shy maknae

Imagine you being in the practice room with Got7 and you guys just listening to some Chris Brown. Since they are taking a short break, you decide to do some sexy freestyle to tease Yugyeom in front of the boys and he gets all flustered, trying to wave you over to him so you’ll stop since he’s a little shy because of the presence of the other members.

  • Jungkook: Let's be more than friends.
  • Jimin: Best Friends?
  • Jungkook: No, more than that.
  • Jimin: Mega best friends?
  • [2 hours later]
  • Taehyung: I told you to be directly!
  • Jungkook: I was!
  • Taehyung: Love me! Kiss me! Fuck me! Thats directly.
  • Jungkook: *spit out the water*
  • Taehyung: Sorry, but DIRECTLY! Another try....come on!
Nouveau Départ  | 02

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humor | angst | smut | fluff | smartalec!jungkook | spoiled!reader

word count: 4.5k

Its January, the start of another shitty year at Mendia High and your vivacious parents are coming in 2 months for a report on how you’re doing in the aspects of grades, reputation and of course the long awaited–dating. This means 8.7 weeks to change your attitude–60 days to pull up your grades–1,440 hours to land a decent boyfriend. There is nobody decent enough to help you–therefore you have no choice but to turn to the schools’ derisive dweeb, Jeon Jungkook. Watch yourself struggle to cope with the smart-assed boy as he tries to transform you into a changed lady that everyone would look at differently.”      

“You look like shit.”

“I know.” Yoongi’s bluntness makes you smile a little—even through your sleepy state. You’ve stayed up for so many hours, doing research for the school’s dumb debate team. Now you were enervated and restless due to your now-disturbed slumber pattern.

“Alright, good you acknowledge it—but would you like to explain why?” the terrible audio of the facetime feature does his soothing voice no justice, but you can still make out what he’s trying to say.

“No,” you sigh and continue. “But I don’t want you to threaten to spank my ass even if you’re pretty fucking far away from me right now.”

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teaser released on 02.22.2012

When I first saw this teaser, I thought he would be the shy, quiet maknae of the group. And I guess we were all surprised when we found out he was actually the rapper whose deep voice did not match his cute looks. What I also did not expect was how passionate, driven, and multi-talented he would be. From time to time, I still go back to watch this teaser and I feel proud of how far he’s come and how much he has improved over the last five years. I know Chanyeol will never stop learning and improving and these are just some of the qualities he possesses which I admire most about him. There’s so much more I want to say but I will keep it short as this is merely a small celebration and a thank you for giving us EXO’s voice and fire: Park Chanyeol. I wish you nothing but happiness and please don’t forget that your health is important, too. [02.21.2017]

A Sadist’s Paradise - pt.2

Genre; Smut

Length;  3,900+ words of pure smut

Kink(s); Daddy and Sir kink

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Yoongi bit his lip and grinned; he loved seeing you cry, seeing your tear stained face filled him with this near orgasm-inducing amount of ecstasy. “Let’s show them what-” He softly teased while lightly brushing the floggers vicious tails against your bare, abused flesh. “-a good little slut you are for Daddy, shall we babygirl?” 

Though you wanted to say no, you just couldn’t find your voice. A stifled whimper flowed out of you as you peered up at him. 

He had both phones in his hands and after a couple minutes, he turned to you with a huge smug grin across his face. “They’ll be here in ten minutes babygirl..” Yoongi’s pompous chuckle filled the room as he combed through his hair with his slender fingers. 

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Workout (m)

inspired by this particular gif (credit to @/natka9721)

i swear this boy is out to kill all of us but stay strong just like that last button on his shirt 

Rated M 

Word Count: 3469

Jeongguk x Reader

Part 1 | Part 2

Summary: Jeongguk’s under strict instructions not to work out because it’s eating into the wardrobe budget and causing one too many malfunctions. As his stylist, you’re responsible for making sure he fits into his stage outfits, but when his urge to workout is unstoppable, you’re left with only one other choice to save your job.

The situation is dire, but Jeongguk doesn’t seem to be aware of even an inkling of your desperation as you run your hands over his chest frantically.

“Damn it Jeon Jeongguk, did you work out again? I literally just replaced all the dress shirts in your stage outfits with a size up just last week! And Jungyeon unnie will kill me if I tell her your blazer needs to be altered, again. Didn’t manager Sejin tell you that you weren’t allowed to work out anymore??”

He doesn’t seem to be listening to your mini rant as he checks himself out in the mirror behind you, admiring the smokiness of the eyeshadow smudged on his lids, and running a finger along the sharp crease of his jaw before adjusting the mic headset around his ear.

You give his nipple a sharp pinch and he yelps in response. He has the decency to look a little guilty as he shifts his gaze to your face, and fiddles with his bottom lip in hesitation.

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I don't know if you do smutty reactions but - BTS reaction to you teasing them while sitting on their lap by rubbing yourself against them- Thanks! Don't feel obligated to do it if you don't want to (×_×)

BTS reaction to you sitting on their lap 

| +18  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) |


Shy Jin.
If the two are in public and  you decide to go for a cheeky rub, then your eyes shall feast at the sight of the shyest Jin you’ll ever saw; squeaky laugh, red embarrassed ears and all. He’d try so hard to just let it slide and move on, but inside praying that you not stand up because everyone would saw his hard-on.

Now…..”in private” Jin  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 

oh boi - oh boi - oh boi… you dont know what coming….


I don’t think he would have that much of a change either in public or no, Of course he wouldn’t like just bluntly start being lewd in front of everyone, but he would definitely low key start dirty talking with you…whispering in your ear.

“If these people weren’t here, You would be on your knees with my cock in your mouth.” “When we get home, I’m going to make you orgasm so hard.”



there is little I can say of Jhope since i think this speaks for itself 


“Having fun?”
*you rub more against him, careful not to let anyone notice*
“Mmm… I can tell that you’re having fun“ *deep and soft grunt*

Cheeky Namjoon being slick with words, not letting anyone know what you’re doing, high key getting extra horny…


“Jagi…?” *whispers unkowingly* *cant help but chuckle a bit*

You’d be catching some speed, again…super stealthy. He would try to stop you by placing one arm around you and back hugging you because deep down…a moan was coming. 


Tae would firstly be like “Uhmm? What’s going on?” trying to understand why were you rubbing against him when everyone was there but quickly enough he will be like “Alright…two can play this game”

He would move, shifting his body so his hips are propping up more against you, and you could feel him in extreme detail what was going on behind the fabrics    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). 


“Whaph iph thiph girl doing mom??” “Whatphs happhening?”

Ok no….

Im Jk im jk

Most of y’all would say maknae is shy and fluffy and all BUT I DON’T!

Jungkook would lean back into the feeling of you, melting, he’d enjoy it so much he would sigh pleased almost moaning. Not wanting people know what you were doing mainly because that would mean you’d stop,He would pretend like his sleeping or anything that he could think of to do to not get caught.

*whispering* “ Mmm… I fucking love it when you ride me like this ”


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Jungkook + 15

Anonymous said: Jungkook and #15

“Shhh, they’ll hear us.”

Warning: NSFW. Don’t read if you’re underage. 

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“Shhh, they’ll hear us.” He cooed softly into your ear as his body pressed downwards into yours, the heat of his skin pulsing a desire so deep you couldn’t deny the attraction.

You hadn’t wanted this to happen. You hadn’t wanted to end up here, spread wide on the couch in the boys dorm with Jungkook’s body nestled so comfortably between your thighs. When you were intimate, you were usually so much more careful - Jungkook taking every pain to eliminate the potential to be found. Because if any of the boys walked in on you, it was game over. For both of you. It was your job on the line, and his reputation. 

But lately, you couldn’t help it. And lately, you’d found yourself needing him so much more, the willingness to risk it all for what he offered you growing beyond what you could rationalize. So here you were, legs opening for him with such ease after he’d cornered you with that cute, shy smirk he so often flicked your way despite the danger. You’d only meant to drop off their outfits for the photoshoot tomorrow, however him answering the door alone (the others were sleeping, he’d informed you) and wearing that smirk had instantly told you you’d be here longer than you’d intended.

It had all started over a year ago, after a night of heavy drinking. For some reason, you hadn’t stopped it when he’d asked to continue, though. Your discreet meetings with the shy maknae had blossomed as his confidence had grown with your body. He knew how to please you now. He knew how to touch you in ways that had your knees weak and your heart fast. He knew just how you liked it, and he knew he could have you anywhere and anyway he wanted.

The quivering fingers that had once explored your body tentatively - their shakiness giving away his nerves - were now smooth and calculated as they slipped under the silken lace of your bra. The fumbling over your nipples in blunt strokes had been exchanged for the delicate circles of varying pressure he was now administering, causing the heated pool in your core to pressure your hips into rising against his thick erection. He wasn’t the shy maknae anymore. He was your Jungkook.

‘Fuck… Oh, god.’ In mere seconds, his palms slid their way around your ribs and your the bra was gone, the plump flesh of his pout dusting speckled kisses across your tits. Your hips rose against, trying desperately to build the friction between your thighs. His lips encased the soft rose flesh of your left nipple, tongue stroking deftly against the metal of your piercing. Another breath blew a moan straight from your mouth as he circled again, the very quiet clink of metal against his teeth sending a shiver through you.

His mouth continued to caress your nipple, one hand cupping the other breast as his thumb and forefinger pinched against the skin of your right one. Briefly, he pulled away, eyes meeting yours to flash you a warning.

‘I’m serious. Hoseok is a light sleeper.,’ He warns before dotting a kiss in the middle of your chest without breaking eye contact - the beginning of a slow, careful path down your torso. ‘Can you handle it, Y/N?’ Two hands raked down your ribs as he kissed against your flesh, making their way to the matching lace panties that were already showing the signs of your arousal, a damp patch visible in the light silk fabic.

‘Jungkook, I…,’ It wasn’t often that he offered you oral sex. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to - but lately, your meetings had been brief and quick. The last time you’d had the chance to fuck, it had been in the bathroom of a venue. The whole ordeal had lasted 10 minutes before you’d been interrupted by a sharp knock on the locked door, the thought of being caught enough to make Jungkook soft and you too scared to keep going. So to have Jungkook looking up from this position - on his knees, deep eyes peering up at you as his hands rested delicately on your hips - was too much to deny, despite your apprehension. ‘I can.’

Your agreement is met with the softest kiss against the pearl cream of the material, a shivering jolt flushing through your entire system. His fingers looped against the material before slowly pushing it to the side, tongue stretching to circle your already swollen clit.

‘Mmmm…,’ He murmured into your folds as his tongue slipped deftly through you. ‘This is what I wanted.’

‘Fuck, Jungkook.’ It’s all you could offer him as the waves of pleasure seeped through your entire being. Instinctively, you found your hands reaching up to tug lightly on his already messy hair, tangling into the knotty strands.

‘Shit…,’ He chuckled smoothly, the vibrations purring against your core. ‘I love it when you get aggressive.’ It was then that his lips curled into a smirk against you. It was then that you felt the smile flick across his face, stretching pleasingly as the movement tickled smoothly against you. And it was then that you knew no matter where you went, or what you did, you were his. And he could have you anywhere. 

GOT7: how they kiss

please like this I spent way too long looking at kissing gifs and am losing my mind because over half of them were from supernatural and I just had so many plots spoiled for me


If you’re in public, Mark’s gonna keep it simple. He doesn’t strike me as the type to try and initiate anything too extreme with people around. That said, he’d really love holding your hand when you two went anywhere, so he’d tug you towards him a bit and give you a small, meaningful smile before leaning in and just slightly pecking you on the lips.If you two were alone, he’d be the biggest tease, running his hands along the sides of your body and up to hold your cheek before letting them fall again. His kisses would be deeper and longer when no one else was around


Jaebum wouldn’t really plan on his kisses getting so passionate so quickly, but it would just sort of happen and hey, he’s not complaining. He’d lean in out of nowhere, one hand on your face and the other on your waist, but they’d start roaming pretty fast. His kisses would initially be softer, but would grow deeper and more intense with time- unless you were uncomfortable, of course. If you two were in public, he’s still not going to be very shy about kissing you- he wouldn’t hesitate to kiss you for a few seconds longer than what’s deemed socially acceptable by that one lady on the subway- but wouldn’t go too far


Half the time with Jackson, you wouldn’t even see the kiss coming until it happened. If you were at home and you happened to pass him in the kitchen or when you were on your way to the shower, he’d pull you back by your arm, lean you back because he’s extra like that, and plant a deep smooch on your lips. If you’re in public, he’d do the same thing without leaning you back (unless he’s in that kind of mood, it just depends), pulling you in and kissing you sincerely with his hands on your waist. 


Ok ok but listen: kissing JInyoung is the best thing ever. You two would just be walking along the street when he would take your hand and glance towards your lips before leaning in and planting the most sincere smooch on them, his other hand brushing your hair out of your face before coming to rest on the side of your face. His kisses wouldn’t be too short or too long, falling somewhere in the middle. If you two were alone, I think Jinyoung would kiss you much more deeply for a much longer stretch of time, though. He just likes kissing you


Ok so Youngjae. He’d think that you were the most beautiful thing on the planet when you were smiling, so sometimes he’d just gently place his hands on your face and lean in, too shy to move his hands much farther most of the time besides holding your hand. His kisses would be sickeningly sweet most of the time, but sometimes he gets caught up in how much he loves you and how amazing you make him feel that he surprises you with something different- not rough, necessarily, but passionate. 


BamBam would kiss you a lot, I think. Sometimes you two would just be lying on the couch watching a Disney movie when he would decide that hey, he really likes you and you’re right there, so why not kiss you? He’d tease you a bit, resting his forehead on yours for a second or two before finally leaning in and kissing your lips. His kisses would be surprisingly soft and sweet, but that’s not to say he wouldn’t occasionally get more passionate- it’s just rare


Ok ok you can tell me that Yugyeom is a shy little fluff maknae but I will fight you. Yugyeom would be sweet in public, sure, never pushing any boundaries- he’d just lean in, his hands on your waist, and press a soft kiss on your lips. But when you’re alone? He’d get more passionate, his hands running up and down your sides and occasionally cupping your face as he kissed you deeply. Let’s just say that the maknae knows what he’s doing

Why I think Taekook/Vkook is somewhat real

I hope not too many roll their eyes at another ‘delusional shipping fangirl’ right now, because I don’t want to proof things. Just hear me out a bit? (And wow this is long im sorry!! ) These are just my thoughts and excuse me for rambling.
First off: I’m not really into shipping real people because I always feel like I’m… idk disrespecting their privacy? Im not sure how to describe it. I watched about every video there is about bts because they amazed me with their honest chemistry. I like their interaction and how they treat each other.

The vlogs are not part of some kpop show, and its not entirely private either but its something in between and we get to see more of them as persons as we normally would. I think thats why many people love them (myself included) We can have a bit more insight on their character even though we have to keep in mind that they are still aware of the cameras.

I came across ships like vhope/vmin/jikook of course.
I liked all of them in some way because the guys obviously like each other. Still, even though they seem honest in their display of affection I just thought. “Daaamn friendship/bromance goals”. I thought vhope was something at first but when the kissing scene came on I felt like tae was really uncomfortable and that made me uncomfortable too. (Just How I felt, of course, I may be wrong or you can feel differently). So I liked them but felt there was a line they wouldn’t cross.

taekook kind of jumped into my face as they are quite popular. But a few years back I just felt like tae was overly affectionate because kookie is shy and the maknae and the latter is fascinated with tae because of him being extroverted and easy. I didn’t see anything similar to a crush to be honest and they were getting to know each other at that time. So I thought “nah I can’t ship this they’re like…adoring each other on a friend lvl I don’t see romance”. I just thought it was cute but nothing more.

As they got older though Jungkook changed and became more comfortable (I think everyone agrees) around other people.
Tae was getting a bit calmer but then again, he had some serious issues to overcome. And then I started to notice (Kinda). Their relationship changed.
these little things when they think no one pays attention to them (or that’s what I felt like while watching). And maybe they’re just really close friends (they are for sure one way or another) but while watching some videos I was really tense at some points. Not every time they are standing next to each other or something like this but there were certainly a lot of moments where I wasn’t sure where to look because it felt just…private. Like they forgot for a moment that they’re still being watched. And those are moments which are important because they show the true nature of relationships.

In comparison: I just came across the new run episode where kookie slaps jimin on the butt (I laughed for about an hour) and this got me thinking. I wasn’t even shocked. Why am I not having feels over this kind of bold interaction? Isn’t that like shipping material for 300 fanfiction and 2 years of happy squeals? Because I’m totally down for these things lol

But that’s the point. It’s on cam and bold. Jungkook is more bold and playful than before. But sit him next to tae and they’re gonna play the subtle touch game…Or the “I-wanted-to-hug/touch-you-but-is-this-still-okay-bc-were-on-cam”. In other moments though they seem just natural and playful and I don’t see any romantic undertones. It depends on the situations somehow and I think that’s normal.

Butt slapping is bold and can be flirty, but holding someone’s gaze or touching hands is intimate.
And that’s where I see the difference in the ships.
(Also I know that tae is like the touchiest person ever but he always has a line where He is comfortable and where he is not and he made that clear on some occasions. He crossed that line with Jungkook though…intertwining hands etc)

I don’t think they are dating btw as both are a bit against being with another guy (there were a few statements) but you can’t help being at least a little bit attracted even if you don’t want to be… and i think many can relate when I say that nothing is more addicting than a person you can laugh your ass off with, who knows what you’re thinking at some point …because that’s when you feel happy and understood the most and just really really close.
And that’s what we see quite often with them. On another note though: we don’t see them fighting so we have to keep in mind that things will always seem more harmonized because we always get to see the best and loveliest moments and we don’t see the serious shit.

Im not attracted to anything really but I had this kind of relationship with another girl not long ago.
So maybe that’s why I see some similarities and believe that there are some unspoken feelings between them. Sometimes more, sometimes less. Maybe they’re not in love and just really close after being together for so long. Sometimes it’s not easy to distinguish these sort of things. And maybe they are a bit in love and they don’t want to acknowledge it just like me and my friend back then.

I just came to really love their interaction may it be platonic adoration or hidden romantic feelings. And i Love the fandom (well… most of them) for focusing on their behavior, their laughs and the way they look at each other. I think I can see what you see.

I just had to get this off my chest, I hope some of you can relate to my thoughts? And i repeat this is not meant to “proof” realness or bash other ships. I don’t mind other ships whatever they are as long as they don’t hurt anyone. I appreciate other ships too because I love when people show each other affection in whatever way.
I just wanted to share what I feel like and you can agree or disagree :)
(And im not native so im sorry if things sound weird ///)


Shy Taem giving a fan an air kiss