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Omg! Kookie was so flustered around the giiirls! Getting shy and getting hot (he was fanning his face) like UGH i love shy guys he was so ADORABLE. I wanted to hug and protect him! And lets not talk about Jm totally checking out Christinas boobs LOL


“Are you guys having fun?”


Anonymous said:I was hoping you’d do “Being Isaac’s best friend would include” please?

A/N: Oh my gosh! Yes, yes, yes, yes ,yes yes, yes! Isaac is my baby, I love him sooooooooo soooo soooo sooo sooooooooo much, okay? I totally need an intervention on my obsession with him. Haha! 😜 Oh gosh! I should stop gushing about him every time someone requests an imagine for him! Haha! Well, sweetie: I’m honoured to make this imagine, because who the hecky wouldn’t want to be Isaac Lahey’s best friend? He’s adorable and pretty hilarious. So please enjoy, anon!

Not my gif. Gif credit goes to the amazing creators!

Being Isaac Lahey’s best friend would include:

- Both of you being relatively shy.

- Isaac being turned into a werewolf gave the two of you sudden confidence.

- Isaac beating up any guy that hits on you or makes you feel uncomfortable.

- “I’d tell you to put him down, but he’s a creep.

- “Good, because I wasn’t looking to negotiate anyway, (Y/N).

- Both of you being clumsy and not very coordinated, as in you tend to not have the best of luck?

- Isaac thinking he can take on anyone and you pulling him away and the two of you running for dear life.

- “Isaac, if we go to hell for this can we play ‘Highway To Hell’ while we make our way there? Just for our last comical sake?”  you’d pout.

- “I was just going to ask you that too.” he’d laugh in reply.

- Teasing each other relentlessly because you’re both pretty playful.

- Isaac still having his shy moments.

- “Awe you’re blushing!” you’d say, pinching his cheek.

- “Ow! Stop that!” he’d snap.

-”But your little cheek is red because you’re blushing.” you’d coo to him.

- “Actually, it’s from you pinching it and prying it off my face! OH MY GOD THAT HURTS!” he’d scream like a little girl.

- ”Haha sorry, sometimes I forget…” you’d look down shamefully.

- Sliding on wooden of tile floors with fluffy socks until one of you would get hurt.

- “Ow!

- “Ow!”

- “Why did we do this again? It turned out painful, Isaac!

- “I don’t know, it was your idea, (Y/N)!

- “Yeah, okay! Blame the one who came up with the idea!

- Walking into Mexican restaurants with Isaac and pretending you don’t know him because he pretends to be some macho dude.

- “Oh my gosh Isaac, stop it!” you hiss.

- “Why?

- “Don’t talk back to me! These people will think I know you!

- “But you do! Don’t bail on me now.” he’d pout.

- “Then stop acting like an idiot!

- “But you love it because we’re both idiots.” he’d pout and give you the blue puppy dog eyes.

- “You’re right, but just walk ahead of me and sit two seats down from me.

- Both of you getting caught by one of the pack members awkwardly hip thrusting to ‘Uptown Funk’ because you guys always make bets of who has better hip action.

- “Stop dancing! It’s weird!” Derek yells.

- “Not until someone says who’s better at the hip thrusting?” Isaac replies, continuing to hip thrust.

- “I’m demolishing you!” you’d scream.

- “That sounds very sexual.” Stiles would comment.

- “I didn’t mean it like that!” you’d snap.

- “Just pick already!” Isaac shouts.

- “Isaac!” “(Y/N)!” each half of the pack would cry.

- “God dammit, Jackson Rod Stuart, it’s a tie again!” you’d shout.

- “Who the hell is Jackson Rod Stuart?” Isaac wuould inquire suddenly, stopping altogether and looking at you awkwardly.

- “(Y/N) you haven’t been watching Hannah Montana again, have you?” Stiles would ask slowly.

- “No! I just remembered the name, okay? Sheesh!” you’d snap.

- “Something is seriously wrong with you two.” Derek would grumble.

- Being the best friends anyone could every ask for.

- “You’re my best buddy, you know that, Isaac?”

- “Yeah, I love you, (Y/N)…

- “I love you too.

- Lot’s of fluffy moments because you’re both sweet cute puppies.

- Karoake night.


- “Oh my god! Isaac stop singing you’re making my ears bleed!

- “Don’t hate, babe!


- “I meant it in a banter way! OH MY GOD I’M GOING TO DIE!

- Isaac running and screaming down the street as you chase him.

- When Isaac cries, you’re his shoulder to cry on.

- “Don’t worry, Isaac, I’m always here for you. I love you, okay? You’re my best friend and everything’s going to be okay. I’ll make sure of it.

- Isaac squeezing you when you cry.

- “I love you, okay? You’re my best friend and you have to pull through, okay? I can’t lose you. Not to them.

- Isaac sneaking in through your bedroom window to have deep late night talks until the two of you have the giggle fits and fall asleep curled up on your bed together.

- Unlimited piggy packs.

- “You’re so light, (Y/N).

- “Oh my gosh, Isaac. You’re so heavy! How much Mexican food do you eat??

- Holding hands and skipping down the street.

- Threatening Allison Argent.

- “You hurt him and you’re dead meat, you got that?

- “You can’t hurt me.

- “Oh don’t get cocky now, Allison. I can hand your ass to hell any day.”

- Crying your eyes out when he tells you when he’s leaving for France.

- “No! You can’t, Isaac! You’re my best friend and I can’t make it without you in my life.” you sobbed hysterically.

- “I’m sorry, (Y/N), but I have to go.

- “As much as I didn’t like her, I wish she never died so you wouldn’t leave me.” you blubber, squeezing your best friend to you until neither of you could breathe.

- “It doesn’t have to be this way, (Y/N). Come with me and we can still be best friends.

- You look up at him with joyful tears, unable to speak as you nod.

- Isaac helping you pack for France.

- Being boss ass bitches in France and annoying the fuck out of Chris Argent.

- “If you two weren’t kids or people I trust, I would shoot you two.”

- “That’s not nice to say!” you two say in unison.

- Isaac beating the crap out of your ex boyfriend who hurt you.

- You going psycho on any girl that hurts him.

- Always having each others backs and fighting along side each other.

- You treat each other like the siblings you both never had.

- “I’ve got your back, (Y/N).

- “And I’ve got yours.

- “We fight together and die together, okay?

- “Okay.

- “Forever best friends?”

- “Forever best friends.

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hi!! do you have any advice on starting out as a simblr? i have the blog up and everything, i even have a few drafts ready, but i don't know how to start posting at all. did you make an introduction post? how did you start out? sorry if this is asking too much.

hello there!! omg don’t worry it’s totally okay!! it makes me so happy that you’re asking me that hehe :-) i didn’t make any introduction because i’m a shy little bean so i got straight to posting my legacy but it’s always great to make an introduction like talking a little bit about yourself and your legacy you’re about to post so don’t do like me haha!! i’d love to know what your simblr is tho… :-)

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I'm not the one who requested the kaka/reader/yama thing, but I honestly see things panning out that way, so don't feel bad! Maybe a little more blushing on yamato's part (because I HC him as shy w/his crush). They totally wouldn't fight over her, and Kakashi would totally want his love and his bff to be happy. Poor Kakashi tho 馃槩 Unless she was into both of them. Then you've got some of the best teamwork in konoha---maybe even the entire shinobi nations---going to town on that very lucky lady馃槒

Haha, oh my gosh.

Well thank you~ I mean, I still really dislike how it turned out, and it’s going to be one of those pieces that I never read again, but I mean if one or two people liked it, then that’s what counts, right? 

I’m like positive there’s YamatoxreaderxKakashi out there somewhere, but I can’t write it, like at all. Polyamorous relationships aren’t my thing at all. Nothing against people who do it, but I couldn’t, bc I’m possessive and I don’t believe in sharing things that are mine; haha. That makes me sound so bad omg. 

Anyways, thank you for sending this in; it reassured me a bit. 

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Unpopular opinion: I don’t think Zac Efron’s cute???


160524 | 凤凰娱乐: “【露额杀!张艺兴撩刘海撩妹 帅气现身气场足】近日,#张艺兴#@努力努力再努力x 现身机场。虽然面带口罩,但撩起刘海的张艺兴一改画风,凭借#露额杀#撩妹无数,气场十足。有粉丝激动直呼:“他撩起刘海就能撩妹啊,我陷入热恋了!” [哈哈]兴兴一技露额杀,多少迷妹中了招?[害羞]O露额杀!张艺兴撩刘海撩妹 帅气现身气场足”

Translation [fy-zyixing] : “【Forehead Kill! Overflowing with handsomeness, Zhang Yixing has used his bangs to pick up girls!】Recently, #ZhangYixing# @努力努力再努力x has appeared at the airport. Although he was wearing a mask, the showing of his forehead due to the changes of his bangs has totally changed the picture! All because of the #ForeheadKill# Yixing has managed to make an uncountable number of girls swoon. Some fans had even screamed, with much passion: “When he lifts/picks up his bangs, he picks up girls, I’m in love!” [HaHa] XingXing has performed the forehead kill, how many of you has he conquered? [Shy] O forehead kill!”


Honestly, I don’t think anyone has inspired me as much as Yorke.さん has… Like, he’s so unapologetically himself, and is true to his passions. He has so many talents, and he’s great at so many art styles and media, and yet he’s dedicated himself to the art and projects that he loves instead of becoming super mainstream. I love that he’s a Marvel and Star Wars fan who is obsessed with strawberries and holding babies. He’s so gentle and kind, even if he looks hardcore and scary. Speaking of, he totally owned his scene phase, and I want that kind of confidence, lmfao. He’s so adorably pretentious and he doesn’t even try to be, and even when he’s feeling shy or nervous about talking, he makes it aesthetic, lmfao! Like, here is someone who isn’t changing for anyone but himself, and MAKES IT LOOK COOL. I love him.

This was supposed to be a birthday thing, but I’m impatient, haha!

This was inspired by this , done by @y0ngsin , who is very kind to let me use their work as inspiration!