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Honestly, I can’t even remember at this point how we started talking on here, but I’m so glad we did, because we’ve become such good friends!! You’re too funny, and I look forward to talking to you every day! :D You’re one of my OG followers and my ride or die, no matter how wacky my story got. <3 One of these days, one of us will have to make a trip across the pond! lol. I woulda been a cool ~*~simblr friend~*~ and made u cc or something, but I’m talentless and too busy to function these days, :~( Instead, you can have this weird gif of a cat creeping out of a cake?? Anyways, I hope 22 is a good year for you, and I hope you have a great brithday!!! <3

(I feel so weird posting this rn, because in my timezone, you’ve still got a few hours before your birthday, but ah well, when in Rome, right? lol)