shy kai

Exo walking in on you in the shower

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Baekhyun: *it depends, he’d either be super shy and run out or be a tease*

“Oh, I didn’t know you were in here Y/N.”

little shit

Chen: *he’d start laughing out of embarrassment as you tried to cover yourself up*

Chanyeol: *he’d be super embarrassed and walk back out of the room*

“Oh, oops, sorry!”

D.O: *he’d freeze and not know what to do*

Kai: *either super cute and shy kai*

“Oh gosh, sorry Y/N!”


*sexy kai mode*

Lay: *he’d be super cute and apologise*

“Oops, I’m sorry, I’ll leave.”

I think I’m in love with his dimple

Sehun: *sehun is pleased*

this little shit

Suho: *he froze as soon as he saw you*

“I’m sorry, please don’t kill me.”

Xiumin: *sexy wink*

“Oh hey there.”

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EXO Reaction of how they'd be a wingmen for each other at a bar/club

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“You know this boy… he’s special… Look how small he is, makes him adorable. You should try it out… I know what I’m telling you…”


*Is the barista guy who’s kinda like your best friend and lowkey helps his friend to get you* “I’m so cool.. you owe me man!”


“Let’s do it bro! Stick to the bro code! We got this!” *Probably gonna get the girl XD*


*Forgets why he came to you in the first place*


*The shy type* “I’m not going to do it hyung… if you want her you go… you got this, no worries” *Whispering things every now and then*


*Dynamic duo* “We are the daddys of the house babe.. and this guy next to me is the daddy boss… don’t miss this opportunity..”


“Go go go go go! Forget about it Chan! I don’t think she’ll like a drink anytime soon!”


“Don’t look…. but my friend over there… he really likes you. What do you say?” *Definitely the direct type*


“So. you are attracted to Baekhyun huh? Yeah me too, he’s the best, I’m not giving him to you that easily” *Is he even trying…?*


“Don’t worry bro… I got you! Imma tell her everything about you…. everything” *You know… he has a SatanSoo reputation, Baek…*


“Hey Baek… what are you doing there? Flirting? Ohh this boy! Do you need some help?” *Awkward Baek*


*Panics the second he says hi* “Well ahh.. I… friend… there.. you.. likes… I better go…” 

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EXO when they catch their crush staring at a pic of them on their phone

Xiumin: “Wouldn’t you rather look at the real thing?”

Luhan: *does the pose in the pic until you notice him*

Kris: *pats himself on the back* “I knew I was their style.”

Suho: He’d be so flattered finding you looking at a picture of him that he wouldn’t know what to say.

Lay: “Is that Y/N… and a picture of me…” *slowly making connections*


Chen: “I see what you’re looking at over there.”

Chanyeol: When he sees it’s a sleevless pic that you’re looking at, he starts showing off his arms more in front of you. Gotta flex these arms…

D.O.: *squishysoo*

Tao: “As expected.”

Kai: *becomes shy*