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I lost one fanfic i think it was something like Highschool AU Phil don't have friends because he is so concentrated in the studies and one day Dan ended being his roommate and he try to make friend to him and thats all i remember :| I'm sorry if i don't explain myself well :3

The Art Of Making Friends - Dan’s outgoing and Phil’s shy and reserved. They go to the same university, but for the first year, Phil shuts everyone out to focus only on his studying, and makes no friends because of it. in the second year, Dan takes an interest in Phil (it could be at a party, Dan needs a tutor and Phil’s really smart, etc.) and befriends him, with strong hesitance from Phil. We then see Phil’s true self shine when he’s with Dan as opposed to being alone with his textbooks.

~ Tori

Introvert vs. Shy: Yes, there’s a difference

Let’s clear up a few misconceptions:

Introvert: Someone who finds comfort in spending time alone, and is often energized by this. This does not automatically make them a recluse, as there’s a wide range of introverted personalities in this world. 

Shy: Someone who gets nervous and/or timid of social situations. Again, this does not automatically make them a recluse, however, it is more common for shy people to become recluses, as their timid nature could lead them to that point, depending on the person. Of course,  there’s many different levels of this social personality.

Those are the basic definitions, really. Now, it’s definitely possible for one to be an introvert as well as shy. However, I just wanted to make this post because it seems like a lot of people use these two terms interchangeably, unknowing of their actual definitions.