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What are some of your favorite pet portraits that you've drawn?

Gosh I’ve done 300 pet portraits by now so there’s definitely A FEW. Here are some of my best recent ones (not including this round’s commissions).

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Your a fucking tranny and I hope you die

I am a tranny, and I’m quite proud of that fact, but rather than addressing that point, I’d like to discuss another topic with you: grammar. You used the word “your” as in “your inability to properly convey your bigoted views is quite amusing.” You should have used the word “you’re” as in “you’re a small-minded jackass, and you should go back to whatever dark, biased corner of the Internet that you previously occupied.”

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Hi there! It's Dianamond again. I was just wondering if it was possible to submit more than one piece of fan art! I really loved drawing your Asriel and I have one more idea in mind I want to share with you all. I'm also so glad you liked the first fan art picture, too! Thank you for reading these asks and providing the community with such an awesome AU comic. <3

Oh gosh, yes of COURSE! Submit all the art you like, we love it! ;D

Thanks so much for the kind words and your lovely artwork!

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Do you have any shy prompts? Like person A is super shy and quite and person B is not that shy and more talkative??

We have a few in the Shy search.  Please check out our Search Page for more! ~Lucy

guess who’s feeling creative?? (it’s me!!)

I was working up the courage to tell you I liked your shoes but when we made eye contact I just turned bright red and hid behind my book AU

We made eye contact and I was going to start a conversation but now you’re obviously hiding from me and I don’t want to be rude but your book is upside down AU

Leaves anonymous notes in your locker bc you’re cute but I too shy to talk to you AU

I really want to ask you to the dance but I’m not brave enough AU

I asked you to the dance and you turned bright red and ran away is that a no or?? AU

“I like your shoes” “Thanks I like your face” “..what?” “What??” AU 


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hi! im looking for a fic where dan goes to a coffee shop and sees phil drawing on the condensation in the glass? that's all i remember. thanks!

Porcelain and Window PanesDan sees a a beautiful man doodling on a foggy window in a cafe and can’t get him out of his head. He comes everyday at the same time to see the beautiful stranger.


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are there any artists YOU look up to?? :O

oh man there’s tons of rad artists I’ve followed here throughout the years, I’ll show ya the big ol collection of the ones I can point out~

here are some artists I enjoy following (SFW list) (alphabetical order)

A: akorhaphi, arielries

B: baderror, beatonna, bechnokid, bedsafely, bioatomic, bktcm, bonkalore

C: candelantern, catboy, coconutmilkyway, conanners, crowtez, cubert, cubesona

D: derekhetrickart, devinchee

E: enenkay

F: farisaki, fimbry, flatw00ds

G: gorillaprutt, gronos

I: idoodleonmargins, introducingemy

J: jeluto, jensuisdraws, jnwiedle, jpdraws

K: kada-bura, kinkneki, krooked-glasses

L: leppu, lintufriikki

M: madygcomics, manglerfish, maria-ruta, millionfish, mistawolfie, misterdomon, mizby, moofrog, muepin, mynameismad

N: nosdoog, not-a-comedian, notmusa, nutastic

O: orangecatbuttz, oschocodee, owlygem

P: paolaamado, pepperpixel, perpetualvelocity, phillip-bankss, piranhebula, polararts

R: ranranruru, raven-blood-13, real-faker, robotoco, rogmont, rottenbrainmatter

S: sandrarivasart, sapphzeal, shaebertoothtiger, shubbabang, siins, snaggle-teeth, space-coyote, squigglegigs, steviebo

T: tea-bone-steak, tealbruise, thatonegojimun, the-liger-art, themcnobody, thethreehares, theyoungdoyley, tigerphantom, tortoisefeet, tysonhesse

V: v-diggety, vaporotem, vermisvest, vhsdestroyer

W: walkbrass, wasongo, weinerman-tested, whethervane, wiishu, windvous

Y: yiq

Z: ziggyzagz