chaoticnebu  asked:

Aodh :>

01. Full name: Aodh
02. Best friend: Latù ( @zellkabellk‘s oc :9 )
03. Sexuality: pansexual/demiromantic
04. Favorite color: persian orange, ecru, avocado and olive
05. Relationship status: single
06. Ideal mate: he doesn’t have any precise idea in mind because he probably never thought of an ‘ideal type of person’ but I’d say someone not too intrusive, faithful, that believes in him and supports him
07. Turn-ons: exposed collarbones/neck, extra tenderness (touches and words), gentle whispers, the feeling of multiple kisses on his stomach and hips, exchanging looks during sex > though those apply more to the person he likes than in general
08. Favorite food: any edible roots but particularly ginger
09. Crushes: / (he might have or have not had a crush on Trahearne laughs)
10. Favorite music: chill/indie music, he also likes the sound of guitars, flutes and deep voices. He enjoys songs in acapella quite a bit too
11. Biggest fear: being responsible of any of his companion’s death or doing a major mistake as the Pact’s commander
12. Biggest fantasy: rn killing Mordremoth, going back home safe with everyone and getting some reasonable amount of sleep hAH
13. Bad habits: internalizing all of his troubles and taking a lot on himself
14. Biggest regret: all moments in the past where he wasn’t able to act/talk because of his shyness feel like a big regret to him
15. Best kept secrets: he’s kind of a secretive person to begin with i can’t really find one (if he ever has feelings for someone though i sure know that he’s going to keep it secret for a lonngggg time)
16. Last thought: ‘i had so much left to do’
17. Worst romantic experience: when he was younger, someone he was close to tried to flirt with him, shit got physical and Aodh wasn’t interested at all. The person kinda invaded his privacy this way. It just made Aodh very uncomfortable and upset at the person, thus things got really awkward between them.
Later he wasn’t able to talk it out with them so the situation just stayed that way :^(
18. Biggest insecurity: his face features for a while but overall, talking to a big audience. That’s something he learned to do becoming the Pact’s commander but he sure went through some troubles with it (to this day, his speeches are still rather short and to the point)
19. Weapon of choice: longbow & warhorn
20. Role Model: all of his companions are his inspirations

TG Art-Ask Blogs

Here are a few I found on my travels!  This is by no means a comprehensive list but quite a few people expressed interest in a post like this, so here you go! 

Take note: I’m only adding blogs onto this list that have been active within the past month or so.  (If you are an active blog that would like to be added to the list, just send a message my way and I’ll pop you on here.)

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directorpurplesword  asked:

Hey, :) ive just been scrolling through your blog, your stuff is really amazing especially your sketches and your GW2 art. i was just wandering how you managed to do your heads and head-neck- shoulders. Thanks :) <3

thank you very much !!

well i don’t really have any fancy tricks to teach you guys and while i have a general process, i adapt myself a lot depending on the picture ! 

here’s how i mostly go tho. As example I’ll take the commission i did for styliferous of their gw2 character Lilisephona

1. Sketch, more or less defined depending on what i need

2. Base colours & a few shades

3. Redefine & more shades + more details/elements

4. Final touches + effects/adding other colours

Basically i set a base and paint on it a lot hah

idaida  asked:

Spomin really loves to sing and sometimes even comes up with the songs by themself.

oh man that is really cool i bet they sing super well 

Music is kind of a big part of cith’s life, more specifically rhythm. He loves dancing and singing. He also often finds himself mindlessly beating some kind of rhythm against something with his fingers or whatever he finds, humming some song to it.

He carries a harmonica with him through his travels and plays it quite often !