Apparently 707′s voice actor also voiced Howl’s moving castle (korean dub)???! 

Have you guys heard this?? He sounds so hot as Howl? ///////>.<//////~ omg. i kinda wish he used this voice for seven’s very serious confessions hahaha /////….

I used to complain about Canadian taxes being high, and then I found out I was sick. (I was referred to one of the best cardiac hospitals in Canada.)

THEN, I found out open heart surgery can cost around $190,000 to $300,000 in the US (wtf??), and I just had 3 done in the last 3 months so I would’ve been $600,000 - $900,000 in the red, I’m so fucking glad I’m in Canada you don’t even know. 

And I’ll never complain about taxes again. at least, for a few decades, lol. 

ps. also, apparently now I’m a case study at the hospital I went to and all the cardiologists know of me because my heart disease was so weird and no one has ever heard or seen of the weird tissue growth in and around it. thus the 3 surgeries. 

…don’t tell me traditional mediums feel more “real” than digital art and then show me a traditional artist who literally just copies digital artists work using traditional mediums -___-;;;. 

And seriously, I’m so tired of people saying one medium’s better than the other ugh. both have their merits, just leave artists to work with whatever they like :/. Draftsmanship is a required skill in either case, unless you’re working abstract or something. Good digital artists will have no problem transitioning to traditional, as long as given enough time to get used to the medium, and vice versa. I seriously can’t believe people are not over this already, it’s been 10 years I’ve been online for art and I still hear people complain about each other’s mediums. Good lord. 


After 3 surgeries in 2 months you’d think I’m allowed to complain a little without people telling me I should just be thankful I’m alive.

For at least 2 weeks in the hospital, before my 3rd surgery, I was in horrible pain and coughing up blood, unable to sleep because I’d cough up a lot of blood every hour, shitting myself because of the potassium pills I had to take, I wanted to kill myself just to end the real nightmare I had to relive over and over again. It took them 10 days to give me a CTscan and realize that my heart valve had slid off again, one of my lungs is filling up with blood, and my liver was dangerously enlarged. By the time 3rd surgery had come and gone, I’d pretty much given up trying to feel things. The only thing I could feel was that fear I’d have to get another surgery. Of course by the time I got out of the hospital, I wasn’t feeling that optimistic yet. In fact, I still don’t. I know I will one day, but it’ll take time.
I think should be able to complain juuuuust a little bit about the fact that compared to the people around me and a lot of people my age, I’m a liiiiittle unlucky, especially since I have to get my blood tested and take blood thinning medication for the rest of my life. Just a bit.

Made chili hot sauce for the first time ever and I have realized the power of natural chili oil. it’s been hours and my hand is still burning up. I accidentally touched my eye too and it was NOT GOOD. XD;;;; (it is okay now xD. i didn’t touch much and managed to get it out)

does anyone know when that’ll go away? xD;;; 

I tried googling it and tried different stuff but it doesn’t work for me…and i don’t wanna waste milk…yet. I wanna know how long it’ll last first and maybe i can just withstand it lol

something exciting happened but it’s not 100% confirmed so i don’t want to say anything yet to anyone but i’m just so excited cause if it’s happening it’s gonna change the next two years for me sooooooo *crosses fingers*.

*cough* sorry, just need a place to be excited on. also, sorry, i’ve been spending lots of time preparing a portfolio site so haven’t really had time to actually draw anything. I’m pretty happy with it so far though, and it looks like this:

ps. I used weebly to build and host this :)

but i’ll definitely be drawing lots more in the coming weeks~! +____+. Also, hello new followers :3~!

#shutupqing is my personal post tag.

Hi guys, I’ve mentioned this before, but I guess not everyone got the memo xD

My personal posts are all tagged as #shutupqing. If you do not like seeing personal posts from me, please black-list if you don’t want to unfollow (this is what tumblr extensions are for). Or, very simply just unfollow (my art’s not that great, it’s not worth the grievances, honestly. lol)

I will still post personal stuff or issues from time to time. I’m just sharing my art, this is not an art-only obligation for me, and it’s been years since I’ve even last done commissions. Sorry, not an art vending-machine, I don’t just spit out art upon receiving certain number of notes or something hahaha~ cheers.

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We have powerrrrr!!!!! Toronto was hit by an ice storm that left a bunch of us without electricity for more than 48 hours. I thought I had to sleep another night in the freezing house, but thank goodness it’s fixed. *dances*. It’s still super cold in the house though >_<.></.>

I swear to god every time I see a discussion about female protagonists, there’s always one insecure male who’s like “i’m just so uncomfortable playing female”. Oh my GOD, i wonder how females EVER played all those games with male protagonists. I mean obviously every time I play a game with a male protagonist i feel like I grow a dick. Obviously.

God forbid anything ever remotely or even indirectly challenges your masculinity. (Hugs between guys. OH. NO.)

corpseblossm  asked:

You should post a selfie! -^ヮ^-

um um, i feel like i’ll regret this soon but here’s a selfie xD;~ ….if you msged me about this a year ago, i would’ve probably said no cause I was pretty self-conscious with no self confidence in my image (plus i’m really not photogenic @_@; makeup helps though lol) haha;; xD;;~

i lost 5kg this past year though, which is why i feel good enough to post something. so…yay (〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜 (3 more kgs to go :P)

Every time someone says “Tracing will help you improve!”, and I go to their blog and see their art, it’s just…well, they don’t prove their point, anyways. The thing is, I don’t think these people understand that tracing can only help you so far. Tracing literally takes you to the starting line, if doing art is a marathon and the finish line is the end of your life, the starting line is when you get a little serious about art even if it’s just a hobby, then tracing will get you from your house to the starting line. but that’s it. It won’t take you any further. Can anyone show me an amazingly skilled artist who improved only through tracing? (edit: and please note the word ONLY, now that i've bolded and italicized it. because someone else has misunderstood and thought i meant that no skilled artist has ever traced, and that’s NOT what I said.) No one can, because they don’t exist. Once you start the marathon, and you’re still tracing? well, you’re not moving. Only when you start getting rid of the bad habit that is tracing and start using things as references and studying art in general, is when you’ll start running the marathon. against yourself. 

I dunno, I just feel like people who say tracing can improve your work are just people who are too lazy to put in that 5 hours a day of drawing. //edit: some people were offended by this. I’m not looking down on anyone, I’m just saying if you put in those 5 hours a day studying art instead of tracing a bit of stuff, you’ll get better a lot faster.// Really, you can just reference it. the result is just that you learn so much more when you reference instead of mindlessly going over an available line. 

but in the end, i shouldn’t care. it doesn’t shouldn’t really matter to me if people are improving or not. but then I make tutorials and i try to help people and critique them so I guess I do care, even if I sound blunt about it. urgh, it’s frustrating to care. i shouldn’t. okay, i need to stop caring about stuff like this and just focus on my own stuff. 

I’ve been feeling like shit all night with pretty strong palpitation (when your heart beats irregularly loud) and coughing (but not that much; mostly just lung stuff) all the symptoms of before my heart surgery which my doc told me to call 911 for before my surgery, but it’s worse this time cause sitting up isn’t fixing it.
…and now I’ve realized I’ve been coughing up a little blood when I went to the bathroom and now I have to go to the hospital. At 3am. I managed to talk my mom out of calling 911. I do not need the stress of dealing with that cause my hives are back tonight already.
Man, I just cannot catch a fucking break this year hahahaha…. fffffffffff *flip all the tables*