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Dating Ivar would include ... Part #1

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  • him being possessive over you 
  • him teaching you how to fight 
  • doing challenges 
  • him teasing you 
  • sarcasm 
  • interrupting you with kisses 
  • him telling you how perfect you are
  • him calling you “ little one, pet, kitten “
  • rough sex
  • love making bruises
  • hickeys 
  • neck kisses 
  • slow intimate sex
  • butt grabbing 
  • lip biting 
  • sex after arguments
  • you riding him mostly
  • him being jealous easily
  • probably killing someone if they try to flirt with you 
  • making small circles and patterns on your skin with his knife 
  • sitting on his lap 
  • him sleeping on top of your chest 
A Viking’s Vow

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Okay, i don’t fucking know about this one: @persephone-is-here-omg got me into Alex Hogh Andersen, which got me into Vikings, which got me into Ivar so, yeah… Then I started writing about Ivar’s wedding night with a Spanish princess and came up with this mess. There might be a part two; let’s see how things go.

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* = sexual content/smut


Ivar Ragnarson

Vikings Cast


Alex Hogh Andersen


Isaac Lahey

  • Making up for lost time*

Theo Raeken

Actors aren’t their characters

Internet and social media made it easier for people in the public eye to get directly in touch with their fans. They may decide for themselves wherever they want to give their audience a sneak peak of their personal lives. I start to understand why some people prefer to keep their private life completely separated from their working life. More and more fans seem to have a hard time understanding that actors aren’t their characters. They are human beings with families and feelings.  

Acting is just a way of making a living, and yes, you can interact with your favorite actors when they attend special events and conventions. You just have to know your boundaries. Don’t write nasty comments on their social media pages because you don’t agree with something they did in movies or series. Don’t post your sexual desires on their Instagram or Snapchat. And don’t write fanfiction about actors and actresses. How would you feel if somebody wrote a very explicit story about you and a stranger? You might think it’s funny at first but it gets old very quickly. Stick to their characters.

Blood of Gods 1/?

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NOTES: This is the first chapter of my Ivar’s fanfic (I joined the prologue too for it to have more sense). It takes time after Sigurd’s death and it does not follow the exact story of the tvshow. English is not my mother language so I apologized for wrong grammar or spelling. The story behind Enia it’s all invented but Asturia kingdom (now a days the region of Asturias) and it’s celtic culture it’s all historical. 

MENTIONS: @nothingbuthappydays @kirah34 @hornyorca  (If you wanna be mention in the next parts please do tell me).

The cold wind was hitting Enia’s face; it reminded her of the mountains which had seen her grow.  All of the memories of her younger brother came to her mind while she was looking at the crowd before her, it was a group of Christians celebrating a funeral but the person who got all of the Celtic woman’s attention was the man officiating it. He had been the one who stole Nel from her, and he would be the one regretting it.

“What are we going to do to get him back my queen?”

“Whatever it takes.” The response that left Enia’s mouth was full of fury. She turned her head looking at the loyal man next to her. “And do not call me queen. I’m not one.”

All of Ragnar sons were discussing what to do know. After Sigurd’s funeral, in which Ivar had been silent, they had to decide where to go.

“Prince Bjorn.” The oldest of the siblings turned to the man approaching him. He was holding a hooded person right beside him with the help of two more men.

“Who is this?” All of the men in the booth were looking at the mysterious figure in front of them.

Before the fighter who had break in the reunion could say a word the person lowered the hood showing everyone its face. Bjorn eyed the young woman, she had blood on her clothes, her long-brown hair was held in a braid and her eyes were as green as a field right after it rains but they hid a blue color that could drown you, none of them had seen such beauty before. He looked at the man again and he saw that he was carrying a sword covered in blood too in the opposite hand to the one holding the girl.

“She hasn’t said a word. She appeared from nowhere and started attacking us.”

“And why do you bring her to us instead of killing her yourselves?”Asked Halfdan after hearing that she had killed their people.

The girl laughed at the question as the three soldiers looked at each other concerned. “They could not have done it.”

“She wanted to see you. That’s why we are bringing her here.”

“Why do you want to see us?” Hvitserk was already curious about her but the thing she said made his curiosity grow even more.  

She looked at the three men by her, Bjorn understood the look in her eyes and asked the men to release her and go. The young woman rubbed her wrists while looking at the place where the now four sons of a King and two men she didn’t know were standing. She knew who Ragnar Lothbrok was, and if his sons were half of the man he was, she would not have to worry.

“I have to admit that I thought that people had been exaggerating about your fighting skills, but they were right. Your warriors were definitely the boldest ones I’ve seen.” She smiled at them thinking about the reason why she had come there; those people could be the help she needed.

“What is the reason of your attack? You’re just one, we can kill you before you blink.” Neither Ubbe or the rest of the men there did know how to think about her, it was obvious that she wanted something from them but what, and most important, why did she had that confidence when she were surrounded by the best Viking warriors. She might had something that they were interested in.

“The reason of my attack was plainly draw you attention and now that I have it I would like to introduce myself. My name is Enia and it is clear that I’m not a Christian so as you can guess, we have the same enemy.”

 “You aren’t a Viking either so why do you think we will be friends? And more significant, do you really think that we will not kill you for attacking us?”

“You must be Ivar…” Enia smiled at the youngest son, Ivar instead looked at the girl with anger and that amused her. “I heard that you want to see the Mediterranean. One of my men is from the town that the Moors call Arromana, it’s the most important place in Saracen Spain and he would happily be your guide and translator.”

“In exchange from what?” Bjorn was now interested, if he and Halfdan had a person who knows the territory they were going to they would get rid of any problem.

“In exchange from nothing big, just letting me join you on your next raids against the Christians.”

The men there viewed each other thinking about the deal that the mysterious woman offered them. Harald, who was the only one that hadn’t speak yet, stood up from his seat and approached her.

“My plans are not in here or the Mediterranean, but I hope they take the deal. It’s always a beautiful sight a woman who knows what she wants.”

After saying that Harald exit the tent followed by his brother Harald. This last one gave a nod to Bjorn letting him know that he would accept whatever he decided.

“How many are you?” Ivar stared at his oldest brother annoyed by the fact that Bjorn was going to say yes to the proposition.

“There are ten men and four women, but one of the men is your future guide and the other is a druid who does not fight. That makes us thirteen warriors.”

“A druid?” Neither Hvitserk or any of his brothers knew about Celtics and their culture.

“A druid is the most important person in a tribe after the leader, sometimes even above them. He dedicates his life to our people and our Gods. He’s a medicine man, a seer and a lorekeeper of nature among many other things.” Explained Enia.

“What do you say brother? You’re going to be the one leading the raids…” Bjorn was praying for his younger brother to take the deal. But it seems that he wasn’t very pleased with the girl.

“I do not wish to have weak warriors and a stupid woman who thinks she’s better than us in my army. We are Vikings, we don’t need you and we’re not accepting the deal.” Enia looked at Ivar with a serious face. She was clearly bothered by the words of the prince.

“My people are not weak. They could have attack you while you were crying the brother that you killed, instead I told them that I were going to talk to you and see if you were half of the man your father was. But I can see that you’re not.” Ivar was now red of anger towards Enia. But she didn’t seem to be worried about him because she turned to look at Bjorn who was now pissed off at his little brother . “You don’t have to worry, Altair will be your guide.”

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This is a one shot dedicated to @mrstheorossix3

I hope you guys like guys like it let me know💜💜💜💜






If I’m missing anyone I’m sorry and let me know! 

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Ivar has snuck you away from the great feast. He has had his eye on you for a while and tonight he wanted to take the opportunity to show you his new chariot.

I can deal with the fact that people make reader x character fics.. though I find those creepy enough, but whatever floats your boat eh… I block those tags and go along with my day. 

but for fuck’s sake people. Writing fics about the ACTORS is pathetic and wrong and wrong and honestly, I hope for the actor’s sakes that they never see it at all. They won’t be flattered by it. They won’t come running to you and think you are the most beautiful thing out there because you wrote that. I understand that you find this person attractive, hey, I find a lot of actors attractive too. I’ve made comments too, don’t get me wrong.. but do I go out of my way to write fics about personal things involving the “reader” and the actor… NO… that is pushing the boundaries way too far and honestly makes me wonder about the mental stability of some people if they do think it is okay. 


Vikings ; Floki Reaches Land - Season 5 preview clip

@dbundles42 This just looks interesting. I want to know where exactly Floki could be. Also he sees some sort of figure in the water fall mist, what’s that about? Thoughts? 

How Weather Created The Vikings

You may have heard of Krakatoa, a giant volcanic explosion which caused the year without a summer. But did you know something equally giant happened in 536 CE? A vast cloud of dust darkened the sky, likely caused by a combination of cataclysms such as comets or meteorites, plus at least one volcanic eruption. Whatever happened caused lower summer temperatures in the northern hemisphere for the next fourteen years!

The added cold and darkness devastated Scandanavia. In the Uppland region, for instance, we know nearly 75% of villages were abandoned during this period. And the legend of Ragnarok may have been inspired, or embellished, during this period; the end of the world is supposed to start with Fimbulwinter, a deadly time when the sun turns black and the weather bitter and changeable – just like the harsh years after 536 CE. 

Scholars note that when Scandanavian society eventually rebounded, their culture was much more war-centered, with men and women alike celebrating the virtues of fearlessness, aggression, and physical prowess. Local rulers were constantly seizing and defending abandoned territory, fighting for good farmland and good fishing territory. Graves are suddenly filled with weapons and shields. A militarized society arose, which would one day be known and feared across the continent.

A Complete Viking Boat Burial Discovered!

The completely intact boat burial of a high-status Viking has been found in Scotland. It’s exciting because not only is the site undisturbed by looting or the elements, but the site is the first undisturbed Viking boat burial to be found in mainland Britain! Besides with his longboat, the deceased was buried with an axe, spear, and sword. But the burial was not all about fighting. They were discovered with a whetstone from Norway, a ring pin from Ireland and pottery from the Hebrides – suggesting a widely-traveled Viking. Sadly little human remains remained, just a few fragments of bone and two teeth.

So far we know very little. The burial appears to date to the late 800s or early 900s CE. The person was high-status. Beyond that, we will have to wait for scientific testing to fill in the story, such as their gender, where they grew up, and what they ate.
First Female Viking Warrior Proved Through DNA
The first conclusive proof of a Viking warrior woman has been found in the DNA of a skeleton from Sweden.
By Kristina Killgrove

In the past, numerous preconceptions have prevented the full study of possible female warriors. The researchers note that “similar associations of women buried with weapons have been dismissed, arguing that the armaments could have been heirlooms, carriers of symbolic meaning, or grave goods reflecting the status and role of the family rather than the individual. Male individuals in burials with similar material record are not questioned in the same way.” Another argument was that this particular grave may have held a second individual at some point in time, and all of the weapons belonged to him. And finally, some have argued that weapons buried with a female do not make her a warrior, while not examining the assumption that weapons buried with a male do signal his warrior status.