Okay so I saw ohnoart’s  pokemon subspecies (Here and Here) and I was like. Woah.  tbh this is the kind of thing I love about the pokemon community (and tumblr communities in general that revolve around rather limited games/tv shows). I’ve always been a bit disappointed with the pokemon games because of their repetition after a while- I was watching the pixelmon mod playthroughs on youtube and it really shocked me how minecraft mod creators made pokemon work in minecraft as well as how they made it more interesting/innovative (the pokemon fighting each other, walking around freely, more randomized trainers and the fact you can walk between TREES in minecraft tbh)

But yeah when I saw ohnoart’s subspecies I kind of fell in love with it because if there are two things I love they’re 1. made up animal subspecies and 2. pokemon. (And if you don’t believe me about 1, my family has a car game that is just making up subspecies of animals that live in different enviroments) And so I drew my own because mareep is my favorite pokemon and, well, SHEEP. And yes, the piebald one is based off the jacobs sheep, which has 4 horns and looks like a little cow (with four horns)

tl;dr ohnoart is awesome, credit to them for the idea and if you want to see more subspecies, I think they’re still taking suggestions but they’re also taking commissions here, which you should totally go and buy, because they’re an awesome artist.

I don’t care if you collect Monster High dolls or My Little Ponies. I don’t care if you paint your skin gray or green and don wigs. I don’t care if you SCREAM AND SHOUT about your favorite actors and characters. I don’t care if you like Supernatural or Rise of the Guardians. I don’t care if you find gay porn in everything, or nothing.

Dont be an asshole and you can be my friend okay?!

Everybody laughs about Hermione’s whole “we could get killed- or worse, expelled!” bit, and yes it is funny. But then you think about it and realize how much sense it makes for her to say that.

Hermione’s parents are muggles. She probably grew up with some form of magic ability (which she most likely kept secret), but getting a letter from Hogwarts was the first real contact she had with wizards. In fact, especially as she says that during year one, Hogwarts is her only connection to the wizarding world. If she was kicked out, her wand taken away, imagine how torturous life would be. You find out there’s a magical world right under your nose, and then they take it all away from you.

So maybe that little joke said a lot more about Hermione than we thought…

Imagine little dean, in maybe 4th grade, and he’s gone to another school, a school by Bobby, living with Bobby and sam while johns away for once, and he goes to school and he writes on the top of his notebook, dean singer. and then he crosses it out again and again and writes winchester.

but he sometimes finds himself imagining if he was always with bobby in his smelly old house with a junkyard full of cars playing cards inside, playing ball in the park.