shy spidey

E-everyone, meet Spidey!~ *smiles as he gestures at the tall creature* H-he is…friendly!~ *pats Spidey on the head* V-very sweet at heart, j-just wants some love!~ 

(ooc: He also goes by Mc Ticklefingers now….He is a very big baby, likes simple things, walks on the beach, the screams of a thousand souls, candy…. I tried to go for spooky like my original Bendy drawing on DA, did it work?~ I hope you all like em!~ He is fond of the person who named him, @darling-alice-angel !~)

rabidrapidrabbit  asked:

Hello! What species of tarantula is Spidey, and, because I have never even been near a tarantula, what does it feel like when you hold one, and if they walk on you? (I don't really like arachnids crawling on me in general, so that's why I ask). Sorry if this is anything you've answered before, you don't seem to have an FAQ and it says are still working on your informational links on the side. BTW, Spidey's pretty cute :)

Aww thank you, I will tell Spidey that you said she’s cute (she loves compliments, especially on Sundays :3). And you’re right, I should totally have a FAQ about her lol. 

Spidey is a chilean rose hair (g. rosea). She’s a very common species, but very special. As for having a tarantula walking on you, I would describe it as MAGICAL!!! Honestly, tarantulas are more like little kittens than anything else. I was scared of spiders, too…and was even more scared of letting Spidey crawl on me. I barely breathed the first time I held her and let her crawl on me but they are so gentle and furry it’s hard not to enjoy it and be totally fascinated. I kind of forget she’s a spider sometimes bc she is so big and hairy lol. 

Tarantulas are THE SOFTEST and a lot of them are shy (like Spidey). As long as you don’t scare them, they are pretty calm and like to slowly walk on your arms and hands (some species are very fast though). Their little spider feet feel funny and kind of tickle :) They’re very light, too. It’s like having a little fur angel tap dancing on you lol. 

Hope that answered it!

Regarding the MJ casting rumors, because people keep asking my thoughts-

If the rumors are true (and that is still a big if, they haven’t been backed by any legitimate source yet) I can get into it. I haven’t seen Zendaya act in anything yet, but but from what I’ve seen of her in interviews, I can totally see MJ. Marvel hasn’t dropped the ball in terms of casting for a film yet, and I really doubt they cut corners on their flagship character’s franchise.

I love me some comic book MJ. And that version isn’t going anywhere (at least more than she already has, looking at you, Slott). Being a white redhead isn’t vital to the character, but the correct personality is- something we’ve yet to see with that character. I can’t wait to see Homecoming, and assuming the rumors are true, what Zendaya brings to the role of Mary Jane Watson.