Paid $55 to get these done and spent $40 on the hair… Never again. Last time I had long thick black ones and I kept them in for 2 & a half weeks and only really took them down because they were too heavy.. These ones weren’t heavy at all, but my scalp is so dry that my dandruff was just out of control and then my hair is short that the frizz was just out of control as well. I have all of these bumps in the front and back because the braids were so tight and my scalp is still red and they’ve been out for 24+ hours. Wasted like $100 on a week hairstyle. I think I’m going to get a sew in during Thanksgiving Break. I just can’t deal with my hair right now, it’s so boring. 


Finally reached my 6 month anniversary of being natural. I dyed my hair blonde, then got blonde box braids, then tried to dye it black and it turned purple, and got a full sew in, and all in between that I’ve been trimming/dusting and have probably cut off about an inch if not more. I’ve kept to the same products basically which are Organix Shampoo & Conditioner, Aussie 3 Minute Miracle, and Beautiful Textures Curl Cream and a Moroccan & Argan Oil Cream. Pretty basic. I try to shampoo once a week, I usually condition whenever my wash & go’s start looking crazy because of sleep + work which is usually at least once every 3 days and I deep condition about twice a week. Idk, I’m obsessed with my hair and everything that it has been through honestly. 

Annnndddd in a nutshell….

Idk, I’m proud of myself. This has seriously been one of my biggest commitments to put the flat iron down and to pick up the curling creme and check labels for no sulfates/parabens/mineral oils/ etc. 

I got bored and wanted to mess around with some of the jewelry stuff I got in the mail so far from my order (jump rings, e6000 glue, and 5 pairs of jewelry pliers). I just salvaged this chain from an old necklace and this bow was on a headband and I punched two holes in the back, added 2 jump rings, and then added the chain and voilá. 

Yeah, I was bored.