shy kai

Exo reaction to a short, curvy, shy black girl.

kai takes the chance to talk to you after hyping himself up for like 2 hours “the name is jongin and i will be your new boyfriend” 

chanyeol notice how shy you looked and just casually sends you smiles and wave when everytime he passes you.

baekhyun isnt one to shy away from a great opprotunity sooo “whenever you help just find me and i can show you aroun”

chen breaks into some serous staring time. like hard staring. one can only guess what thoughts are behind those eyes

lay turn into a lady killer out of fucking nowhere “im lay and you must be caroline” (get it. the song?)

xiumin continuasly trys to get peeks at you then after a while gets cought

sehun was hooking on you from first sight. if you weren’t his type he didn’t know what was

Kyungsoo just want to know your name, show you around, get a number, few dates, nothing big.

suho comes off very friendly and nice and sweet and all that other nice stuff people say about suho. (sorry im like really sleepy at this ponit)

EXO Reaction of how they'd be a wingmen for each other at a bar/club

That would be fun tho. Xo, Ara~
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“You know this boy… he’s special… Look how small he is, makes him adorable. You should try it out… I know what I’m telling you…”


*Is the barista guy who’s kinda like your best friend and lowkey helps his friend to get you* “I’m so cool.. you owe me man!”


“Let’s do it bro! Stick to the bro code! We got this!” *Probably gonna get the girl XD*


*Forgets why he came to you in the first place*


*The shy type* “I’m not going to do it hyung… if you want her you go… you got this, no worries” *Whispering things every now and then*


*Dynamic duo* “We are the daddys of the house babe.. and this guy next to me is the daddy boss… don’t miss this opportunity..”


“Go go go go go! Forget about it Chan! I don’t think she’ll like a drink anytime soon!”


“Don’t look…. but my friend over there… he really likes you. What do you say?” *Definitely the direct type*


“So. you are attracted to Baekhyun huh? Yeah me too, he’s the best, I’m not giving him to you that easily” *Is he even trying…?*


“Don’t worry bro… I got you! Imma tell her everything about you…. everything” *You know… he has a SatanSoo reputation, Baek…*


“Hey Baek… what are you doing there? Flirting? Ohh this boy! Do you need some help?” *Awkward Baek*


*Panics the second he says hi* “Well ahh.. I… friend… there.. you.. likes… I better go…” 

[Masterlist] [Guideline]

Exo walking in on you in the shower

Thank you so much <3 I hope you like it!

Baekhyun: *it depends, he’d either be super shy and run out or be a tease*

“Oh, I didn’t know you were in here Y/N.”

little shit

Chen: *he’d start laughing out of embarrassment as you tried to cover yourself up*

Chanyeol: *he’d be super embarrassed and walk back out of the room*

“Oh, oops, sorry!”

D.O: *he’d freeze and not know what to do*

Kai: *either super cute and shy kai*

“Oh gosh, sorry Y/N!”


*sexy kai mode*

Lay: *he’d be super cute and apologise*

“Oops, I’m sorry, I’ll leave.”

I think I’m in love with his dimple

Sehun: *sehun is pleased*

this little shit

Suho: *he froze as soon as he saw you*

“I’m sorry, please don’t kill me.”

Xiumin: *sexy wink*

“Oh hey there.”

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Preferences - Favourite place to kiss you

Angus Macgyver: Your lips. Whether it’s a sweet, tender or passionate kiss, Mac always lingers a little bit longer over your lips. He loves the soft feel of them pressed against his. From the first time you wake up to the moment you go to sleep, Mac always makes sure he kisses you. 

Kai Parker: Your neck. According to him it’s just so kissable. Kai isn’t shy whatsoever, so whenever he stands behind you, he cheekily plants a kiss along your neck. When the two of you are our alone Kai loves to tease the shit out of you. More often then not your neck is covered in love bites, which Kai is very proud of every time he sees them. 

Elijah Mikaelson: Your forehead. For Elijah this is a loving gesture, since he is taller then you he tends to lean in to kiss your forehead. Elijah is very gentle with you and treats you with the upmost respect. He doesn’t mind showing affection by kissing you on the lips, but whenever you wake up in his arms the first thing he does is kiss your forehead.

Stiles Stilinski: Your cheek. That’s his way of showing off his dory side. Instead of Stiles greeting you with a hello, he’ll lean in and place a kiss on your cheek. It started randomly one day when you came over to his house, and ever since then it has become a must for the two of you. The both of you aren’t massive fans of PDA out in public, so a simply kiss on the cheek is enough.

EXO when you tell them you’re not a fan but they catch you doing their dance perfectly on a variety show

Sehun: “Why are you like this…” *kinda shy*

Kai: *amused* “Riiiight, totally not a fan.”

Tao: “Care to explain how you know these dance moves, Ms./Mr. Not-A-Fan?”

D.O.: “Hehe… so you’re a fan after all.”

Chanyeol: *watching you dance one of his parts on Weekly Idol* “I knew it!”

Chen: *thinks you’re hilarious* “You could have just told me in the first place.”

Baekhyun: *when you get home* “Want to tell me again how you’re not a fan?” *flirt*

Lay: *excited and totally forgot about how you said you weren’t a fan* “You were so good today baobei, when did you learn to dance like that?”

Suho: *likes seeing you dance to their songs*

Kris: *can’t believe it*

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Luhan: *teasing* “Are you really not a fan?”

Xiumin: “You know that dance pretty well for someone who’s not a fan.”

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I think kaisoo isn't real it seems like kyungsoo gave up on Kai he doesn't follow kai around him or stare at Kai or get flustered/shy by Kai anymore if you have any proofs please show I'm just starting to loose hope😭😭 i haven't saw any kaisoo moments at all after august it's really sad I think kyungsoo doesn't have feelings anymore

Uhm…? I don’t mean to be rude here anon, but you say you haven’t seen a kd moment since august? Maybe you should check the kd tag! 

Or you can check my kd spam tag , check my kd tag, and you’ll see that you have nth to loose hope over. It’s all there!   

In the end it’s up to you what to believe, but I can assure you that you have no reason to worry over this. There are lots of moments from 2012 uptil now. They’re not “dead” or whatever you’re thinking.