shuuichi and yuki


These are by far my all time favorite Homosexuals relationships in Anime. I won’t use the term Yaoi because I don’t think it’s exactly appropriate for this.

Now for this list I’m talking about canon gay relationships. And I already hear the people talking about No. 6. Look it’s genre is under Shonin Ai and the the closer you get to the source material the gayer it gets. Now let me express why I love these specific couples. I think one way or another these are pretty healthy relationships between two men.

First let’s talk about His Favorite:

Now his favorite is more of the slice of life comedy side when it comes to the story of the manga. And it does have some clichés from other yaoi series. But it has a lot of characters that makes the story a lot more charming and fresh. As you can see the ‘uke’ Yoshida isn’t the typical wide eye girly boy we usually see in these kinds of series. In fact he is as far from the typical ‘uke’ that we’ve come accustomed to with Yaoi Manga. But if you actually take the time to know him Yoshida is actually a good guy that’s always willing to stand up for others when he can. The ‘seme’ Satou is very sadistic and heartless on the inside that loves to see others suffer while on the outside he plays the heart throb prince of the school that the girls obsessed over. The reason why he’s so jaded is because of his rough past. I won’t spoil anything.

Anyway these two meet again after being separated and Satou is very open with his feelings while Yoshida is still trying to figure out his own. It may seem like the flustered uke and perverted seme story, but it actually focused on thier relationship pretty well showing their personalities are work very well off each other. I highly recommend that you buy it online and read it for yourself.

Next Gravitation:

Alright first let me say this. I actually thought the Anime did a better job telling this story than the manga did. Sure the manga had some cool developments when it came to Shuuichi’s music career and style. But there were some extreme​ parts that they couldn’t handle writing and near the end of the series there was a fucking giant panda robot that destorze everything in the USA. So yeah the Anime was better version of this series.

Shuuichi is a young singer and song writer that is trying to make a name for himself, while also falling for this mysterious handsome Book Author named Eiri who criticize his work. Now what I love about them is the fact that it wasn’t the same gay love story that we always got with the same uke and seme dinamic. At least from what I’ve seen in these old gay love stories.

It was like some fresh air from the past. It was a short but nice series that should be looked at seriously showing you can make gay anime about more than just thier sexualities. At least that’s what I think.

And last but not least No.6:

This is by far my most favorite out of the three. It had great story while also having a great relationship between these two men. It did what I think anime should start doing. Having interesting stories with some one from the LGBT community as the main character. Not as side characters or joke charecters. But an actual main character thats taken seriously. I understand why No.6 had to play down the physical affection from the source material.

They knew if they had the story made like the original, people wouldn’t take it seriously. These two actually have smart conversations, they will help each other, they’re affection, they kiss, they would fucking die and kill for one another. That just tells you how far these two will go. If Nezumi and Shion aren’t in love I don’t know what love is man…

Anyway those are my thoughts. If anyone has anything to add feel free to!

Natsume Yuujinchou ⁛ vol.#01-20 covers ••●Hakusensha (2005-2016)●••

there’s should be the one with Takashi’s grandma someday…