Jimin as Prince Eric

And now it is time for the first half of the Busan princes, the second half of the sunshine line, an actual angel, Park Jimin aka chim chim as Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid

  • I have to get it out of the way, I gotta do it but Jimin really does remind me of Eric
  • When chim has dark hair and a white shirt it’s like a real life version of Eric I’ve seen s o fucking many comparison pictures and I’m so here for this has anyone drawn chim as prince Eric tell me someone has
  • Plus they both have that prince quality to them like you look at Eric and you go yeah that’s a prince, you look at Jimin and go yEA H THAT’S A PRINCE
  • The next big reason is bc Eric is really really shy
  • On stage, Jimin is so fucking charismatic, he’s smirking he’s winking he’s playing with his hair he’s doing way too much with his hips calm down with all of that for our sake plz and thnx but also don’t stop never stop you do your thing man
  • But off stage, Jimin is a shy lil ball of fluff that curls up into a ball and hits Jin or does that really cute shy smile and it’s so fucking precious to see him go from this super confident I own this fucking moment to oh my god don’t look at me
  • He needs to be protected but I also know for a f a c t that all of the boys protect him, I feel like the boys have that one friendship where it’s like they’ll tease him but the second someone else teases him they’re ready to fucking fight bc he’s just so sweet and kind and lovely and everyone loves Jimin they fucking adore him
  • Another huge reason is bc Eric loves the sea/beach
  • Jimin is a Busan man and we’ve seen quite a few clips of him on the beach and he always looks so happy and content and he’ll be goofing off and smiling really big and happy!Jimin is so important I want it forever
  • Eric is a romantic
  • Fight me on this Jimin is a romantic, the boys have said he’d suck at being long distance bc he’d want to see his lil love so much that he wouldn’t be able to stay away for that long
  • He’s totally the type to plan really cute lil dates like dropping rose petals along pathways, lighting candles, doing his best to make a five star meal at home he’d be such a romantic
  • Eric is brave
  • Jimin is pretty damn brave I mean the dude danced b lind fol d ed in front of god only knows how many people do you know how nerve wracking that must have been like you could take just a couple wrong steps and really hurt yourself doing that
  • But he trusted in Hobi and he got out there and killed it and that was really brave of him and I’m so glad he did it bc that just shows how close BTS are and how much they trust each other