anonymous asked:

Are you going to be disgusted when people start shipping hades/max?

Not at all! People can ship whatever they’d like, it’s their prerogative and not my decision to make, or my place to judge! UuU

prisonicfairytales-deactivated2  asked:

Is there a reason you chose to use Pandora in the story despite her not being a Goddess? No need to give details, especially if it might give away plot, aha. My friend was just a little put off by the fact that she's a human when it seems like her role will be fairly important and seemed like there were going to primarily be deities. [She also could have sworn it would have been Janis due to the dual colored hair, is there a reason behind that too?]

Sure, it’s simple really, only deities are playing. 

Pandora isn’t a player, she’s an overseer and judge, so naturally it couldn’t have been a deity!

jigamaree  asked:

I'm curious - obviously this storybook intermission takes place before the Olympus Overdrive plot begins - however, you've used the characters as they've been seen in the comic. Is this an artistic choice as to make it easier for readers to follow the story, or is there another reason? (Sorry to bother you, I'm really enjoying the story so far! uvub)

Its both! It’s to make it easier on our readers to recognize the characters, and it’s also to not spoil the preboot look of the deities!