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I'm throwing poop at you now coz there's no Argyle's!! i'm kidding you bring them back when you're ready! <3

You’re being a dangerous person these days, Shyleen xD Thank you for the opportunity to use this wonderful gif I just found. I totally forgot about Danny DeVito appearance in “Friends” >.<

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Hi Qnie 😊 how are you? I see you've been busy with bringing out cc love love it I'll be downloading it all later because I'm a cc junkie 😉

Hi Shyleen! (not gonna lie; but i love saying your name~ not to b creepy n all ;u; but its so nice; TRY AND STOP ME *runs around*) ❤️️ and I’m well thank you; my eyes are about to pee tho cos mom’s been chopping some onions at the kitchen and im really sensitive to onions and stuff like that xD how about you? am glad Val & Bryan finally got the apartment of their dreams :P I also have your ccs on queue for download hehe @shysimblr

20 Questions tag

I was tagged by @our-dazed-sims & @barleycoffee Thank you <33

Name: Shyleen
Nicknames: Shy & when people want things from me… ShyShy (usually my closest friends and mum lol)
Zodiac sign: 100% Libra
Height: 5 ft 1.5 - lol so 5ft 2
Orientation: Straight
Ethnicity: I am all chocolate covered
Favorite fruit: Grapes & Peaches
Favorite season: Autumn <3
Favorite book series: Harry Potter lol 
Favorite flower: I have hayfever so i don’t really like flowers…
Favorite scent: Armani Si 
Favorite color: Almost all shades of purple. 
Favorite animal: Lions & Koalas  ( i love animals!) 
Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa: Hot coco - i don’t drink tea or coffee
Average sleep hours: 5
Cat or dog person? Dog
Favorite fictional characters: Analise Keating (HTGAWM), Lexi Grey (always), Ron Weasley
Number of blankets you sleep with: one. i get super warm in bed! 
Dream trip: Anywhere i can get to see beautiful and exotic animals and sea life. 
Blog created: Jan 2016
Number of followers: 1085 <3 - much love to you all 

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Late Night and Vacation pleaseee :D

Hey Shyleen, thanks for the question! :) 

Late Night - What does your perfect Friday night look like?

Honestly, probably just reading an amazing book or playing GTA Online, I’m incredibly boring.

Vacation - What is the best vacation you have been on?

I’ve actually never been out of the country so it’s nothing too exciting, but I went on holiday with my parents, brother, sister-in-law, nephew and best friend last summer, it was great, it was just a nice relaxing week full of beaches and family time.


Paid $55 to get these done and spent $40 on the hair… Never again. Last time I had long thick black ones and I kept them in for 2 & a half weeks and only really took them down because they were too heavy.. These ones weren’t heavy at all, but my scalp is so dry that my dandruff was just out of control and then my hair is short that the frizz was just out of control as well. I have all of these bumps in the front and back because the braids were so tight and my scalp is still red and they’ve been out for 24+ hours. Wasted like $100 on a week hairstyle. I think I’m going to get a sew in during Thanksgiving Break. I just can’t deal with my hair right now, it’s so boring. 


Finally reached my 6 month anniversary of being natural. I dyed my hair blonde, then got blonde box braids, then tried to dye it black and it turned purple, and got a full sew in, and all in between that I’ve been trimming/dusting and have probably cut off about an inch if not more. I’ve kept to the same products basically which are Organix Shampoo & Conditioner, Aussie 3 Minute Miracle, and Beautiful Textures Curl Cream and a Moroccan & Argan Oil Cream. Pretty basic. I try to shampoo once a week, I usually condition whenever my wash & go’s start looking crazy because of sleep + work which is usually at least once every 3 days and I deep condition about twice a week. Idk, I’m obsessed with my hair and everything that it has been through honestly. 

Annnndddd in a nutshell….

Idk, I’m proud of myself. This has seriously been one of my biggest commitments to put the flat iron down and to pick up the curling creme and check labels for no sulfates/parabens/mineral oils/ etc.