directorpurplesword  asked:

Hey, :) ive just been scrolling through your blog, your stuff is really amazing especially your sketches and your GW2 art. i was just wandering how you managed to do your heads and head-neck- shoulders. Thanks :) <3

thank you very much !!

well i don’t really have any fancy tricks to teach you guys and while i have a general process, i adapt myself a lot depending on the picture ! 

here’s how i mostly go tho. As example I’ll take the commission i did for styliferous of their gw2 character Lilisephona

1. Sketch, more or less defined depending on what i need

2. Base colours & a few shades

3. Redefine & more shades + more details/elements

4. Final touches + effects/adding other colours

Basically i set a base and paint on it a lot hah

idaida  asked:

Spomin really loves to sing and sometimes even comes up with the songs by themself.

oh man that is really cool i bet they sing super well 

Music is kind of a big part of cith’s life, more specifically rhythm. He loves dancing and singing. He also often finds himself mindlessly beating some kind of rhythm against something with his fingers or whatever he finds, humming some song to it.

He carries a harmonica with him through his travels and plays it quite often !

neodios  asked:

A fact: Somniver the salad had changed phisically when he realised what was his wyld hunt. now your turn!)

physical change for a character is always interesting ! (espe for a wyld hunt like i kinda want to hear that story now haha)

here’s for Aodh who also changed a bit during his life mostly because he used to be way more ‘feral’ and lived alone in the Caledon forest for quite a while. One of the reasons was because he was really uneasy around people in general

tho he had other physical changes later through his life but here’s the big one i guess !