shuuji ishido


Here are two drawings I made. Uhh, this is so bad. But I had so much fun ! And of course, I drew two characters with SUPER beautiful hairstyles, buuut so hard to draw !

For Kidou, it wasn’t what I had in my mind. First, I wanted to do a GouKi drawing, but it ended by that : Kidou as a kid being embarrassed by people’s comments. It’s the day when all the parents come to visit the children to adopt one, and they saw Kidou. They say “How is it possible no one adopted him yet ?” (I forgot the yet XD) “Look how cute he’s !” “Yeah !” I did that at 3 am, so don’t judge me please.. But an embarrassed Kidou is one of my fave things in the world ♡ And well, Ishido.. One of the most handsome & hot men in the serie ! x3

Any advices, and opinions are accepted ! I want to improve so!

Prince Animage 2012
Nishigaki Yuka & Megumi Tano Interview

The Flame Striker…?
Ishido Shuuji

Nishigaki: …

Tano: …

Nishigaki: Yeah, he definitely looks like someone we know.

Tano: Sure does! Except ‘that person’s’ hair should stick straight up.

Nishigaki: Yeah. This person’s hair is hanging down softly…

Tano: Could it be a different person?

Nishigaki: Or rather, every morning That Person spent an insane amount of time gelling up his hair?

Tano: Even though he uses hairspray to make it hard, his hair is actually probably very soft.

Nishigaki: If it is him, I’m interested in when he started to dress like this. High school? College? Graduate?

Tano: His fashion is too crazy.

Nishigaki: His chest is on display, and his ears are pierced.

Tano: And the way he’s dip dyed his hair.

Nishigaki: BLUE, huh?? (in Kazemaru’s voice) Are you trying to copy me?? (lol)

Tano: I can only see him as a Host. His skin is darker too, but it’s different from how Sakuma’s skin is dark. It looks like fake tan.

Nishigaki: Did he go to a tanning salon? (lol) What on earth did you do to yourself? That time we made the Fire Rooster shoot together seems like so long ago. (lol)

Tano: Oh, really? (lol)

Nishigaki: Oh, wait. I could be wrong.
(lol) But this guy reminds me of that guy.

Tano: When I remember him I get upset…

Nishigaki: Really upset! Where on earth did you go and what are you doing, guy who made yakisoba together with me at Raimon’s cultural festival??