shyanne shepard

                                       Adriano and Shyanne Date Night

Adriano knew tonight was the night. He and Shyanne had finally decided on a night to have dinner, after a few days of silence. 14 years had passed since they had Sierra and began pretending to be together, but neither was sure what the point was, and in a night of trying to convince their daughter that they loved each other, the two made another mistake which lead to their beautiful twins.

Adriano knew he had loved Shyanne for years, even before Sierra and the twins, but had always been afraid of her rejecting him. Even his friends and family telling him she wouldn’t hadn’t helped him feel better. So instead of taking a chance, he cheated on Tali twice and caused Shyanne to cheat on Garrus twice and Portia once. Then there had been the suicide mission trial, which had almost his entire family mad at him for taking the fall for the suicide mission to save Cassius and Brutus, and the worst part had been Shyanne threatening not to let him see his daughter, which he knew he deserved. But tonight he had decided that nothing was going to stop him from making everything right.

But no sooner had he made that decision, was his resolve tested. Shyanne appeared to have sat at the bar to get a few drinks before dinner, and two guys had taken notice. How could they not, Adriano thought. Shyanne looked stunning, and also like she had put up with the two guys for much too long. Adriano knew that if he stepped in and told the guys to beat it, he might risk pissing Shyanne off, ruining the night. But if he did nothing it would make it look like he didn’t care. I said I was going to take a chance, Adriano thought again, taking a few strides to reach the bar.

“Get lost jerks, I have told you that for the past hour.” Shyanne said, a hint of a growl in her voice, but the two men just laughed.

“And we told you we don’t care. You are coming home with us beautiful.” The nearest guy said, causing Adriano’s blood to rise, but he had learned long ago his fists weren’t the only solution. He walked up and stood next to Shyanne and signaled the bartender.

“Two glasses of red wine. One for me and one for my girlfriend here. Now I believe you boys were saying something about her going home with you?” Adriano said, unbuttoning his suit jacket, knowing these drunk fools would try him.

“There is no way this beautiful piece is with a jerk like you.” The nearest guy said, as his friend moved around the side of the bar. Adriano knew what the guy was going to try, but judging from the way her head moved, so did Shyanne.

“Well being a Spectre has its perks. Isn’t that right, Miss Shepard.” Adriano said, giving Shyanne a barely noticeable wink.

“That’s right, Mr. Martel. You boys really don’t want to do this.” Shyanne said, taking a sip of the wine Adriano had just ordered for them. She knew the two idiots were too drunk to take the warning.

The man closest to her grabbed her arm, and was met with a biotic throw, that sent him to the floor below, while the second grabbed Adriano in a full nelson, a move Shyanne knew would end with the man in the hospital. In one forceful move, Adriano pulled his arms free and laid the man out. 

A while later, after Naswyn and Jessie had come and arrested the two men, and the bar had been cleaned up, Adriano and Shyanne sat down to have their planned dinner.

“Not quite how I wanted tonight to go.” Adriano heard Shyanne mumble, “And girlfriend? Really? Wish I had known that.”

Adriano feared his protecting Shyanne had backfired, but the smile on her face told him that things were still on track.

“Well yeah, I mean we have pretended for so long, that I can’t see myself with anyone else. We have spent 14 years pretending to be together. Even after Sierra learned the truth we tried to make everything ok for her sake. I’m tired of pretending. Shyanne Shepard, I have loved you since the moment we stepped on the Normandy together. We have three beautiful children and a life I have only dreamed of. I want you to be my girl, I’ve wanted you to be my girl since day one, but I was too afraid. Tonight I fly, I take the chance.” Adriano got up and knelt next to the younger woman, a look passing over her face, as she realized what was going on. “Shyanne Jean Shepard, will you marry me? Will you put the final piece of my puzzle together?”

Adriano waited, finding himself not breathing as the beautiful woman processed what he had said.

Shyanne waited for him to tell her he was joking. She had loved him just as long, if not since the Blitz. But here he was, fresh off a fight for her, on his knee asking the one thing she had wanted for years. Tears silently flowed from her eyes and all she could muster was a nod.

Adriano released his breath and leaned up and planted a kiss on his fiancee. He realized the one flaw in his plan. No ring.

“I was going to get you a ring, but I couldn’t find one…” Adriano started, but a look on Shyanne’s face distracted him.

“It is about time! Sorry to interrupt.” Naswyn said, clearly beside herself with joy, “Two things, one after you two get done with dinner we have some paperwork for you to do, and second, Adriano if you run to my apartment, in the top drawer in the kitchen is a box marked to you. I have been saving it for this moment, and if you had told me what you had planned tonight, I would have brought it. Congrats you two!”

Naswyn rushed forward, giving her brother and new sister-in-law a huge hug. “I think Shy and I need a few minutes to discuss some wedding plans, if you want to go to my place?" 

Adriano looked at Shyanne and again she nodded. What could Naswyn possibly have for him was the thought on both of their minds. Adriano rushed from the restaurant, down the Silversun Strip and up the elevator to Naswyn’s place. He knocked on the door and was greeted by his nephew, Oliver, and Oliver’s boyfriend and girlfriend, Carson and Gentri.

"Hey Uncle Adriano. Mom called ahead. Congratulations! Here is the box. Open it here first, we want to see your reaction.” Oliver said, handing Adriano a small box.

Adriano quickly pulled off the top and what was inside made him almost pass out. It was his parent’s engagement ring. The ring that had been passed down father to son in his family since the middle of the 20th century. Adriano couldn’t do more than hug his nephews and niece and rush out.

As he entered the restaurant, Naswyn gave Shyanne a quick hug and braced herself for Adriano’s hug. He hadn’t hugged his sister like that in years, but he put every bit of love he could into that one hug.

“I’ll see you two later.” Naswyn said, a few tears running down her face.

Adriano had removed the ring from the box on his way to the restaurant, and knelt in front of Shyanne again and said, “I remember now why I love Naswyn so much. This time I have something as beautiful as you to ask this question. Shyanne Shepard, will you marry me?" 

Adriano pulled out the almost three century old ring and presented it to Shyanne, who like him, looked like she was going to pass out. Again all she could manage was a nod. She had heard about this ring from Portia, but to actually see it was something else. 

Adriano placed the ring on her finger, with great difficulty due to the fact they were both shaking, and kissed her again.

"I love you Shyanne.” Adriano said, after breaking the kiss.

“I love you too, Adriano.” Shyanne said, kissing him again.

“Some date night this turned out to be, huh?” Adriano said, as Shyanne let out a laugh.

“I hope it’s not the last?” Shyanne questioned.

“Not by a long shot.” Adriano said,pulling Shyanne into a hug.

The two had a hard road to get to that point, but it was worth it, Adriano thought as he hugged the beautiful girl. He knew he had to tell Max and Fulia, but that could wait until the next morning. Tonight was for them. 

Portia had nightmares every since she was a child. She was only 5 years old when the batarians hit Mindoir and the event, and the ensuing events, including her mother leaving, had scarred Portia horribly. Until she turned 18 she had someone to watch over her, first, Naswyn then Fulia. But upon entering the Alliance and often times being in private quarters, her nightmares manifested in biotic explosions, often destroying her room. She always had to clean it up.

She was with a lot of people, men, women, various aliens. None of them stayed long afterwards, always leaving Portia with her nightmares. To add to her horrors, she was with Max Shepard during his assault on the Collector base. The horrors there added to her nightmares. One good thing came from her time on the Normandy SR-2. She met Shyanne.

Shyanne also had loss related to Mindoir. Her father was thought lost during the attack, and even though he was later rediscovered, Shyanne had to raise her three younger siblings almost alone.

The two spent time working together and finally Portia had the courage to ask Shyanne out. Portia figured they would sleep together and Shyanne would leave, just like all before her, including all of Shyanne’s siblings, except for one. But the next morning, Portia awoke to Shyanne snuggled next to her, and the first night in 15 years she awoke and felt good. Even with Naswyn and Fulia, she knew the nightmares were there, but Shyanne had taken them away. For the next four years, the two women were together. Portia felt love, true love, for the first time. So when Shyanne joined Adriano, Cassius, and Brutus on the mission to save Cassius and Brutus’ lives, Portia wasn’t able to say goodbye. She sat in her room, silent tears flowing.

The only person she talked to while the four were gone was Shyanne’s boyfriend and one of Portia’s best friends, Garrus. The two slept in the same bed at night and that kept Portia calm.

When Hirana contacted her and said that the four had made it back, Portia caught the first shuttle to the Berlin. Hirana wasn’t clear, but he said there were injuries.

Portia arrived to see her brother and Brutus in the med bay. Shyanne and Adriano had just seen Admiral Hackett and the instant she saw Portia, Shyanne rushed over and gave her a quick hug, and a longer kiss. Portia’s tears flowed, but they were tears of relief. 

But a few months later, it ended. Not in an angry fight, or a drifting apart. Portia found out Shyanne was pregnant, with Adriano’s baby. The fact that the two got together was no surprise to Portia, who knew they both loved each other, but were too blind to realize it. Portia requested one final night with the first person she ever loved. They shared a wonderful night and again Portia expected Shyanne to be gone in the morning, but again, the older woman surprised her. The two spent the whole day cuddling in bed, and finally around dinner time, Portia suggested that Shyanne go tell Adriano the news. So Shyanne got up, got dressed, gave Portia one last kiss, and left.

Portia sat and read for several hours, and went to bed. She woke the next morning to the sound of sizzling bacon. Her room was destroyed, and her face was coated with dry tears.

Naswyn entered the room with a plate of food and said, “Sorry I wanted to cook before I cleaned up. I guess i should have done it the other way around. You ok?”

Portia took the plate and smiled, “Yeah. First night in 4 years I have had a nightmare. I miss her Naswyn.”

“I know, sweet. Maybe you can have her back, once I kill my dear sweet brother.” Naswyn said, trying to joke, but Portia knew she was mad. 

That day after several conversations, Portia got the feeling that no one in their family was happy with either Adriano or Shyanne. Portia could sense, when she talked to them both, that they were trying to walk softly with her. It was more than she could handle.

“Those two are jerks. It wasn’t just Tali and Garrus they hurt and tried to lie to. It was you.” Adamina said at dinner that night.

“It doesn’t help that everyone acts like I am a helpless child. Shyanne offered to stay with me, but I told her to go. Everyone needs to quit treating Adriano and Shy the way they have been.” Portia said, getting up and leaving the table.

The months went by and Shyanne and Adriano started preparing for the arrival of their daughter and Portia was with them the day Sierra was born. Portia loved her goddaughter dearly, and spent as much time with her as she could.

But each night was a struggle, and Portia saw more and more of Naswyn. Even after all these years, Naswyn was still taking care of her.

Six years went by and finally Portia found something else to get her back on her feet. Brutus told her that he wanted kids, and she agreed to help him. The two spent the next few months dating, per Portia’s request, and finally their twins were born.

Shyanne was thrilled once she found out about her friend and her brother’s arrangement. The previous six years had been difficult for her. Adriano and her had been trying to pretend to be together and it was hard. Portia wished the two would stop pretending and make the step to be a real couple.

“I miss us.” Shyanne said, one night a few years later while the boys were watching the kids.

“Us?” Portia questioned, knowing exactly what Shyanne was saying.

“It was so simple. No pretense, no  games. Do you realize it has been almost ten years since we were together?” Shyanne said.

Portia nodded and looked into her former girlfriend’s eyes, wishing for the same. But in that moment she realized that everything that had happened had made her stronger. She had a husband, plus Steve, Kasumi and her two beautiful children. Also she saw something else there. A look that told her something else was going on.

“So, what are you going to name it?” Portia asked, smiling slyly at the look on Shyanne’s face.

“How do you do that? And we’ve decided on Constance and Andrew. It seems twins are a popular thing around her.” Shyanne blushed.

Portia laughed and gave her friend a big hug. “Congrats! But Garrus and Tali…”

“The four of us decided that Adriano and I needed to be convincing for Sierra, and it got a bit too real. Damn him and his powerful seed.” Shyanne said, blushing a deep red.

Portia smiled again, and held her friends hand, the two silently enjoying their night together. Portia hadn’t had a nightmare since the first night she and Brutus were together and she didn’t have one ever again in her life.

Though she and Shyanne were never as close as they were before kids, the two always made time for each other. Shyanne, the woman who taught Portia how to love, and Portia, the woman who helped Shyanne be herself. Two best friends, who never forgot their past.


            I have never been the perfect daughter. Hell I have been a little shit for a long time. But through all of that you gave me anything and everything I needed or wanted. And today I want to show you how much everything you have done means to me. This card is just the beginning. I love you mommy, Happy Birthday!

                                                Sierra Martel-Shepard (just for you mom)