shy crush quote

I bumped into you today. Your tall frame towering over my small one. As I walked passed you, you continued to look at me as I walked away. If only we talked to each other.
—  today // 8:00pm
Everytime I see you, I tend to look away because you’re making me feel nervous and shy. But it’s strange ‘cause all I want to do actually, is look you in the eye.
—  L.N.
The girl looked over at the blonde blue eyed boy who sat next to her at the computers. She likes him. She likes him a lot. And he has absolutely no idea. She sighed and turned to her friend. “Just talk to him!” Her friend said, annoyed. The girl rolled her eyes. “You say that like it’s easy.” She looked over at the boy, doing his work at the computer and sighed. “Okay, next time. Next time I’ll talk to him.” It can’t be that hard, right? The girl thought as she continued to look at the pretty blonde blue eyed boy who sat next to her.
—  excerpt from a book I’ll never write #3
To the boy who will fall in love with me as well I to him please understand I have never dated anyone you will be my first in mostly everything depending on how long we are together I want to take everything slow because everything is new and scary and exciting for me if I don’t want to kiss you after three weeks doesn’t mean I don’t want to I really do I’m just scared I won’t be that good it has been over a decade since of kissed another boy holding hands will make my stomach flutter and i will be so shy that I can’t even look at you in the eye for a while because you see something in me I have never seen in myself it will be like waiting on a flower to grow but with care and patience you will one day be able to enjoy all of me I hope you choose wisely and understand how fragile I will be
  • Akutagawa: I love your hair..
  • Atsushi: What?
  • Akutagawa: I said I love...the air but you're polluting it with your presence at the moment!

Trust me, you do not want to date someone like me.

I will make you happy. I will help you become a better person. There will be times when you will probably completely fall in love with me, but the day that you realize that I am not enough for you, will be the worst day of your life.

Who will be there when you need consolidation? I am sure that she won’t. Will she be there on the phone at 2 A.M. when you can’t sleep? Hell no. Will she forgive you after all the bullshit that you give her? Nope. And that will be the day that you realize that broken people are the best to date, because they know that no matter how many times you fall, they will be there with you to make sure that at least someone helps you get back up.

—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write