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do you think taemins real personality is really different from the one him show on the variety shows?

(Here it comes another extended, personal and emotional opinion by admin) It depends on which way. When it comes to express his opinion, to do his jokes, to have fun, he has become freer, he doesn’t like to be silent behind his hyungs anymore. But when it comes to express his inner feelings, his emotions, it’s really hard for him - he has stated this lots of times already. What I feel as a person that can understand why he does it, he’s a person that feels way free to show his friendly side because even being such a shy person he really likes to interact with people - especially with his closest friends, SHINee members and shawols; at the end being shy means only being it at the beginning, you stop once you’re confident with the other person. But he’s really a private person, not only for protecting his family and his personal life, but because of how he takes care of his soul. I don’t think he doesn’t cry for being a cold person, or that he doesn’t like to express his love for others, but probably that means SO much for him that he’s careful about it, he’s conscious about what his gestures and his words really have a meaning. I think he sometimes doesn’t know how to act or what to say because he might feel people believe he’s still a silent and shy person, when he’s really into trying to show his real self, but it’s really hard and it means opening his real self to the world and that sometimes can be dangerous. Not because he can hurt others, but because others can truly hurt him.

Even if people would like to start rumours about his bromance with Kai he won’t care because you can truly notice he has such a pure love for him, he has such a confidence, he’s not afraid to show his love for his friend, he hugs him, he gets really close to him. And if you don’t notice those details with his friends, you can notice it for example with each member of SHINee. He loves Onew so, so, so, so much, you can feel the love in his eyes, when he hugs him, when he pays attention to his words, how he searches for his approval every time. People might wonder why I love the friendship between Jonghyun and Taemin, and one of the reasons is that Taemin relies on Jonghyun SO much when it comes to his feelings - like when they cried together when Ace album was released -, they’re truly a big big support to each other, they’ve been together for such a long time and they share that deep connection, they might know the fears and weaknesses of each other. With Key the friendship is much funnier because Taemin lives to troll Key, but when Taemin searches for him to touch his hand, to kiss him, to hug him, it really shows how comfortable he feels with him. With Minho is almost the same, they’re the maknae line and they’ll show the dorkiest side when they’re together, but yes, you can feel also he has a lovely trust in Minho, he won’t care when he goes to play with him.

Taemin is showing more of his real self lately and I’m happy because this means he’s opening his heart to us. Of course we need to understand he can’t do this on a random TV show where he might be participating with people he hasn’t developed yet a long time together with, so in case he has inner feelings he wants to show to the rest, he needs to know how to express them without hurting himself and hurting the others. Taemin is, for me, such a warm and lovely human being, I understand why sometimes he needs to protect himself from what people might believe just because they don’t understand his lovely personality. Ahhhh…………. TT

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this might not make sense but do you think dylan was one of those cringingly awkward people those that you can barely hold a conversation with/borderline unsociable or do you think he was one of those casually awk guys that are "awkward" but it comes across cute and almost charming/ like funny awkward

According to Brooks, he was the latter. But to put that into perspective, that is an opinion coming from a dude that’s extroverted,likes to hear himself talk and is a known egotistical liar. He wouldn’t understand in the slightest the challenges of being a shy, introverted person. On top of that, he’s never going to concede to say anything nice or complimentary about the two in retrospect because his agenda these days is to cut them down publicly in order to make himself feel better. But realistically, Dylan could be a bit of both: cringey, nerdy-antisocially awkward around strangers and endearingly awkward and shy, blushing and grinning around friends and acquaintances he hung around with. I find that it’s rarely an either/or with people - it just depends on the situation how a shy, unsocially skilled person is going to come across. A lot of times it’s a matter of how comfortable they are in the moment feeling relaxed enough to allow themselves to come across as their true self.

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RULES: tell us one favorite character from ten fictional works ( shows, films, novels, etc. ) & tag ten people

tbh in a lot of these series I have multiple favorite characters and it was really hard to choose one

1. Sasuke! (Naruto);

2. Lady Amalthea (The last unicron);

3. Daenerys (GOT);

4. Homura (Puella Magi Madoka Magica);

5. Mio (K-on!);

6. Snufkin (Moomintrolls);

7. Lapis (Steven Universe);

8. Arwen (LOTR);

9. Ruth (Fried green tomatoes);

10. Anthy (Revolutionary Utena).

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((ya know what, I'm joining the wagon and making a cuphead oc ask blog. I blame you and the others for dragging me into this))

//JOIN US AHAHAHAA!!! And about the how to make friends ask, hun, you’ll meet a ton of people, and treasure a few. Being a shy person at one point, value your close friends, and how you want to make new friends is up to you! it’s not a race, and you shouldnt feel weird or excluded for having a few friends! A few is better than a lot of fair-weather friends! Best of luck, and i’m sure you’ll make some when youre ready!

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25.What inspired you to create them / how did you create them? Were they originally a fancharacter? What was their personality / design like when you first made them?

Dusk Hydrae wasn’t created with the intention to be roleplayed. My friend @neoma-eltanin and I just really wanted to try out an Eternal Bonding ceremony and decided to make a character each for it. (Amusingly enough they still aren’t bonded over 2 years later). 

His appearance hasn’t changed a bit since I made him in cc, I am very pleased with his design! And when I was toying around with settings I only had three words in mind “Shy Zack Fair”! Personality way he was supposed to be a shy (unsuccessful) flirt, but that is the one trait that quickly changed and I left him being just shy!

All my other OCs have then been created branching off of Dusk and using him and his story as inspiration (except for one!), with some help from the mun behind Neoma! 

(Thank you for the ask @nekunura​ ! Ask about my OCs! )

More OCs under cut! (Is gunna be looong) ((Because I feel like writing and sharing))

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[Click for captions] Celebrating SUN/MOON release early with some quick Kawoshin Pokemon AU doodles! My preorder has been shipped and as I sit here on this lovely winter night holding tea in my hand waiting for my game to arrive it is with proud honor I say ILL SEE YOU IN A WEEK LMAO BYE.

Internet friend
  • Okay, so since it's new year and I don't have internet friends, I thought it'd be a good idea to start the year knowing some new people sooooooo talk to me or whatever
  • Like, please, talk to me, I'm so lonely

I remember this boy from my elementary school. 
He was really pretty, he looked just like a girl and he was really delicate and had a really kind smile despite the other kids were constantly making fun of him because he was abandoned by his mother. we’ve spent 5 years in the same classroom, but we barely ever spoke to each other. I was the little bookworm,extremely quiet girl that would have done anything to please the teachers. He never did his homeworks, was very loud, and he would do the exact opposite of what the teachers told him to do.
We had nothing in common,despite those moments we shared twice a week, when we had to eat at the school dining hall. We both didn’t like to eat much, and the food there was awful. But while the rest of the class, after finishing their meals, went back to the lessons, we had to stay there, alone, untill we would have finished everything that was in the plate. We would just sit there silently, staring at our unfinished scrambled eggs (but they tasted more like sawdust) untill we ate it out of frustation. 
I remember one day, outside was snowing and this time in front of us there was some of those disgusting fried sticks of fish. They were cold and looked really sad, I looked around me and the boy was crying. He didn’t really make any noise, the tears were just sliding down his cheeks while he was staring at the snow falling down outside the big windows. For a moment i felt really uncomfortable,like an intruder in his private life. I started crying too. He looked at me like he just woke up from a dream, dried his tears with the sleeves of his jumper, stood up, took my plate and throw it out the window. So i run over the window, and looked down shocked: our sticks of fish disappeared and just left some holes in the snow. For some reasons we found it really funny and burst out laughing holding our hands while we were still looking down the window. A teacher came in that moment, she gave us a mark for bad behaviour: “the two students throw their food out of the window and laughed while holding hands. They wouldn’t stop laughing when the teacher scold them ”. That was the first bad mark i’ve ever had in my life and also the first time i felt accepted just for who i was.
We never really spoke again after that day,but i still think about that boy sometimes…

I’m sick of hiding who I really am, so let me explain a few things about myself.

1. I’m independent- so independent that I don’t get attached to people at all. But just because I’m independent and like doing things alone without help doesn’t mean I don’t get lonely. In fact, I get lonely a lot, and I crave attention even though I can’t stand getting too close. Maybe I just feel vulnerable and don’t want people knowing too much about me, but the last thing I want is for no one to ever really know me.

2. I like to pretend I have my life together, but I don’t and that terrifies me, so much that I don’t like to talk or think about it.

3. I love giving people advice, but I’m terrible at taking other people’s advice. I love to suppress all my feelings and problems until I can pretend I don’t have any, just because I don’t know how to deal with any of it without thinking thoughts that I’m too scared to think.

4. Sometimes I don’t care at all and other times I care too much. There aren’t too many times in between. And I don’t tend to care about things that other people care about. I don’t care about the little things. I’m not being indecisive when I say “I don’t care.” I really mean that it doesn’t make a difference to me.

5. Sometimes I won’t tell you things because I don’t think they matter. Other times I won’t tell you things because they matter too much to me and I can’t risk being hurt by what you think.

6. I have a fear of annoying people, so I tend to not talk a lot, but I’m still an open book. If you ask me about myself and I see that you actually want to know the answer, then I’ll tell you.

7. I’m awful about talking about feelings, so I’m sorry if I don’t apologize or if I don’t tell you I care about you enough, but it’s too uncomfortable for me to bring those things up. Just know that if I don’t tell you something in person, I still mean it and you can be sure that I’ll write about it later.

—  Everything I wish I had the nerve to tell someone