shuuen project

So I have been thinking about this for quite some time...

So Terashima Takuma…

This Lovely Person of a Voice Actor Plays as:

This Crazy Yandere Sweet Child from Shuuen No Shiori (Seriously Check Out his songs)

This Genius Idiot of a Suicidal Depress  HIKINEET and I am not joking about that, from Kagerou Project / Mekakucity Actors (mmm SEXY Nerd)

This Cute and Happy Idol with Issues form Uta no Prince-Sama (I Still Love S3 E9, mmm the Angst and Drama) 

Mmm Shy and Troubled White Haired Bishie form Black Butler (I like you but please stay 10 feet away from me if you have your snake with you!)

And of course this Sweet and Pure Cinnamon Roll who can do no wrong from Servamp (How Cute)

But as the Series progress (Servamp), i can’t help but wonder… what is in stored for his(Mahiru) future! bare in mind we have not gotten the full detail of his past!

and we have seen the happy character isn’t actually the happiest one (Example one is up there people)   

Take it as you will, i’m just here to put my thoughts on Servamp to rest. Night everyone!

——For a while, I remained in a daze, in the middle of that room that had been dyed bright red, covered in tears, vomit, and all sorts of body fluids as I wept.


In my hand, I gripped a pair of scissors that were the same color as the room, and C-ta, who I’d been together with ever since I was young, lay asleep in front of me.

just a common story

  • Kagepro (2014): We got an anime!
  • Mikagura (2015): Cool, we got one too!
  • Honeyworks (2016): Yay, we have a movie!
  • Kagepro (2016): Hey we’re getting a movie and another anime and-
  • Shuuenpro (Forever): . . .