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Nails were digging into his back with an extreme yet subtle sense of urgency, it was definitely her trademark, if she even had one. His fingers trailing down her spine with a lingering tone, he intended to learn everything there was to know about Malia Tate’s body, to which she seemed to comply, her skin shivering under his touch. Her body was like a jigsaw puzzle to which he had to figure out the pieces, her lips were the beginning. They needed constant attention, demanding his affection as he so craved hers.

“Stiles,” she called out.

He planted a lingering kiss onto her lips without urgency, he lazily loved her with a sense of extreme suspense growing between the two. He could nearly feel the tension as her legs wrap around his waist, pulling him onto her, they were the larger piece of the puzzle. Once the lips were taken care of, the legs would wrap around, capturing it’s prey, rendering it seemingly helpless.


His name again, a beautiful sound when coming from her lips. It made him feel as though he was doing something right as he silenced her with yet another steamy kiss, to which her fingers intertwined with his as her free hand, lightly tugging at his hair, kept them together, closer. A word that always proved good when speaking about Malia Tate, something he always wanted to be. Not even in the way he was now, although he had no complaints, he had the need or desire to be closer to her, know everything she knew. He listened to everything she had to say, never skipping a beat as his heart had already done. He decided from the moment she first became his that he would protect her, defend her, and never ever let there be a moment of uncertainty between the two. 

“Stiles, I’d love to stay,” she spoke between breathy kisses, “b-but I can’t.”

He rose up stifly, forearms supporting him so he didn’t fall completely on top of her even though she was twice as strong as him due to her supernatural abilities. His eyes widened as she gave him a look, the look. Her dad, Tate not Peter, expected her to be home in ten minutes, while that had seemed like enough time to totally and whole-heartedly sweep her off of her feet, the drive to her house was well over fifteen minutes when he was speeding. 

“We’re fucked.”

She nodded in agreement as he flew off her, rolling onto the floor to retrieve his misplaced shirt. Malia was tying the laces onto her combat boots when her phone dinged, revealing what they had already been dreading, Tate.

Tate; Where they hell are you?

She looked up at Stiles in panic, eyes widening when she reveals the screen to him, knowing he would shoot him in a heartbeat if he knew where his daughter had been. He began searching the room for something, anything that would give her an excuse. Spotting a loose piece of paper to which he bolted towards it, ripping it out from underneath his Chemistry book.

“Here, here’s my chemistry homework and book.”

His breathing erratic, he quickly shoved the items into her arms, taking her hand while they practically ran down the hall towards the door. She stopped, reluctantly.

“What do I tell him? How do I explain why I have your homework?”

She nervously eyed him up and down and he mentally went over reasonable scenarios as to why she could possibly have his homework, better yet why he had given it to her along with a ride home. His eyes lit up with a wide grin playing upon his smooth lips.

“You had to talk to coach most of class so your friend let you have his homework, just to help you get caught up.”

She eyed him curiously, looking him up and down.

“Why was I talking to coach?”

“You’re thinking about joining the track team, Kira’s on the track team.”

Malia smiled brightly, confident in their plan as they walked out the door and approached the jeep. He opened her door first, as he always does before gently closing it after her to which he jogged over to his side. Once he was in she began to speak.

“You’re on the track team right?”

He fumbled with his keys before placing them in the ignition, starting the jeep to give them some air.

“Yeah, me and Scott are,” he looked behind him before pulling out onto the street, “it’s kinda required for Lacrosse players by coach, it’s not as bad as it seems, considering we’re already conditioned. We usually only run two miles each practice then we do exercises and leave.”

She took his hand in hers, admiring his profile as he spoke. His eyebrows going up ever so slightly with each syllable, then returning to their position when he took a breath. Another thing that she admired, his breath hitching ever so slightly under her touch, even when she grabbed his hand, something she adored deeply about him.



He glanced over at her but she was already looking, he grinned, always loving when they did that. He felt as though he had a connection with her like none other, no one else could ever understand him the way she had.

“I’ll join the team.”

She confidently smiled before softly kissing his hand that was intertwined with hers again causing a hitch in his breath and a grin to form on his lips. She continued to watch him, loving how sensitive he was.

“Are you sure, I mean it’s a lot of work,” he glanced at her for the second time, “Scott and I had to jog at least thirty minutes every day this summer in order to prepare for it.”

She contemplated for a moment but he already knew her mind was set, another thing that had drawn him to her. 

“It can’t be that much work, I mean you do it so it should be a piece of cake." 

He charmingly laughed, always loving her flirty yet playful side. She planted another kiss to his hand and they drove off just like that, completely smitten without the other having to say anything to break the silence, it had felt comforting to the lovers, being in their own little bubble of happiness that no other could penetrate.

He let out a dramatic sigh as they pulled onto her road, wishing he’d had more time to be with her, cursing her dad’s rules under his breath. She tried to release her fingers from his grip but he pulled her back, needing her. 

"I’ve gotta go in Stilinski, you don’t want me getting in trouble, do you?”

He released his grip, slightly but enough for her to pull away, grabbing his homework and Chemistry book from the floorboard of the jeep, nearly forgetting it.

“You’ll call me, right?”

Her lips released a childish giggle as she nodded to his serious yet not so serious question.

“Who else would help me with all this Chemistry homework?” She teased.

She leaned in to kiss his cheek before opening her door and climbing out. She slammed his door and shot him an oh shit look as he laughed knowing it was a piece of crap anyways. He silently admired her as he waited in the driveway to make sure she got inside safe, watching her as she blissfully turned around, blowing him a kiss.