shy kai

Exo reaction to a short, curvy, shy black girl.

kai finally takes the chance to talk to you after hyping himself up for like 2 hours “the name is jongin and i will be your new boyfriend” 

chanyeol notice how shy you looked and just casually sends you smiles and wave when everytime he passes you.

baekhyun isnt one to shy away from a great opprotunity sooo “whenever you need help just find me and i can show you around”

chen breaks into some serous staring time. like hard staring. one can only guess what thoughts are behind those eyes

lay turn into a lady killer out of fucking nowhere “im lay and you must be caroline” (get it. the song?)

xiumin continuously tries to get peeks at you then after a while gets caught

sehun was hooked on you from first sight. if you weren’t his type he didn’t know what was

Kyungsoo just wants to know your name, show you around, get a number, few dates, nothing big.

suho comes off very friendly and nice and sweet and all that other nice stuff people say about suho. (sorry im like really sleepy at this ponit)

the neighborly thing to do

Written for @rebelcaptainprompts #12 - Distraction. 

Read it on ao3

Cassian wasn’t the type to get to know his neighbors. That’s not to say he was impolite. He’d nod in the courtyard and lend people sugar and sign for a package if need be. Other than that, he didn’t feel the need to befriend any of these people.

Until he sees the new girl moving into 102, right next door to him.

He’s immediately distracted from the work in his hand.

It’s not just that she’s cute. (She’s definitely cute.) There’s just something about her that pulls at him. Maybe it’s the combat boots or the “rebel” shirt. Maybe it’s her bright green eyes, or the fact that she’s moving in completely on her own. Either way, he feels the need to offer to help.

“I can manage just fine on my own,” she huffs at him, after he finally gets her attention.

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