Random question time!

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1. Do you know anyone you follow on Tumblr in real life?


2. Would you ever link your facebook and Tumblr?

lol, don't have a facebook currently but regardless, no.

3. Fanfiction. Yes, or no?

no longer. nothing wrong with it, just not my shebang anymore.

4. On average how many messages do you get in a week?

lol, I feel special to get one.

5. What is your main fandom?


6. OTP?

considering i had to look this up, um…….I love Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law…

7. Who do you ship even know you know it will never/could never happen?

come again?

8. How long are you usually on tumblr a day?

varies, some days wont touch it, other days can be hours.

9. Do you tend to reach your post limit?

rarely anymore

10. Tumblr or Reddit?


11. 90’s tv compared to television now?

considering I didn’t watch much tv as a kid(wasn’t allowed), prob now. i never got saved by the bell or full house.

My questions

1)If you could get drunk with one person from history, who would it be?

2)What is your guilty pleasure?

3)who would you switch lives with?

4)your hero/inspiration?

5)desert island food?

6)Favorite x-men character (wolverine doesn't count!)?

7)book that affected your life?

8)dream vacation?

9)Pistachio or pecan?

10) Favorite time of day?  

11) conspiracy theories or hidden truths?