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I’m making use of my new wrinkles to help age Chloe, since we have that paradox of the twins being both older (by birth) and younger (physically) than their siblings. I’ve always gone with aliens aging differently as an explanation, but with Jenny as an elder now, it seems all the more jarring. I also de-age Jenny somewhat by keeping her hair blond for now. It think it works.

“So where do you keep getting these?”

“I don’t know. It’s like I can just keep pulling them out of my–”

Please say back pocket.”

“Uhh yeah, sure. Back pocket. But I dunno, they just come out of thin air or something. I have like an infinite supply.”

“Romance sims are weird.”

“Hey, we can sell them! At no cost. Think of the profit margin.”

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Thoughts on the Tricou ladies?

I haven’t ever really played the Tricous, so I don’t have a good read on their personalities and family relationships at all, but I do have a very elaborate backstory developed for Jennicor and Jon, which involved some dabbling in very dark magic and resulted in them very nearly destroying both Faerie and Sim Earth as sims know it. Then Titania and co. stepped in, enlisted the help of the Cordials and their crew, and Jennicor and Jon were eventually sealed away and blown to bits, respectively. Jocasta died in that conflict and also Puck and Bottom’s parents.

I like to think of Jennicor as previously being one of Titania’s most trusted and powerful faeries, but then she takes a bad turn in the same way Lucifer does as an angel. In her case, I see Jon serving as the Eve to her Adam, in that he’s the one who leads her astray, to continue with the biblical metaphors. And hey, I ended up spinning a crazy and epic story for them, so why not?

That whole idea came from the townie teens who reconize Jon in their family tree, but he does not show them as children. I imagined that was his dark magic being broken into pieces by the Cordials and reborn into these random children who would later be reunited to serve some important magical purpose, and probably fight various evil in “monster of the week” type episodes. Jennicor would likely have been the Big Bad in all of that, but ultimately might have the potential to be brought back from the evil influence she’s under.

I’m obviously never going to have time to do anything with this idea. :P I was playing around with doing a collaboration with Simgaroop at one point and she was involved with developing that idea, too.

penig replied to your photoset:Frances showed up at the shop, so I had Florence…

Fran’s face really is a masterpiece. Most conventionally handsome sims are also fairly bland, but our Fran always looks like he’s regretting something.

That’s a perfect way of describing it: always full of worry and regret. It is not a carefree look. His face has no doubt played a large part in how his character has developed for me.


Frances showed up at the shop, so I had Florence show him that “special” flower that he bought for Tank’s place in my previous game. Ripp moved right in to sell it to him, but it took several sales pitches before Frances was convinced.

Those are some great Frances expressions. He looks so overwhelmed by Ripp’s persistence (and how touchy-feely he is).