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Looks like there's a temmie outside your window... I think it's Bob



“You know, e-eventually there is g-going to be a T-Temmie at my w-window or d-door, and b-because y-you guys keep lying, I’m g-going to be completely unprepared f-for it because I w-won’t believe you when it happens!”

Forged in the Fires

Title: Forged in the Fires

Chapters: 1/1

Pairings: Pyro/Scout

Warnings: NSFW, oral, hand job, sex

Word Count: 4,700

Summary: My half of a trade with shadowenza! They asked for a Flash Fire scene from their Dragon Tamer AU. Scout, a soon to be hero, and his dragon companion, Pyro, stop in a field for a bit of rest. Scout begins to describe his desire for a fairy tale future not knowing that Pyro’s dream ending is centered around him.

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oh jesus, like kinda douchey senior frat boy scouts out shy, little innocent freshman at orientation and decides to pick on her for the time being. she ends up having a little crush on him and despite her being younger than him, he’d totally go with her and treat her like his little princess and constantly bring up the age gap and bring out the inner slut in her OH MY GOD IM TERRIBLE STOP ME