’d enter that video.” Kyu Jong apologizes as you shake your head. “No it’s Fine, but I’m a little rusty.” You say as the smile comes back to his face. “We can help with that!!!” Kyu Jong says as the others nod. “Well Why don’t you sing a song for us since you are apart of the group now.” Joong says as you nod and sing 'Perfect? Man’ by Shinhwa leaving many mouths agape. “Wow.” Jun says as you blush. “That was good you might even get this turtle kicked out.” Jung Min says playfully as Jun glares at him and jumps on him as the wrestle and laugh. Young Saeng looks at the two as you laugh. Kyu Jong looks at the clock as Je Saeng walks in. “You boys and (Y/N) have to go to dance practice now even though (Y/N) may not know any of the dance moves for the upcoming album….” he starts as you shake your head. “Kyu Jong oppa actually taught me.” You state as Je Saeng nods and you guys head on over to the dance room. The backup dancers walk in as the music starts to play and the boys suggest you sit out until the third time as to make Sure they get it down so just in case you needed help they could assist. As the song ends you look at them overwhelmed at the dance moves feeling like Kyu Jong only taught you one step to the complicated choreography. The song starts again as you watching and take mental notes of the steps and placing. The song draws to an end again as they take a water brake, Kyu Jong walking towards you. “It’s not as complicated as it seems I promise!” Kyu Jong promises you. You nod as he helps you up this time the song going at a slower pace as the boys get into order. They even count out the steps for you as you mirror Kyu Jong’s moves. You trip up a couple of times as you chuckle. Je Saeng walks in saying it’s time for lunch as everyone leaves, but you and Kyu Jong. “Are you gonna eat?” He asks as you shake your head no. “I wanna practice some more.” You say as he stays too. “Then I’ll help,but here.” He says as he walks behind you and places his hands on your hip blushing. “You have to move your hip like this.” He says as he sways them to the right and left. You blush as he continues and then pulls you closer to him. “Kyu Jong.” You say as he smiles at you. “Sorry….” he says as you cut him off with a kiss both of you turning cherry red. You pull back as you look down as his hands are now at his side. “I’m sorry, I don’t know what came over me. It’s just…. ” you start to ramble as this time he cuts you off with a kiss. “Don’t be. ” he says as he brushes a piece of hair out of your face.

Park Jung Min - you walked into your dark home after a day of baby sitting that you shared with none other than your boyfriend Park Jung Min. As you turn on the light switch you see him passed out on the couch and smile putting a cover over him.

*flashback *

You yawn as you hit the snooze button on the alarm clock rolling back over as your oppa, Kibum walks in. “Yah wake up!!” He yells as you groan and throw a pillow at him. “Hyung isn’t going to wait for you to get up!” He says as he hits you with the pillow. You get up glaring at him. “Fine!” You grumble as you get dressed and brush your teeth. “Aigoo! Just like that horse!!” Jun scolds as you look at him annoyed. He chuckles as he ruffles your hair earning a whine from you. “Oppa!!”, “Now you sound like Young Saeng!” He says as your omma walks in. “You’ll both be late if you don’t hurry!” She warns as you get pulled out of the house by Jun. You reach the entertainment company as you kiss Jun’s cheek. “Bye oppa! Tell everyone I said hi!” You yell as you run to dance practice. Min Sung sees you and chuckles. “Too busy with your boyfriend Jung Min to come to practice?” She asks as you blush. “Hes not my boyfriend!” You say. “I’m not? That’s mean (Y/N)!” Jung Min says as he hugs you from behind laying his head on your shoulder smiling at you as you turn 50 shades of red. “Yah! Mal get off my doesaeng!” Jun yells as Jung Min sticks his tongue out at Jun and kisses your cheek as you turn a deeper red. Jun hugs you. “Did he get any of his diseases on you?” Jun asks as you shake your head. “Yah!” Jung Min yells as he hits Jun over the head. You chuckle at the pair as Joong comes by. “Congratulations!” He says as you look at him weird. “You made it into SS501!” Jung Min says as he holds Jun in a head lock. Jun gets out of the head lock as he jumps on Jung Min while you shake your head and an air of confident comes about you. “Oppa leave my boyfriend alone!” You yell at Jun as everyone fezzes and Jung Min smirks. “Yeah turtle listen to your doesaeng.” Jung Min says as he walks back over to you hiding behind you from Jun. Je Saeng walks in. “Alright now that you told her we have recording to do!” He says as you all nod as Jung Min grabs your hand and winks at you as you blush again. “We can’t have this, what if I hold your hand out in front of the fans and you blush?What if I kiss you and you blush?” He asks you as you let his hand go. As he looks at you concerned. “Whats wrong?” He asks you. “Stop playing with me, if you like me they like me, but if you don’t please don’t play with my heart.” You say as his face softens and he walks towards you. “(Y/N) I was never playing with you, I honestly do like you and want to be with you.” He says as he lifts up you chin to where you’re looking him in the eye. You blush as he chuckles again and.kisses your cheek. “Now lets go my Juliet we have recording to do.” He whispers in your ear as he runs off laughing.

Kim Hyung Jun - You walk into the audition room as you see the 5 men of SS501 and smile. “Hello you’re (Y/N) correct?” Je Saeng asks as you nod. “Alright. What do you have to offer to this group that we don’t have?” He asks as you smile. “I can speak 6 languages those being Korean, English, French, Thai, Japanese, and Spanish. I also have written many songs that Exo, EXID and many other Kpop groups have sang. I produce music like no other so I can assure you I will not be a dead weight to this group. Not only that, but I heard you were in need of a female rapper as well?” You ask as he nods. “How well can you rap?” Je saeng asks as you smile. “All I need is a beat.” You say as Jun starts off with a beat as Joong and Kyu Jong join in. “I’m a born hater Dali Van Picasso

I’m Velazquez, Millet, el fuckin Greco,It’s my echo, the feel of a VJ, shit You’re all cheap versions of Blo, my imitators and pupils, shit This is how my personality always is Even if there’s no problem, fuck em So I understand why you attack me

They say to me, be a man, why you act like a bitch Want me to take off my pants and let it all out? TaJinYo, you’re cute, I’m trying to love ya It doesn’t go with my paradoxical life

My collapsed fortune tries to draw infinity Your useless complexes, no matter how much you try to go against me, it’s your loss Your stupid accidents are due to your carelessness

I told you many times, I’m two counts above you Whatever they say, I’m a monogamist mother fuckin one and only.” You rap Tablo’s part from 'Born Hater’ as they all look impressed. “Well make sure to give you a call of whether you made it, or not.” Je Saeng says as you leave feeling as if someone is watching you. You turn around and see Jun before you leave shutting the door behind you.

*One week later*

“Hello?” You answer as you hear yelling on the other side of the phone. “Is this (Y/N)?” Jun you recognize the voice to be. “Yes….” you answer. “Oh can you meet me at the entertainment company?” He asks. “Sure. Right now?” You ask. “Yes.” He says. “Alright I’ll be there soon.” You say as you hang up curious as to what he could want from you. You reach the company as you walk in and see Jun standing there. He walks up and smiles at you as you smile back. “I’m glad you could make it! Well I have good news for you, you’re in SS501!” He says as your smile gets bigger and hug him. “Thank you!!!” You say in English accidentally. “No problem!” He says back in English as he hugs you back. “I forgot you speak English and Japanese as well.” You say back in Korean as he nods and walks away looking back at you. “Are you coming?” He asks as you nod and follow. He walks into a room as he rest of the members get up. “Welcome!!!” Jung Min says giving you a hug as you hug back and the rest of the members say hello being shy. You guys talk about the upcoming album and the theme. Soon it gets late as you yawn. “You can lay your head on my shoulder if you want.” Jun suggests as you smile and lay your head on his shoulder. “Thanks.” You say.

*6 months later*

Things have gone well for you and you have become close with Jun and Jung Min, but mostly Jun. You walk out of your room as everyone’s day off and sit on the couch trying to wake up as Jun walks down and lays on you with his head in your lap as you play with his hair. “Do we have to wake up?” He asks the energetic Jung Min as he nods. “I have a plan to go to the amusement park!” He says as Kyu Jong shakes his head. “Last time we went Young Saeng got hit in the head by a bunch of sasaeng fans.” Kyu Jong states as Young Saeng nods. “Well then I’ll just go with (Y/N).” Jung Min says as the rest shrug and go back to their rooms as Jun stays. “But I want to go to!” He whines as you chuckle. Jung Min sighs. “Fine ,but it was going to be a date.” Jung Min says as Jun glares at him. “She doesn’t even like you Jung Min.” Jun says as Jung Min walks over to you and lays his head on your shoulder. “Or does she?” He asks as you blush from how close he is. “She’s blushing!! Proof she likes me and not you!” Jung Min says as Jun pouts. “You guys stop fighting.” You say. “Well both go.and by the end of the day whoever she declares she likes gets to go out with her!” Jun says as you look at them both shocked as Jung Min agrees with Jun and they both look at you. “I don’t have a say in this do I?” You ask as they shake their head no. You sigh as you go get dressed and walk back down as Jun takes your hand in his as Jung Min takes the other. You guys get to the park as the screams from the rides can be heard. “Lets go on this ride!” Jun says as he points to a high ride. “Or we can go on this ride!” Jung Min says as he points to one not so scary. You look at Jung Min as he smiles and leads you to that ride. Jun glares at him and goes to get ice cream. You get off the ride as he hands you the ice cream and you smile as you lift up the ice cream Jung Min got you as Jun sighs. “What about this ride?” Jun asks as he points to another not so scary ride. “No I kinda want to go on a scary one.” You say as Jung Min points to the one Jun pointed to at first as you nod. “I should be able to take her on that one!” Jun says as Jung Min shakes his head. “Lets flip a coin!” You suggest. “Heads!!!” Jun says as you flip the coin and it lands on tales as Jung Min smiles and takes you to the ride. “This continues the rest of the day until night draws near. Jun looks like a kicked puppy as you guys get to the bride. "So who’s it going to be?” Jung Min asks. You look at them both and frown at Jun’s face. You think and smile. “Turn around and close your eyes and whoever I kiss is the one I choose, but promise me we’ll all still be friends?” You ask as they both nod and do as they’re told. You walk in front of both of them and stop at Jun as you lean in and kiss him. Jun looks at you with shock as you smile. “Me?” He asks as you nod. “Why do you think i made you guys flip a coin and tried to make it even.” You say as Jung Min opens his eyes and smiles at you two. “My plan worked!” He says as Jun looks at him. “What?” He asks. “I knew you’d never ask her out anytime soon and I couldn’t stand to see you both like that so I had to show interest in her to push you to fight for her.” Jung Min explains as Jun hugs you. “Well she’s mine now.” He says as he glares at Jung Min as he puts up his hands in surrender.


Blue Horizon & Shyprince - Lithium (Original Trance Mix) [Abora Recordings] (por aborarecordings)