My "Firecracker"

For my 20th Birthday I received a lil paint colt (age 2). He is completely untrained, he is used to being petted and everything. Ive been working with him a few days now, and he is so smart! Also, did I mention he is a stallion? Well, he is. He is just as gentle as they come. I dont like the stigma given to stallions, many of them that Ive worked with are well behaved. When a mare is around he gets a bit excited and very vocal, but he hasnt hurt anyone. This being said, I do plan to get him gelded, but only because I board him at a barn and he will be happier in the fields with other horses, and I do not plan on using him as a stud. Will keep everyone updated :)

Why we call him FireCracker...

To start off he had the name when we purchased him. BUT to really get down to the beginning.

It all started the day he was born.. The day after the 4th of July. Not to mention those colors. Chestnut/White/ with Blue eyes. “red white and blue”.

When we got him, I could not decide whether or not to keep the name. I thought it was a cute name, but I wanted to choose his name after I got to know his personality.

After getting to know him I have realized it is such a good name for him, he has the most personality. He has little quirks that I just love about him. He was very recently gelded and came from under anesthesia like a champ. He is just the everything I could ever ask for.

If he hadn’t had the name when I got him, I wouldnt have thought of it, but he is true to his name. <3 U FC