shy peasant

So I was thinking...

About the prince! Andy and shy peasant! Nate and this is what I came up with, (I didn’t have the motivation to write this as a full on story sooo)
-Andy’s dad is over protective and never lets Andy leave the castle unless he has multiple guards with him.
-Andy’s dad wants Andy to get married to a prince/princess of a different kingdom to increase the land and make the kingdom bigger.
-Andy doesn’t want to get married at his age, he just wants to go out and live his life the way that he wants
-Andy and his father argue about this and Andy’s father tells him that he doesn’t have a choice
-Andy gets pissed and runs to his room on the brink of tears
-Andy decides later that night that he was gonna leave the kingdom and never return
-cue Andy sneaking out and making it to a small village outside of the castle
-Andy is so exhausted that he passes out in an alleyway
-here comes peasant! Nate (who’s surprisingly strong)scooping up Andy and taking him back to his small cottage in the outskirts of the village
-Andy wakes up and kind of panics but its all good because 1. The stranger is pretty damn good looking, 2. He has a dog and dogs are cool, 3. He has a horse?
That’s all Ive got so far but Ill be adding on in the near future
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Hear me out...again

An arranged marriage AU kind of thing where Prince!Andy’s parents are telling him that he has to marry a Prince/Princess/Knight. He’s all like “yeah yeah whatever I don’t really care about it” until he meets shy peasant!Nate and falls head over heels for him. [ @anotherdirtyheadcanonblog ]