(Part 2) Today was an unlucky day for the criminal. So far he had done nothing the Yamaguchi would reward him for.  Agreed he had broken out of prison but that was expected of him. The rule was, if you get into prison, you are the one who has to get out of it- without help. He saw Changmin and smiled, finally he had found the officer, the one who had captured some kyodai.

Changmin sensed someone behind him but it was too late. His I-pod was too loud and the rain was splashing everywhere. Just as he was about to turn he felt a hand on his mouth and a gun touching his neck. He rolled his eye. This one wasn’t too bright now was he?


Hoping resistance would stop the other person, Changmin didn’t move.

“Move it I said” he growled.

Walking silently, Changmin dragged his feet hoping that he’d run into someone from work, someone who he could rely on. He thrust a hand into his pocket to find his phone but remembered that it was at home, on top of the large pile of clothes that he had been meaning to (ask Jaejoong to wash) to wash for a month. Reaching a junction, he received a sharp jab on his right side. Ow, that was defiantly going to bruise.

“And…How am I meant to know what that means?” he asked rolling his eyes

“Right” the man hissed

“All right All right” he muttered “keep your hair on”

He just received another sharp jab from the gun making him walk in the said direction wincing inwardly remembering what Jaejoong had told him countless times. Never listen to your i-pod outdoors and keep your phone on you at all times. He turned on to the road and after a few steps noticed that the road stopped about 50 meters away. Changmin continued walking but halfway he pushed him into an alleyway he had barely notices

Changmin’s instincts took over as he saw the confined area. Something like this went in his mind Confined space – elbows – stomach – knee – groin before he attacked. He sent his elbows into his stomach ducked and fluidly went into the next move kneeing him in the groin. The man buckled with pain and his gun fell away, but straightened up in an instant. Damn it. He knows what he is doing. Boss, now would be a good time to help. Rain fell on his eye causing him to blink. In that instant the man punched him straight on the nose. It started bleeding furiously.