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What would the mercs reaction to their significant other telling them they find their voice and/or accent quite attractive/sexy?

Scout: Gets all shy, Scout always felt that his accent made him sound dumb so when someone tells him that his voice is quite cute, it’s a surprise to him. To think that their S/O loves them for more than his body.

Pyro:  Grabs their S/O and holds them tight. No one has ever said anything about Pyro’s voice before.

Soldier: God damn it. After his S/O tells Solly how attractive his voice is Solly doesn’t shut up. He is ten times more louder and doesn’t stop to take a deep breath. This leads to Solly passing out.

Heavy: A smirk appears on the face of the Heavy, for once in a long time feels comfortable with his deep voice and at times broken English.

Demoman: “I’ll make sure to help ya find other sexy things”. Gives his S/O a massive wet kiss. And spends the rest of the day putting on a strong accent and saying as much Scottish slang as possible.

Engineer: Blushes, becomes all shy. Asks their S/O if they are serious. When given the answer, Engi gives a complement back. But low-key has a massive confidence boost and slightly plays up his accent.

Sniper: You have done fucked up. Sniper goes out of his way to whisper sexy things to his S/O. Plays up his accent and says long complicated words. When making love to his S/O can get them to melt by just saying a few words. It doesn’t help when the Sniper grunts or moans, sending his S/O over the edge.   

Medic: Doesn’t believe his S/O for a moment thinks it’s a joke. Medic knows his voice can become really deep or really high and that he has no control over it. But once he is convinced, has a massive ego boost and starts to pick up a new hobby, singing.

Spy: Damn straight. Spy knows that his voice melts the hearts of men and woman. But to hear it from his significant other makes him all warm and fuzzy on the inside. After hearing their partner confess to the secret makes an effort to try and speak English more often, instead of switching to his mother tongue. Just to see the smile on his S/O’s face.

The Inquisitor (Krem x Fem!Inquisitor one-shot)

Please note that my writing and my characters are COPYRIGHTED. Everything else belongs to Bioware

Now… on to the one-shot!

The first time Krem sees her – really sees her, that is – is in the Herald’s Rest. Her lithe elvish form wasn’t hidden under the leathers she typically wore and the bow that was always strapped to her back had disappeared. Instead she wore what she liked to call her “relaxing clothes,” or so he had overheard when she was talking to Scout Harding about their latest adventures. Of course, he knew that relaxation was hard pressed for Ryck, who never seemed to stop moving or working. He never saw her not helping or talking to someone, she was always fluttering about, often with a frazzled, slightly dreamy look on her face.

If you were to just see her around Skyhold, you would most certainly think her an incapable ruler, always a thousand places at once, always stretched in ten different directions helping the wounded or her friends with personal problems. But he had witnessed her sitting on her throne before, legs draped over one side leaning carelessly against one arm and listening to people plead their cases to her, and the focus in her eyes was that of when she battled. He had seen her battle a few times, and he sorely wished he could see her do it more often. She had this way of moving her body, tensing all her muscles when she pulled back the string of her bow but also being so damn relaxed with it all that she almost looked as careless as she did on her throne.

But she wasn’t careless. Of that, Krem was sure. And as her eyes scanned the tavern, perhaps looking for Bull or Sera or even the strange boy who sat up in the rafters and watched everyone below him with a curiosity that both unnerved and endeared Krem (he could never remember his damned name, though), he found that she didn’t have her usual aura of air-headedness. She, in fact, looked quite imposing, even without her weapons and armor.

She was shorter than Krem by quite a bit and much skinnier; anyone would think she could be broken as easily as a stick underfoot. Today, however, she seemed to almost tower over the soldiers, looking more tired and more focused than Krem had ever seen her. She hadn’t stepped into the Herald’s Rest for a drinking contest or for a friendly conversation, no, she wasn’t here as Ryck, but as the Inquisitor.

Her fingers kneaded at her knuckles, tanned skin turning white with each press of a fingertip, and her eyes cut from side to side. Yes, she was certainly looking for someone. Krem sipped from the bottle in his hand, averting his eyes as her own landed on him. He didn’t feel like making a fool of himself in front of the pretty elf, at least not tonight, when she looked so serious. The rogue took careful steps toward Krem, the kneading of her fingers against her knuckles growing more frantic as she got closer to the Charger.

“Krem,             do you have a moment?”

He let his eyes wander up to her face, over the swirling tattoos that blended with the tanned skin of her cheeks. “Of course, Inquisitor. What do you need?” God he sounded formal, he hated sounding formal. But this was his leader’s boss, after all.

She smiled as she pulled up a chair, finally stopping with the nervous rubbing on her knuckles as she sat next to him. “I was wondering if we could maybe have a drink together?” She asked, cocking her head to the side and letting her dark brown hair flutter with the movement.

Krem stopped himself from brushing the strands out of her face before it really sunk in that she had asked to have a drink. With him. He stared at her for a second, the way her shoulders were so tense, how her eyes flicked from the floor to him and back again. He gave her what he hoped was his most dazzling smile, “You don’t even have to ask,”

oh jesus, like kinda douchey senior frat boy scouts out shy, little innocent freshman at orientation and decides to pick on her for the time being. she ends up having a little crush on him and despite her being younger than him, he’d totally go with her and treat her like his little princess and constantly bring up the age gap and bring out the inner slut in her OH MY GOD IM TERRIBLE STOP ME

Forged in the Fires

Title: Forged in the Fires

Chapters: 1/1

Pairings: Pyro/Scout

Warnings: NSFW, oral, hand job, sex

Word Count: 4,700

Summary: My half of a trade with shadowenza! They asked for a Flash Fire scene from their Dragon Tamer AU. Scout, a soon to be hero, and his dragon companion, Pyro, stop in a field for a bit of rest. Scout begins to describe his desire for a fairy tale future not knowing that Pyro’s dream ending is centered around him.

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