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Kylo Ren x Shy Reader

Requested by: Anonymous

-He isn’t very social himself, so he definitely understands where you’re coming from

-He doesn’t push you to talk to people at official first order events. In fact, he actively finds ways for the two of you to ditch out early

-Lots of Late Nights where the two of you get to be alone and be yourselves without the pressure of other social situations

-Staying up giggling and talking about anything and everything because you feel comfortable with him

-Both of you finding comfort and relaxation in each other, you can really shut out the world when you’re alone together

-Him loving hearing you rant about things you love and are interested in

-Your mental connection to one another through the force is crazy strong because you find each other such kindred spirits

-You may be shy but when you kiss him it sure doesn’t seem like it


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Shy Derek fics?

Noteworthy by joanc24

“You did WHAT?”

“I told Stiles he’s cute.” He can feel his face flushing as he fully admits, “Well, not exactly.”

“Derek.” He hated that tone, that ‘you better tell me everything before I punch you’ tone.

“I wrote it in his notebook!”

Possibili(tea) by dragon_temeraire

Stiles might have a crush on his co-worker, who always brews him amazing tea.

Big Spoon by Emela

If there is anything Stiles has learned from being forced to watch romantic comedies with Lydia since Freshmen year, it’s that when you begin to fall for someone, it usually starts with their smile. Or their eyes. Or even their ass. What all those hours do not prepare him for is falling head over- why-am-I-getting-a-boner-from-this- heels because of a blush.

A Perfect Storm by keeperofstoriesqueenofday

The first time Derek sees him is on the Subway.

The fifth time Derek spots him, the boy has a split lip and an angry alpha threatening him.

(OR: Where Scott is a really bad boyfriend and Derek ends up being Stiles’ hero)

Only You by Emela

Derek does his best to get out of the party, but despite his best efforts Erica somehow manages to convince him anyway. (The fact she mentions that Stiles Stilinski is going to be there, probably in tight jeans, is irrelevant.)

Derek finds himself roped into a game of ‘Truth or Dare’ at a party and is dared to kiss Stiles.

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do you know of any more fics that are high school au and one of them is really shy

Baby, They Ain’t Got A Clue (ao3) - Dan, the shy new kid in school, is asked to prom, but his date stands him up. Phil, the popular outgoing kid in school, is stood up by his date too.

Changing the Bad Boy (ao3) - After being constantly being bullied for being the shy gay kid who always wears pastel and flower crowns at his old school Dan’s parents decide to transfer him for his last year of secondary school. On his first day Dan is immediately taken under the wing of the schools punk gang leader Phil. But Phil doesn’t seem like the typical punk despite his tattoos, lip piercing, and black clothes. Soon Dan discovers that Phil really doesn’t want to be the punk, but what happens when Dan convinces Phil to be who he really is?

Dance Around Like ConstellationsA badass punk!Phil who parties a lot and gets into trouble, but also has a soft spot for his best friend pastel!Dan who is really shy and a baby angel.

Falling For You (Literally) - High School AU: Shy!Dan is new to school and has a huge crush on Popular!Phil.

Schoolbadboy punk!Phil is possessive and shy!Dan forgets a lot, but they get by and their relationship works well. Ultra fluff, microscopic angst.

your eyes remind me of the sky - a lil high school au.

- Tori

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Imagine showverse Claire teaching a hesitant and insecure Jamie that its okay for him to initiate lovemaking and amorous activities with her and that she won't rebuff him, in the early days of their marriage.

Persuasion: A Show!Verse Alternative Wedding: Part 1.

If Jamie had wed me for any other reason other than as protection, it was certainly becoming less and less prevalent.

I watched as he ran his hand along the side of the filly, waiting to see if she would accept his touch. When she did he continued along her legs, lifting her feet to check her hocks.

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Who are your most favorite blogs?

` nonssi! i honestly don’t want to name just a few. it breaks me. there are lots of good people with good content right there and i’m just straight up shy to tap them and invite them to have tea with me inside hell. i’m sure they’ll get stuffy and uncomfy in here. lolol kidding someoneshootmenowlolol. i don’t remember everyone and i follow p much lots of the best people here so if failed to tag u pls tap me on this post!!
i’d love to add u in the list~

` so for the record, here are some of the blogs ( a mix between hcs, fics and art and graphic blogs ) i love and plan to love since i just discovered ‘em and also some of the usual bloggus u see in this fandom:

  • HC, FIC and General MM bloggers:

— @rikas-fundraising-assholes ( i wish they revive it tho )



` okay forgive me nonssi. i know i should put more but i forgot some of them sghfgklsfjg there are so many and do forgive me for not putting everyone. i def lov lots of blogs and just wanna chu their faisus but aaah i’m rly sorry!

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Your a fucking tranny and I hope you die

I am a tranny, and I’m quite proud of that fact, but rather than addressing that point, I’d like to discuss another topic with you: grammar. You used the word “your” as in “your inability to properly convey your bigoted views is quite amusing.” You should have used the word “you’re” as in “you’re a small-minded jackass, and you should go back to whatever dark, biased corner of the Internet that you previously occupied.”

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Hey! Do you know some Ereri fics where Levi is bashful/awkward with Eren and is the one who falls head over heels first? Usually is the other way around, with Levi as the one confident and sure of himself and Eren the stuttering lovesick puppy, but i just think the reversed roles are way funnier (and canon Levi is a bit more socially awkward, and would be even more so in a romantic situation, than he is in most fics). The length of the fic doesn't really matter. Thank you and love your blog!!

Thank you so much, and here you are. It’s always refreshing to take a step away from the norm with ereri fics. It’s nice when they’re characterised differently, even if sometimes it’s OOC, you know? I think a lot of doujins give Levi a more… gentle personality, which is cool!

Summary: After being fired from his job, Levi is in desperate need of money, and is willing to step out of his comfort zone in order to get it. In fact that is the only reason why he accepted to be interviewed by his best friend’s older brother at a diner. He doesn’t expect much from it. That is until he sees Eren Jaeger, who’s gorgeous in every way imaginable, and is about to change his life completely when he convinces Levi to take the job.

The Moment I Saw You
Summary: Eren is a librarian assistant who has his eye on a cute patron.
      Levi is an awkward uni student who keeps returning to a small town library for a cute librarian assistant.

Summary: Levi has to draw a green eyed boy in an oversized pullover for his art’s class and keeps getting distracted from the task by the model.

Summary: Levi has a crush. Apparently, sitting for hours by the college oval every Thursday long after all his classes have ended to sketch the same boy over and over again goes a little beyond simply artistic pursuits…


Roman Godfrey X Shy!Reader

Anonymous said:

Love your work! Could you maybe find the time to do a short headcannon of Roman with an unusually shy girl? Thanks, love!

A/N : Thank you, darling! I hope you enjoy this!

Originally posted by adoresfandoms

  • When Roman first sees you, he knew he had to get your attention.
  • But, for the first time ever, he had no idea how to do that.
  • He didn’t know that you would glance at him out of the corner of your eyes.
  • He couldn’t see that anything he did would catch your attention.
  • You barely spoke in English class, only making you more intriguing to Roman.
  • “Find a partner and discuss the last five chapters.”
  • Roman immediately walked over to you, planting himself in the desk next to yours.
  • “Hi,” he said, that charming smile glued on his face.
  • You just nodded at him, too scared to utter a word.
  • “I haven’t read a single chapter so I have no idea what she’s talking about. With the tones or whatever,” Roman admitted, hoping he could coax you into talking.
  • You only pressed your lips together and flipped through your book.
  • “Are you okay?” He placed his hand on yours gently.
  • Roman Godfrey was touching you.
  • You looked up and met his eyes.
  • A calming blueish-green.
  • “I’m f-fine,” you squeaked out.
  • Roman smiled, your voice being the softest thing had ever heard.
  • Since then, you and Roman would partner up in English class.
  • You were still the quietest person he had ever met, but you were starting to speak up more.
  • In the hallways, he would wink at you and grin when you blushed.
  • Your eyes would find the floor as the people around the two of you would stare in confusion.
  • Why did the most popular, rich boy in school want you, the girl that barely said a word.
  • Sometimes, on the day’s you were more talkative, he’d throw an arm around you shoulders.
  • “Roman, people are staring.”
  • “Let them, you’re beautiful.”
  • “They’re staring at you,” you said sadly, trying to hide your blush.
  • “No,” Roman said with a smile, “I’m nothing compared to you.”
  • You quickly learned that, due to your immense shiness, Roman made it his life’s goal to make you blush.
  • The two of you were in this type of limbo when it came to your relationship.
  • Roman was very forward with his affections.
  • You tried to be but your timid nature would take over.
  • One day, when you were feeling very brave out of the blue, you grabbed in his hand.
  • Roman didn’t say a word when your finger’s entangled with his own, he only smiled.
  • The next day, in English class, Roman dared to take it a step further.
  • “I say we go out for coffee after school and not read this boring-ass book.”
  • “I don’t know Roman,” you said quietly, not meeting his eyes.
  • “I know,” Roman said with a grin.
  • He pulled the book from your hands and you reluctantly met his gaze.
  • You knew as soon as you met his eyes, you’d give in.
  • “Alright,” you said, feeling a heat rush to your cheeks as Roman licked his lips.
  • The coffee date went smoothly for the most part.
  • The caffeine in your system made you really open.
  • “Do you drink coffee often?”
  • “No, not with that much sugar! This is fun!!”
  • “This is the loudest I’ve ever heard you.”
  • He walked you home as you both chatted about school.
  • “I’ve never really had a friend like you, Roman.” You admitted.
  • “Huh?”
  • “I’ve always been really shy,” you said, stressing the ‘really’.
  • “That doesn’t mean you can’t have friends, I’m your friend.” Although he wanted to be more.
  • His arm tightened around your waist, pulling you closer to his side.
  • “I just never made any,” you said sadly, leaning into his warmth.
  • “Well you have me,” Roman said, looking down at you.
  • For what was the first time maybe, your eyes were already on his and holding his gaze.
  • You both stopped walking, staring at eachother.
  • Soon his arm snaked away from your waist and his hands went to you cheeks.
  • His lips were on yours, softly at first, as if scared he’d break you.
  • He didn’t want to push you too far and have you crawl back into your shell.
  • Roman had waited too long for this moment to have you leave.
  • After a moment, you pulled away from his lips.
  • Your face was beet red, making Roman grin.
  • “Thank God for coffee,” he said, before pressing his lips to yours again.
  • Since that first date, Romna had hardly left your side.
  • Whenever someone gave you a look in the hallway, he’d glare at them.
  • Through your relationship with him, you grew a little more confident each day.
  • You now had friends: Peter, Letha, and Shelley.
  • They all ship you and Roman.
  • “They’re perfect for each other. Roman is no-nonsense and impulsive while Y/N is shy and tries to keep him reined in.” Letha would claim, making Shelley nod in agreement.
  • Peter and Roman being your defense squad and Shelley’s too.
  • If anyone mocks you for being shy, Roman will have them bloodied in an instant.
  • “Don’t talk about my girlfriend that way. Next time, you won’t be able to walk away.”
  • Hugs all the time, so you’re blushing all the time.
  • You’re timid when it comes to PDA but Roman is all for it.
  • He leaved kissing for private time, however.
  • He knows how much you love to kiss him but he also knows that doing so in public is too much for you at times.
  • You both even each other out in the perfect way.
  • “I love you, Y/N.”

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You bake when you’re stressed and sometimes you give me cookies, but recently you’re giving me whole baskets each day, now I’m not complaining but are you okay? Tbh I can see both Stiles and Derek being stress bakers haha

So, usually, I’d have Stiles be the stress baker, but I decided to mix it up this time. And who doesn’t love shy baker Derek? Also on ao3!

When Stiles moved into his little Brooklyn apartment after getting accepted into Columbia University, his new neighbor was nice enough to bring over a batch of cupcakes to welcome him to the building.

Moving across the country from a sleepy little town in northern California to the hustle and bustle of the city that never sleeps had been unexpectedly stressful. Stiles had never been away from his dad for so long and the vast distance was certainly putting a strain on him.

The jet lag had him feeling constantly exhausted and nauseous, even unable to sleep, lasting longer than he had anticipated. And the last thing he needed was yet another thing contributing to his insomnia, already needing two sleeping pills and his favorite pillow to be able to fall asleep.

All of that was in addition to the stress of having to dive headfirst into attending an Ivy League school where he would have to maintain a spotless GPA in order to keep his scholarship. It wasn’t achieving the good grades that bothered him, it was the suffocating pressure that accompanied achieving those grades, the mere thought of possibly disappointing his dad enough to make him think about just run away.

He was in the throes of yet another round of self-doubt when a gentle knock sounded on his door, interrupting what was sure to become a panic attack. Scrubbing a hand over his face as he shook himself out of his haze, Stiles had stood from his seat on the couch and jogged to the door, calling out, “Give me a sec!”

Praying it wasn’t the crazy old landlord demanding more money or his elderly neighbor who screamed bloody murder if he so much as sneezed a little too loud. It wasn’t. Instead of a grumpy man with his hand out or an angry little old lady, the most gorgeous person Stiles had ever seen had been standing in his doorway.

He was holding a tray of cupcakes in his hands and while any other time Stiles would have been captivated by the sight of detectable desserts, he was much more mesmerized by the sight of a beautiful man standing in his doorway. Because people who looked like the man in front of him didn’t just knock on his door out of the blue. It immediately had him thinking that New York City might not be so bad after all.

Whoever the hell he was, he had the smile of an angel, with bright white bunny teeth and the most kissable lips Stiles had ever seen, and all the dark features of a handsome devil. His hair was pitch black along with his thick stubble, a beautiful contrast to the swarthy tone of his skin and the light green in his hazel eyes.

And as much as Stiles wanted to take a bite of him instead of his cupcakes, he hadn’t eaten all and his stomach chose that moment to rumble loudly. He could feel his face warm at the embarrassing sound, Handsome Stranger chuckling deeply and joking, “Guess I picked the perfect time to bring these over.”

Laughing nervously, Stiles had agreed and introduced himself to the man who turned out to be his next door neighbor, inviting him in to sit for a little. Over cups of coffee and the most delicious French vanilla cupcakes Stiles had ever tasted, his neighbor introduced himself as Derek Hale, explaining that he baked whenever he was stressed and figured that since he had already made some cupcakes he should bring them over to welcome Stiles to the apartment building.

It was one of the sweetest things anyone had ever done for Stiles and after the first time, it sort of became a thing. Whenever Derek ended up baking too much when he was stressed, he would bring some over for Stiles, either knocking on his door or leaving him a plate in the hallway.

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You know what I love the most in this chapter? Mikoshiba's reaction on the last page. Not reacting about what Hori said but only when he said it. Understandable why there's only small progress, they're all too dense when it's come about love and romantic feeling.

ikr, at this rate I’m going to have to photoshop more GSNK character faces onto blocks of wood to show their denseness1!!!

anyways as the one guy who isn’t shipped with anyone within the primary cast, I really love seeing Mikoshiba’s reactions and how much grief all three couples cause him

Got7 Reaction: Trying To Talk To A Girl Who’s Really Shy

Requested by: Anonymous 

A/N: As someone who’s extremely shy and socially awkward this was sooo easy to write. Although it hits a little too close to home for me :”3 Anyways, I hope you like this!! Thanks so much for requesting!!

||Requests Are Open||

Mark: This boy is extremely awkward when it comes to talking to girls, and a quiet person, so within approaching you he’d already be shy himself. Seeing that you were also like this would make him feel strangely more comfortable and would find you adorable. He’d try to get you to talk to him, but not to the point where you’d feel uncomfortable

Originally posted by marksseunie

Jackson: It’s Jackson Wang we’re talking about. No matter how shy you were, in matter of minutes this boy would be able to make you feel comfortable and get you to talk to him. His approach would be very friendly and warm and from the first seconds of getting to meet him, you’d already be laughing with his lame jokes.

Originally posted by umma-jy

Jaebum: I feel like Jaebum wouldn’t understand you were just shy, he would think you weren’t interested and would leave you alone. See, he’s kind of oblivious when it comes to girls and their behavior. If he really liked you, he’d come up to you again and you’d have to tell him you were just shy or else he’d get extremely offended.

Originally posted by saranghaeyojw

Jinyoung: I feel like Jinyoung would know you were shy by just looking at you. Before he approached you he’d have studied the way you standed, talked and acted around to people. When he finally came up to you he’d be very polite and would ask you questions to get you to talk to him. He wouldn’t want to force you to speak to him by any means, just make you feel comfortable around him.

Originally posted by gsvnrewind

Youngjae:This sunshine would approach you slowly and would shoot you his bright smile, trying to start a small talk with you. If you didn’t talk and just looked at him smilling shyly he would understand that you were shy and would tell you to not feel uncomfortable and that he won’t judge you.

Originally posted by jypnior

Bambam: International playboy BamBam doesn’t have the word “shy” in his dictionary. If he wanted to talk to you, nothing could stop him. He’d compliment you nonstop and have you blushing and giggling within the first seconds. He would get you to talk to him and make you feel comfortable around him sooo easily.

Originally posted by justrightforjb

Yugyeom: Our maknae is so shy around girls, it’s no secret. He had to build up so much courage to come up to you only to realise you were as or even more shy than him. He’d smile at you and let you know that you didn’t have to feel nervous and would even admit he was quite reserved himself.

Originally posted by j-miki