IT’S TIME! Can’t believe I’m about to tour with Twenty One Pilots for an entire month, all thanks to the kindness of this wonderful human (and wonderful Josh). My album is out in 18 days and what better way for a sarcastic Irish willy to promote it than perform it live in front of thousands of lovely people every night.
I was 100% certain my big ‘shot’ at proper success in music was back in 2013 when they’re felt like there was a big buzz online cause of 'Adventure Time’ etc. Fast forward three years to what I believed would be a 'put out the album and whoever cares, cares’ situation at best, and then my favourite band shwoop in majestically and deliver the greatest news of my life. I’m ranting. See you soon 🐼 #emotionalroadshow #twentyonepilots

signs as swears
  • aries: frick frack
  • taurus: fudge sticks
  • gemini: oh, cheese and crackers
  • cancer: snazzafrazz
  • leo: gosh darn
  • virgo: what in the lordy lords name
  • libra: those damn memes
  • scorpio: oh, shwoop
  • sagittarius: for the love of pepe
  • capricorn: scoopertidoop
  • aquarius: pokémon
  • pisces: scaparabarabamtidamdoodlydoobapdledledoopdledledoopdudamdededoodoo im a scatman