Q. Recently when was the most ‘Up’ moment & the memories which you had a big laugh?

HC: Moon Jong ‘Up’♡,when I’m with Jongup, I would be slightly ‘Up’. I think other members are like that too, I think its because he listens well and also gives good reactions. Jongup has something that makes people happy when they’re with him. Every time while we were talking I would unintentionally laugh and it doesn’t only happen to me, it happens to our members and the staff as well. He wasn’t trying to make us laugh on purpose when talking, that is why it’s funnier. [Source: Ten asia Cr: shwen@babyessir]

[NEWS] 140517 B.A.P for Apple Daily: "Oppas cherish their bodies like gold, B.A.P would not show their body, only their vocals"

The Korean male idol Group, B.A.P, is going to have their concert in Taiwan NK 101 at 18:00 tommorrow. Today, there is a joint press conference in their hotel. They said, “we have learnt a lot Mandarin with some Taiwanese dialect. And we will show the surprise to the fans tommorrow.” Besides, they had generously shown their abs in the previous concerts. Will they show them to the fans again? Youngjae said, “To prevent them from overlooking the performance to just watch the abs, we are not going to show them.” 90% of the tickets for LOE Taiwan are sold. You can buy the tickets in the concert site. | Trans by CK & Shwen @