That awkward bi moment

when you (girl) forget that heteronormativity exists and at a social event someone talks about “your future boyfriend” and you just kind of respond with a “hahaha, or, you know, anyone” because you’re too shy to mention the possibility of a girlfriend/nonbinary datefriend.

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In Love With You - The Internship (Stuart Twombly)

Anonymous said:

Request: if you don’t mind, could you do a really cute Stuart Twombly one where he really likes the reader and she likes him but they’re both too shy to do anything?? Thanks!!!

Thought this one fit to be a bit (very) short, but I hope it’s okay anonie^^

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He looked up from his phone again, for a split second, only to look around then quickly look down on his phone yet again. He had spotted her. It was only for a brief second, yes, but he had seen her. Those beautiful eyes twinkling with happiness, and her hair shining in the sun. Heck for him she was the sun. He didn’t dear tell her that though. She would probably laugh at him for being a soft goofball. So he never let himself do more than to look at her from afar. Of course he had spoken to her, before he had began to feel all fuzzy and warm all over every time she smiled, before he noticed every little thing she did, only to find it immensely adoring. Yup, Stuart Twombly was in love with Y/n, but there was no way he was going to tell her that. 

There he was again. Sitting with his nose down that phone screen. His beanie on point as always, his brown delicate eyes focused on the screen in front of him. She swore, if she was able to just take him home and have him sit like that in her room so she could stare at him all day, she would. But she knew he would never want to do that. He was one of the best after all. He seemed to know something about everything here at google. Suddenly he looked up from his phone, very briefly. She saw his eyes looking over at her for a split second, but it was like he didn’t even register what he was looking at before he looked down on his phone again. No, she had no chance with Stuart, not even a little one. Yet, he was her dream guy. He was smart, charming and sometimes a bit of a douche, but he treated her well, and he made her laugh. Y/n Y/L/N was in love with Stuart, but there was no way she was going to tell him that.