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When I don't see you update for awhile it scares me because I'm like what if Mei never comes back :(

Thank you so much for this message, anon, it’s so sweet!  Thank you, thank you!!  (●˘ ᵕ˘(˘ᵕ ˘⑅)

I’m still around but I’ve been consumed by a new anime series!  Last year, my friend Lemmy told me she was watching “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 4″ on Crunchyroll and that she absolutely loved it!!  She told me something like, “I want to watch the previous parts to better understand what’s going on, want to watch with me?”

I didn’t know anything about it but knew she had good taste, so I decided to try an episode or two.  We spent the next 4 months watching Parts 1 - 4 and I then binge read the manga for Parts 5 - 8.  I couldn’t believe how much fun I had watching/reading this series (and by the end of Part 7, my heart was aching over how beautiful the story had become).  I’ve been drawing and thinking about nothing but Jojo lately, but I’ve felt awkward posting about it here because this blog has been dedicated to DBZ-related stuff for so long!  (#゚ロ゚#)

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Gaster! What was Grillby like to Sans and Papyrus? Was he a good friend of the family or like an 'uncle' to them? :)



* aw… paps.

* It’s okay, Papyrus. I agree

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That thing Louis does at concerts where he blows a gentle kiss to fans in the crowd and wiggles his tiny fingers afterward.... he looks so dainty and flamboyant is such a beautiful sight tbh

it’s honestly so cute and pure, bonus: his lil wink 😩

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hi! im looking for a fic where dan goes to a coffee shop and sees phil drawing on the condensation in the glass? that's all i remember. thanks!

Porcelain and Window PanesDan sees a a beautiful man doodling on a foggy window in a cafe and can’t get him out of his head. He comes everyday at the same time to see the beautiful stranger.


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Doesn't matter if kubo truly wanted ih and rr. It doesn't change that ih and rr are utterly horrible ships. Ih is still grossly one sided and totally unhealthy. It doesn't change that ichiruki had an amazingly beautiful and healthy relationship. It doesn't change that miss tasukete me, never dried her loves rain or never picked him up when he was down. It doesn't take away that Ichigo, not cucky mcfucky, returned Rukia's smile. Thats just fact.

THAT is a fact. not some of these stupid ass ~alternative~ facts IH’s have been throwing around. ichiruki had the most mutually developed relationship in the manga. we saw them progress from strangers to friends to close friends to even more than close friends (they were in what a koreaboo would call a ‘some’.) doesn’t matter how much some say that k*bo intended for something to happen. fucker showed us ichiruki idc what he intended to do. 

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i wish people would have stop bitching about ro woon because what if they change her and make her one dimensional. yeah she was a bit annoying but seriously i got why. she is in her 20's lost a sister thought her boss was the reason tho seems to feel conflicted about how she looks at the boss. she is complete opposite of hwan ki. idk i feel disappointed like it's their show let them do them


ofc her behaviour looks even more aggressive in comparison to Hwan Gi, but thats because he’s her complete opposite

i mean like, imagine she did mind her own business like everyone else in the office does / like how a lot of people want her to act - the plot would never move!

If you are alone this holiday season or cannot for whatever reason share certain parts of your life and joys with your family please share them with me.

I would be honored to hear all about them.

If you’re shy send them Anonymously.

I’ll reply to all of them.
Happy Holidays.

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i keep wanting to get into tumblr rp but most of my ideal muses are from shit like romancing saga and make leon look like common knowledge. your recent post kinda worries me - how tough is it to do rp with an unknown/unpopular muse?

//The hardest part is getting your muse recognized. I’ve even had Firon and Mateus blogs that had no idea who Leon was (or were strictly Dissidia). Some people will never want to learn, and that’s fine. However, from my experience, once they know the character, they tend to be just fine RPing. My main issue is shyness and anxiety, so don’t be scared. If you do make a blog, send an ask to me, and I’ll be the first to follow and promote you. ♥

The Garden of kisses

Based on: this request by Anonymous (hope you like it and thank you for your patience!!!!) + this imagine from @imaginexhobbit.

Things I have learnt writing this fic: I cannot flirt.

I am so awkward.

Originally posted by theheirsofdurin

You didn’t mind green food. Well, you weren’t happy neither and a good piece of roasted meat would have been much more appreciated but, since you had always been a polite Dwarrowdam, you wouldn’t have made all the noises of protest of your companions. Each of them was acting suspicious from the very beginning but the fear and the perils the Company had been through in the previous hours had made the sojourn among these Elves tolerable and, to be totally honest, more welcome than your friends would have liked to admit. Rivendell was a beautiful place indeed, different from the Dwarven lands but comfortable and warm, embellished with waterfalls, fountains, gardens and statues; for sure Elves knew how to enjoy Life, even though, yes, they definitively needed to improve their food.

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c-can you um... politely... um...a-ask Seymour.. a-about if.. they um... uh.....l-liked the caramels?...I was..... um... c-curious, and.. um... well, you k-know... uh..... never mind! Just.. caramels. Were the caramels good? Y-yeah, better q-question!

Caddy: “Oh, I’d say I’m pretty sure they liked them… ”

Seymour: “Oh yes, absolutely! Thank you so much, sweet thing! And, uh, thank you, Caddy… for telling them they’re my favorites… ”

Caddy: “You’re welcome~ ”

I am the shy girl
At the party
The one who smiles
And gingerly holds
the brimming red cup
But is careful not to drink
Because mommy always warned
Of what the troubled boys do
To the girls with the tight skirts
Who didn’t know
or care
About how much
They could handle

And I’m the girl
Who’s awake in class.
The one the kids call
With curled lips
And side-glanced giggles
Because everyone knows
That if you aren’t good for a laugh or looks,
Then you aren’t worth dirt in the school yard.

And I’m the girl
Who has lived a thousand lives
In a thousand different places and times
Because I can lose myself in literature
Because I love to know that I’m not the only one who feels
or troubled.
Not the only one
who longs
for a love
that goes beyond
a piece of paper
or a ring.

And I’m the girl
Who finds comfort
In a melody
Of any sort
Not for the catchy tune
Or the pretty boy band
I like to listen
Not to hear
Listen to the raging thoughts,
The powerful feelings
Spoken like poetry
With a message
Just beneath the rhymes
Because ultimately
In the dead of night
When the screaming starts
Or the thumping
against the floor
and the walls,
becomes the only option
To halt the bank of tears
And cool the boiling blooding
If only for a short time
Before mother dearest can burst in
And hold me tight
As she whispers her own melody
Echoing through
the silence of the night

I just can’t do this anymore


And over

And over

And I’m the girl
who would never
try to hurt you.
Because I’d been raised
In a domestic battlefield
Where all of my happiest moments
Were often punctured
by the ugly loaded words
that spilled like a faucet
out of the drunken beast
Who often overpowered
My lowly father

And I know
Only too well
That when liquor’s seductive lips
Touch the mind of a susceptible man
She will hold him tight
And whisper her thoughts of power
and malice
And he
Being a simple man
Will become slave to her demonic
And nothing will change the minds of the demons in his head
And his heart
Not even the one
he claims
to love
Because everyone knows
That the fragile marriage vow
Is the very easiest
To break

And still
I am the girl
The shy girl at the party
The one you glanced across the room
The one you talked to the whole night
I’m sorry
I didn’t answer
your questions
You see

I don’t have a choice of music
Which I like above the rest,
And I thought boys like you don’t go
For girls who value books and tests
I hated that look
You know, the one you gave me?
When I refused to drink
And you assumed
I didn’t trust you
But you didn’t know
of course you didn’t
Of all the reasons
going through my mind

I’m so sorry
That I cant explain myself
With words
The way I can
On paper

I’m sorry
That you left
Looking so hurt

Because if I never am to see you again
Please remember me
As the girl
Who would try her hardest
to love you

If only

I had the courage

To tell you.


I’m sorry.

—  Anonymous

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*Shy Anon nervously holds up a sign to Moth!Kara that says. "Your quite charming for a bug. The world needs more positive people like you in it, a-and I honestly love how you continue to stay optimistic even when your brothers don't or try to ruin your's. I-I'm too shy to say this personally, but I just wanted to say you're a wonderful gem to this world."

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So.... um.... w-what was your first i-impression of Zero, M-Mr. Brewer? D-did anything s-silly happen?.. T-that seems to be a trend with Zero.... d-don't take that the w-wrong way, please...

Seamus: “No, nothing silly at all. It was, eh, actually quite serious when we first met, since Taffy was in the hospital… ”

Taffy: “I was barely conscious after Z saved me from drifting in Open Space, so, um, it was actually my parents who ‘met’ him first. I didn’t wake up at all until a few days later… ”

Seamus: “We saw him at the front desk asking about a ‘teacup monster’ he’d rescued, and we knew immediately who he was. And once he learned who we were, the first thing we did was just hug - we still didn’t know if Taffy would make it, but they wouldn’t have had a chance if not for him.”

Taffy: “I feel like we should move on to another topic, though, i-if that’s okay with you guys. I don’t think it’s doing either of us much good, talking about, eh, what happened… I’m here, and I’m okay, a-and that’s what matters.”