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ps I feel like a lot, a lot of fans have sehun’s personality very wrong and I am so confused by a lot of fanon posts about him lmao

like yeah, he’s a goofball and a bit silly with his friends but like

he’s such a quiet, polite kid. like. he’s v quiet, he’s courteous, he’s soft spoken and sometimes anxious and socially awkward

there’s a reason why he naturally wears that well-known resting b face. shy people have that expression. observant, but quiet people have that expression. people that spend a lot of time inside their own minds. you think about something, you daze out, you don’t pay close attention to how you appear to others, and before you know it, people are seeing your ‘cold’ expression and calling you rude

I think, contrary to playful jokes about his intelligence or whatever the fuck, he does give a lot of thought to things, he does consider things deeply, and these ‘surprisingly’ profound, meaningful things he says are not completely unexpected or startling to the people that actually know him

there’s a reason why his groupmates are always saying he’s the sweetest, he’s the most encouraging, he’s the most supportive guy on the team. because he’s a cinnamon roll that happens to be a little bit shy in front of the cameras, and it’s very rare that we see his entire personality

he gets restless, he gets anxious, he dodges cameras when he’s moody, he occasionally complains that he gets too much attention from people he doesn’t want it from, while at the same time  almost constantly seeking and appreciating attention from the people he treasures

these are characteristics of a shy person, these are characteristics of an introvert, these are characteristics of someone who’s incredibly affectionate but also a somewhat awkward kid that grew up to be beautiful and doesn’t really know how to present himself as the media icon he’s supposed to be

let him learn. let him live a little.

(and stop saying he’s stupid, immature, and whatever the fuck, damn. he doesn’t act as charming and suave as the others, but that doesn’t make him any less valuable or clever or talented or worthy of appreciation and respect.)


They arrived well and I love them @squisherific !!

They are so cute and soft and everything is just so fluffy and tender omg ajshdghsjdfhsdjhsdjfhj

the signs as high school clichés

Aries: the jocks

Taurus: the shy girl who has a secret life outside of school

Gemini: the bad boy who sets off the fire alarm

Cancer: the class clown who is actually cute tbh

Leo: the freshman with a backpack that is bigger than they are

Virgo: the nerdy kids with suspenders and collectible Star Wars lunch boxes

Libra: the fashionista with fringe fringe and more fringe

Scorpio: the creepy emo in the corner

Sagittarius: the really scary buff girls who play basketball like omg

Capricorn: the teacher’s pet who snorts when they laugh

Aquarius: the cheer captain with perfect hair

Pisces: the hippie dreamer who smokes in the parking lot

ToppDogg reaction to finding out from another member that you have a crush on him.

A-Tom: He would honestly be so happy. He would definitely become a little extra around you. He would be extra nice and pay more attention to you because he really wants you to realize that he likes you too, but he’s too shy to confess.

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B-Joo: He wouldn’t even know what to do with the piece of information. He would try to just carry on pretending that he didn’t know, but it would be so obvious that he did. And when you questioned him about it he would admit it and then shyly add that he likes you as well.

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Hansol: He would be in denial. Shaking his head and saying something along the lines of “Have you seen how beautiful (Y/N) is? There’s no way she likes me” but once whoever was telling him convinced him of the truth, he would be the shyest little thing around you.

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Hojoon: He would get really flirty around you after he found out. Even asking you little things like “(Y/N), don’t I look handsome today?” just to make you get flustered because he thought it was cute.

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Jenissi: He would let it spill almost instantly that someone told him you liked him. And he would just smile when you got flustered and tried to deny it. He would tell you something like “It’s okay if you like me, (Y/N). I like that I’m your crush”

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Nakta: He would lowkey be so happy about it. With him having liked you for a while, he would be so happy to find out that the feeling was mutual. I think he would act normal and pretend not to know until he gathered the courage to properly confess to you.

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P-Goon: He would already kind of have known that you liked him, but once his suspicion was confirmed, he would be super excited about it. He would probably confess to you rather quickly since he had liked you for quite sometime.

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Sangdo: He wouldn’t outright tell you that he knew, and would instead drop little hints about it. But once you asked him about it and it was out in the open, he would get a little shy, mumbling something like “I think it’s cute that you like me”

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Xero: He would slightly torment you once he found out. He wouldn’t even hesitate to tell you that he knew he was your crush. And when you got shy and flustered he would just say “I’m glad you have good taste in men, (Y/N)”

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Yano: Would be very surprised, saying something like “Are you sure? She’s never acted like she likes me” He would get slightly weird around you, but would eventually break and tell you who told him and that he likes you also.

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This is the first reaction I’ve done in while, I hope you guys like it :)

BTS REACTION : you bending in front of them


If the other members aren’t  around he will sneak a look and then find himself blushing right away.

‘’Did you drop something?’’


‘’Ummm… What are you doing?’’

You: ‘’Tying my shoes.’’

‘’Want to tie them in the bedroom?’’

Rap Monster

He will keep looking at you, until you get up.

‘’Now you have one problem to take care off’’



You: ‘’What are you doing?’’

‘’Nothing.’’ *laughing*


/to himself/ ‘’Don’t look… the hyungs are here’’


*turns into a shy giggling mess*