askinnylover answered your questionShould I or should I not?

if my parents will allow me, i’ll go. and give them assurance that nothing bad will happen again.

blasteddreams answered your questionShould I or should I not?

I think you should come to replace the bad memories. I mean, if you don’t you might succumb to that bad memories of the past…

thepauperstale answered your questionShould I or should I not?

maybe you should go? Just to reconcile with the old happenings, that you have to face until it doesn’t bother you anymore…

shylallala answered your questionShould I or should I not?

I believe that whatever your parents say, that is the right thing to do. I dont mean they know everything, but they know what is best for you

Hello Ericka! Keep reading, i wish to make you smile. And btw, remember na okay lang i-insist sa parents natin kung anong gusto natin but always remember na as their daughters we follow what they ask us to do, okay lang sabihin yung gusto natin sa kanila, pero consider everything they say, always. Im not a perfect daughter, but I can always say my parents always want what is best for me. ♥

Thank you girls. I appreciate you replying in my last post and giving some advice. I believe you all are right. But I realized that I was the one who wasn’t ready. I still haven’t moved on from the incident, maybe next time I can come with them. Yeah, I’m quite sure that next time I will be able to come back there :) Oh, and I didn’t try asking permission to my parents because I, myself, have decided not to go. Thank you so much Ayah, Steph, Ry and Shyla <3