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losingalaska  asked:

Can you tell me how you make your lockscreens? I'd like to make a few for myself. I have most of the apps you recommend but don't really know how to use them

Okay. I’ll just elaborate everything in this answer and this will be a masterpost as well, since I’m getting a lot of questions about it. So, these are the apps that I’m using + how I make lockscreens in this blog.

Apps (A-Z):

·         Afterlight (basic editing + filters)

·         Glitchr (glitch effect)

·         Phonto (adding text)

·         PhotoLayers (cropping + creating transparent + combining pictures)

·         PicsArt (adding basic shape + cliparts)

·         TouchRetouch (removing unwanted object from picture)

·         Tumblr (looking for inspiration + unedited background)

·         VSCOCam (basic editing + filters)

·         Weheartit (looking for unedited background + transparent)


· free fonts)

How To:

·         First, I prepare the backgrounds that I can use for edit. I prefer pictures of nature, minimal photography, anything with minimal objects in it.

·         I edit the background into 9:16 ratio by using Afterlight or PhotoLayer. Both works well.

·         Then I’ll use Phonto and adding text that I want into the background. I also adding my watermark in this step. If I feel like adding some cliparts, I’ll go to PicsArt.

·         The last step is to put filters into it. You can either use Afterlight or VSCOCam. Both are amazing. But what I’m always using is VSCOCam because you can set and save certain “filters adjust” in it and you can apply it over and over again on your future photos. I like this idea because I want my lockscreens to have same filters vibes in it.

·         That’s it!

Hope that helps! And don’t be shy to share your creations! Tag your lockscreen post with #aestheticscreen and I’ll be super happy to check them out! Message me if you need anything! Good luck! -V

anonymous asked:

how would the paladins react to having a very diy and crafty s/o? as in they're always making little trinkets and decorations for themselves/others :^0 also, you're wonderful and your writing always cheers me up!!

This is so cute, thanks a bunch for the request and the kind words, anon! :3


  • While not exactly ‘crafty’, Shiro is likely someone who enjoys working with his hands, so he definitely understands your mindset!
  • He’s genuinely interested in all of your projects, and loves to hear you talk about them or watch you work
  • If you make him anything, he is going to keep it forever and he will proudly display it, be prepared for that!


  • He’s a pretty artistic person himself, so he’s right there with you on this! Likely got into it to help himself focus better, but then really got hooked
  • Definitely enjoys working with you on projects and is always happy to start something new with you, it’s something that always puts a smile on his face
  • Might be a little shy about his own creations, but he will proudly show off your items to anyone he can get his hands on; if you make him something he can wear, it will likely never come off once he’s put it on


  • Isn’t very crafty himself; he usually can’t hold out the patience for it
  • That being said, he thinks it’s neat that you can do that and is always interested in seeing what you come up with
  • Gets flustered when you make him things, but don’t be fooled; he’s super happy to know that you thought of him and is probably blushing like crazy


  • Also not very crafty (that was probably Matt’s thing), but they get the appeal of working with your hands and tinkering with items, so they’re supportive
  • Probably likes when you two can work on your projects in the same room; even if the two are totally different, they just like having you there, and you both get into a routine of that
  • Might tease you a bit if you make them stuff, but the next time you see them they’ll likely have it on (if it’s wearable) or it will be displayed somewhere special to them; if you bring it up, they’ll get a little flustered and tell you to forget it


  • As an engineer, Hunk is used to working with his hands and has no problem diving in, as it were
  • He thinks its cute to watch you get super into your projects and could literally sit there for hours watching you, but he’ll probably offer to help so he can spend time with you
  • Is always impressed by what you manage to create, sometimes out of very limited supplies (space lacks a lot of crafting supplies, I’ll bet); treasures every piece you make for him and is so happy to have something you put your heart into